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Happening in The West: A New Dog Protection Bill Proposed

Several California legislators have proposed a new measure that would allow Good Samaritans who spot an unattended dog in distress in a locked car to break a car window if necessary to rescue the creature from overheating. Summer temperatures in parts of California sometimes reach high levels, and within an enclosed vehicle on a blistering hot 95 degree Fahrenheit day temperatures can rise to over 114 degrees F within ten minutes. Just like people, dogs exposed to these conditions may develop fatal heat stroke.

Under the proposed legislation, a citizen seeking to rescue dogs would need to perform several steps to avoid criminal charges: the individual would need to confirm that dog suffered in the enclosed vehicle and could not exit through an unlocked door or open window. Additionally, the would-be rescuer would need to contact law enforcement assistance on behalf of the dog and wait with the pet for help to arrive. The law would not enable anyone to cause more damage to the vehicle than necessary to extract the dog from the locked car.

Lawmakers sponsoring the California bill include Ling Ling Chang of Diamond Bar, Kristin Olsen of Riverbank and Marc Steinorth of Rancho Cucamonga. Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, who helped draft the proposed legislation, recently joined a Humane Society representative at a press conference to demonstrate the high environmental temperatures that occur within locked cars in hot weather.

Dog Food Innovation

The Beneful dog food brand has been one of the leading names in the pet food business. Since being established in 2001, Beneful, a brand of Nestle Purina Petcare has risen to the top of the competition and created a name for itself in the world of pet food. They offer several different products including dry and wet food, canned food and dog snacks. The primary focus of Beneful is creating quality food for dogs. According to the Beneful website, the company feeds over 15 million dogs each year. All of their products are in line with regulations from the FDA, AAFCO as well as the USDA. The company stands by the quality of their products. With so much competition within the dog food industry, there are several new products being made each day. Recently, the industry has seen a strong movement towards healthier and more natural products in dog food. Not only that, but also many companies are trying to come up with new ideas that dog owners will fall in love with. According to an article written for the Daily Herald, premium dog food sales have soared since 2009 and now occupy half of the market of dog food. Beneful has been a crucial part of this movement to more quality and health within the realm of dog food. As dog food continues to expand and change, Beneful has always stayed ahead of the trends. Upon its founding in 2001, Beneful immediately prided themsleves on creating dog food that centered on nutrition and health. Since then, they have been able to give millions of pet owners an opportunity to feed their dogs good quality food. In an effort to keep up with the times, Beneful released a line of soy-based dry foods in 2005. With soy as the main source of protein, the Beneful brand was stepping into uncharted territory releasing a product not centered on meat. In another step to keep the game changing, in 2010 Beneful released Incredibites that were smaller portions of food that would be kept fresh in a sealable bag. Beneful has and will continue to improve the quality of dog food within their company as well as the industry as a whole.

Feeding Our Best Friends

A casual stroll down the pet food aisle in any local grocery will quickly prove to the shopper that feeding our best friends is very important. The variety of choices available are indicators that this multi-million dollar business is serious about providing the best food possible for those four-legged creatures that we love so much. In fact, the products that overflow on the shelves on both sides of the aisle are guaranteed to make pets jump for joy and wag their tails with delight.

One name synonymous with the pet food business is Purina. Purina on has been around for over eighty years. The company’s love for animals, and its determination to provide them with the best has set industry standards high and has also fed household pets with nutritious food that is complete and balanced. This attention to taste and nutrition has provided a better quality of life for pets. Purina’s mission is to raise the standard for pet nutrition. To do this the company employs over 400 scientist and nutritionist to develop every one of their brands. The belief that proper feeding can extend a dog’s life by increasing the number of healthy years has made them the leading U.S. pet care company.

Beneful is a popular brand of dog food produced by Purina. Beneful is made with “good for you ingredients” which include real meats and vitamin rich vegetables. Beneful prides itself on bringing “tons of taste and texture” to your doggy’s bowl.

Beneful has over thirty brands of dog foods good for adults and puppies. They include eight varieties of dry dog food, twenty varieties of wet dog foods, and eleven varieties of dog treats.

Beneful’s dry dog foods are filled with rich antioxidants and calorie smart nutrition. Their calcium formulas enriched with DHA help support brain and vision development in puppies. The dry food products are also rich in protein and omega nutrition which help maintain strong muscles.

All twenty of Beneful’s wet dog foods are a finely chopped savory blend of real ingredients that burst with flavor.

The eleven varieties of Beneful on target dog treats are healthy smile dental ridges. They reduce plaque and tartar build up. They freshen doggy breath and contain calcium to support teeth and bones.

Man’s best friend has got to eat. Beneful is in business to serve pets. They stand tall as a company that continues to push nutrition forward.

Offering Multiple Proteins Prevents Allergies In Dogs

Research shows that varying the proteins in a dogs diet benefits their immune system as well as other health benefits. In recent years allergies have become a growing concern for pet owners everywhere, some scientists believe that due to dogs diets changing to a staple protein versus wild-feeding is opening their immune system to attack unknown proteins. Exposing your pet to a variety of proteins will greatly reduce their risk of intolerance to new proteins or developing allergies to new food sources. One way of preventing the onset of food allergies is to be proactive and feed a variety of proteins and by rotating their staple diet. Find a brand of dog food that offers both kibble and wet food varieties with multiple protein resources, such as Beneful, and switch up the formulas you feed them. It is important to stick to one brand or line of foods because nutritional content is must remain balanced and not vary. Beneful dry dog food is an excellent example of a balanced dog diet that comes in a variety of protein sources such as chicken, beef, salmon and egg. Feeding a staple diet of kibble will ensure your dog gets the proper nutrients and allow you to add extras such as wet food to introduce new proteins. Another way to vary your dogs protein intake is to keep them on one formula of dog food, such as Purina Beneful Playful Life, and offering a variety of wet foods in addition to their staple diet. A staple diet of balanced nutrition should provide 90 percent of their calories and nutritional intake, leaving 10 percent of their diet needs to supplemental feeding of foods. These foods should always be nutritional and come from a trusted brand to ensure everything is properly balanced for maximum benefit. There are multiple reasons that choosing to stick with one brand will be the easiest, but the top one is certainly the ease of mind in knowing that the diet will already be balanced and you do not have to calculate dietary intake needs and what amount is coming from which brand. Brands such as Beneful that offer both wet and dry varieties with multiple sources of proteins make things virtually fool-proof when it comes to providing excellent nutrition for your dog. To prevent becoming “used-to” one protein and thus rejecting others, do consider switching it up for your dog. The variety will keep them healthy as well as give them something to look forward to at every meal.