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Innovative Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a Tulane Medical School graduate of 09’ who has ideas on coming out with a brand new innovative app for botox patients, called OVME releasing in 2018. For people who desire to have botox completed, using the OVME app, clients will be able have the procedure done on demand, by connecting with Freelance practitioners who will make house calls. This will operate thru a national chain of cosmetic medical offices, who comes to your location, which reminds you of the well-known company Uber. From starting out studying medicine, to branching off to this venture, its obvious Dr. Mark Mckenna chose business over medicine.

His reasons for finding something new besides becoming a doctor, was drawing a conclusion that it would be far from easy to become a wealthy doctor. In 2009, after graduation, Dr. Mark Mckenna put together a real estate business in New Orleans, Louisiana, after starting to invest in real estate even in High School. Building his real estate business was not easy though, when you take into account dealing with catastrophic Hurricane Katrina in 2005, as a result losing millions of dollars overnight. During the time period of being part of the real estate market, he was able to accumulate more than $500,000 a year, with the business worth around $5 milion.

Dr. Mark McKenna was able to bounce back after the natural disaster by dissolving the entire real estate business that he created, and decided to move to Atlanta, where he would open a chain of offices that offer various cosmetic treatments, such as, weight counseling, nutrition, laser hair removal, and injections. It was in the year 2015 that he let go of the cosmetic treatment business, bought by Lifetime Fitness, before coming up with OVME. What makes it such a catchy name is, it seems as though it all about the client and what they want when you pronounce the name, it sounds like “of me” denoting attention to you, the customer.

Mark McKenna, Entrepreneurial Doctor

Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the medical expertizes who is licensed to practice medicine in the United States including states like Georgia and Florida. The love for medicine also is the reason behind the successful journey career for Dr. McKenna. He also takes part in community service through enabling them to get free medication to those who cannot afford. He went to Tulane University Medical School and attained a degree in medicine. When completed his undergraduate studies he works with his father on a different project and he was able to learn a lot from his father because he was well experienced. Together with his father McKenna Venture Investment is one of the project that they developed and deals with the real estate development. Furthermore Universal Mortgage Lensing and Uptown Title, Inc are some of the organization that McKenna developed. Due to him starting different companies a lot of people were able to be employed therefore made the organization access more solution in the real estate and the financial services industry.

In the city of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina swept a lot of McKenna’s institutions but that did not stop him from being successful because he bounced back through being in control of rebuilding the city of New Orleans by building cheap housing units. The projects become successful and he was able to help other people who were affected too.

Therefore McKenna decided to move to Atlanta GA in the year 2007 whereby he developed ShapeMed. ShapeMed, whereby it is an aesthetic based clinic, provides various solutions to people who need to improve their physical appearance. Later on, ShapeMed was acquired by Life Time Fitness Inc these enable McKenna to be the National Director of the organization.

He is a loving man who has two daughters named Milana and Pomeranian. He as well is engaged to a beautiful wife named Gianine McKenna and he is currently working as the member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Dr. McKenna has accomplished many things through ensuring that he always set his objective first before taking action. Also through the hard work and devotion that he always put in whatever activity he does is another reason why he has accomplished a lot.