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The Career of Duda Melzer And Providing Effective Leadership

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known as Duda Melzer, is the Chairman and President of Brazilian company Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS is one of the largest media companies in Brazil with 18 TV stations, 24 radio stations, and 8 newspapers. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and his MBA from Harvard University. He took over as President and Chairman of Grupo RBS in 2012 when the prior chairman Nelson Sirotsky left the company.
In his career Duda Melzer has worked in both the United States and Brazil. Before starting work with Grupo RBS in 2004 he had worked for three companies in America. Duda Melzer was a consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton, a Financial Analyst for Delphi Corporation, and Director General for the US media company boxtop Media. After joining Grupo RBS he was steadily promoted into higher positions with the company, going from Direct General for the National Market, to Vice President of Market Development and Business, to Executive Vice President, and then into his current position. Duda Melzer has won many awards in his career. Among these is Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young and the Coletiva.Net Award for the category of Marketing Management/Communication/Communication Group.
Duda Melzer has been involved in a number of lunch-debates around the world. One of these debates was in August 2016 held at the Hotel Majestic in San Francisco. The subject was one that has a great deal of importance to Duda Melzer which is how to provide effective leadership in your organization. He debated with six other executives about their best practices in providing leadership and how to create the corporate culture at your organization that best meets their vision of how the company should operate.