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Duesenberg Draws Attention at Laguna Beach

George Hardy, who is a resident of Laguna Beach, has attracted a lot of attention by driving his 1932 Duesenberg replica around the area. The cream and red convertible with the powder-white sidewall tires is now for sale. Despite the German name, The Duesenberg is 100 percent American. The Duesenberg car company had started in 1913 in St Paul Minnesota. Two brothers named Fred and Augie Duesenberg were self-taught in the craft of making their own cars. The Duesenberg cars were the best kind of car out there at the time. In fact, in 1914, a Duesenberg was entered in the Indianapolis 500 race for the first time. Although the car came in 10th, it was only the beginning for the Duesenberg because in 1924, 1925, and in 1927 the Duesenberg would win the Indianapolis 500 and also many international races. Only 300 Duesenbergs were built in the entire 24 years the company was in business.


George Hardy’s 1932 Duesenberg is only a replica that he made from various car parts. It was a 1932 Duesenberg body that was built on a 1968 Cadillac frame. Hardy is selling the car for a mere $27,500. Anyone can email him if they are interested in purchasing the car. Genuine Duesenbergs are not parked in public parking lots. These cars are driven or hauled all the way to vintage car shows to be shown off. Classic Duesenbergs are treated like royalty, resting on fluffy microfiber pillows. George Hardy said that he is selling the car because he is sick and tired of explaining the long story of his car to people. Hardy originally purchased the car from a doctor in Villa Park. The car was in perfect shape. Driving the car mentally transported George Hardy to an earlier place and time. It’s a parade car.


The Duesenberg was the finest car of its time. In fact, many Hollywood icons had owned at least one. The infamous Al Capone owned a Duesenberg. Greta Garbo, Mae West, William Randolph Hearst, and Howard Hughes were all owners of the car. Foreign dignitaries such as the Duke of Windsor, Prince Nicholas of Romania, Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, and the kings of Italy and Spain all bought the car.