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Information On Mark Mofid

A doctor dealing with plastic surgery, Mark Mofid went to study his medical degree from the University of California. After he received his undergraduate degree of medical, he had specialized with general and plastic surgeries. He also advanced his education in Hopkins University. In his career, he has been working in different hospitals as a staff surgeon. He has been owning a clinic that is located in San Diego which has been offering plastic surgeries together with dermatological services. The wife is the one dealing with the patients who require dermatology patients while Mark Mofid deals with the plastic surgery patients. He has also been certified by surgeries boards.

Mark Mofid attended an interview and talked about his career and the services his clinic is offering. When he was asked whether he was looking for a nonsurgical optional method, Mark Mofid said that they can be treated at a cheap cost where there is a busy practice of surgery and have the hope of converting most of the patients to take surgical practices. These chemodenervation and nonsurgical fillers agents have been natural extensions that are in any of the cosmetic surgical practice. Many of the patients have become facial rejuvenation candidates and all they want is dig the big toe first in the swimming pool so that they can be able to know whether its a pleasant experience.

Being a physician, you make mistakes and poor decision. According to Mark Mofid, they made a mistake about the last six years where they hired a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. What the wise people say is that leopards never change their spots, so all they had to do was to deal with aftermath which leads to the same person having another criminal conviction. What he has been doing is a background check for all his employees as a way to make wise decisions.

As a physician, Mark Mofid received an advice where he was told not to ever put a wagon in front of the horse. By this way, you will not worry about the unsustainable overhead. He is a member of clinical Faculty at California University. He has made breast and facial surgeries publications and his journals have become recognized nationwide by surgeons.

MB2 is Shaping the Future of Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental because he knew that there was a need for the kind of service that it had to offer. It’s the future of dentistry and how dental offices are going to be run. MB2 Dental has grown substantially since it was first developed and now has 70 affiliated locations sprinkled across the United States. It also has an impressive 533 employees and is continuing to expand.

What sets MB2 apart is that it a dentist-owned practice that is entirely focused on the important things such as personal growth, autonomy, support, and just having fun.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva graduated from dental school and realized that there were basically two directions he could go. He could become part of a large group of dentists in a practice or begin his very own private practice. He wanted both, so he created MB2 which made it possible to put doctors and thus the patients first.

Dr. Villanueva surrounds himself with people who are smart and like-minded. A lot of his times devoted to collaboration and he believes in the power of putting heads together for a good brainstorm. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he believes this is a big part of him being more productive. Since there is not always a way around work. He likes to keep work as enjoyable as possible and to keep an open atmosphere.

MB2 has proven that when doctors work together, more can be accomplished. It is a a new and refreshing way to manage dental practices in a way that is united and much more efficient which is better for the dentist as well as the patient.

MB2 is creating a better environment for the patient and is more in-tune with the future if dentistry. It is technically advanced and is putting more control into the hands of dentists. It is considered to be a progressive business that is very committed to helping dentists to control how they operate and serve their patients. You can read more about the many benefits that MB2 Dental has to offer here.

The Inspiration of MB2 Dental’s Founder Dr. Villanueva

Dr.Villanueva is the Founder of MB2 Dental, with the mission to cover both aspects of the dentist industry, both corporate, and being a sole practitioner. Villanueva has the successful personal experience on both sides of the industry, and has utilized that knowledge to start his own company. Since starting MB2 Dental, he and his team of 533 experts, has been of support to practitioners throughout the United States, bringing something fresh to the industry, where affiliates wouldn’t feel as though they are controlled by an organization, without having any input, when it comes to innovative ways to make a profit.

According to Dr. Villanueva, the purpose of owning a dentist-owned firm, was to have fun with the partners that select their services, and assist where they can in the personal growth of the companies, that they choose to be affiliated with. He is there so that you can improve the operating standards of a business, in-turn will only have a positive ripple effect on the practitioners, but most importantly, the patients, to help grow your practice naturally. A positive tip that Dr. Chris Villanueva gives is, to always be open to listen to the perspectives of other creative and smart individuals, to ultimately make your business expand to new horizons.

At MB2 Dental, Villanueva likes to keep his team inspired, instead of putting so much time and energy into micromanaging on a daily basis. With the way everything is revolutionizing in today’s society, he likes to take advantage of this aspect by utilizing innovative technology, to be an important factor in dentist industry. The whole intention of taking advantage of new technology that is coming to the forefront, is for for benefit of the patient to have the best enhanced experience possible. Using his characteristics, of being humorous and just overall not taking life too serious, is how Dr. Steven Villanueva likes to build his relationships, making it easier to gain trust, instead of being closed minded and egotistical. His goal is to just bring an open environment to MB2 Dental, and with all their partners, moving forward into the future.

MB2 Dental Allows Dentists To Give Their Patients The Best Care

When a dentist is focused on all of the work that they need to get done to keep their business going, they do not have the right kind of attention to focus on their patients. When a dentist is distracted by billing work and accounting needs that they have, they cannot show their patients that they care about them in the way that they would like to do that. MB2 Dental provides help to dentists so that they can keep all of their focus and attention on their patients. This organization is around so that dentists can provide their patients with the best dental care at all times and always focus their efforts on helping those patients.

MB2 Dental provides dentists with help when it comes to their finances. A person who has the passion for dentistry work and who would like to care for teeth of others might not have a passion for the financial side of things. It takes a lot of work to keep a dental office going, and a dentist often has to focus his time and attention on their finances rather than their patients. MB2 Dental works with dentists so that they do not have to handle their accounting work on their own. This organization takes on the billing needs of a dentist so that they can pay attention to their patients. This organization handles those jobs that a dentist just is not inspired to handle on their own.

Beyond financial work, there are other jobs that a dentist is stuck handling if they want to have their own office in place. MB2 Dental is available to handle the other work, as well. This organization can take on the human resource needs of a dental office and it can handle the IT needs of such an office, as well. This organization can train a staff for the dentist and make sure that they always have the right team on hand. This organization can market the services that a dentist has to offer so that they will consistently have new patients showing up to receive help through them.

DAVID SAMADI: Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery Expert

David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Linux Hill hospital. Samadi devoted his prominent and distinguished career in the treatment of the prostate cancer and is remarked as one of the most noticeable surgeons in his field and renowned America’s finest doctor. He is the specialist in healing and diagnosing in bladder cancer, urologic diseases, and the kidney cancer and has successfully operated about 7000 patients of robotic prostate surgeries.


David Samadi grew up in the Persian Jewish community of Iran which has a very rich divergence and thus it swayed David Samadi’s childhood and future development. David Samadi was born in 1964.Although David is American by Citizenship his origin belongs to the race of Iranian Jewish Descent which he left at the age of 15 along with his brother due to the emergence of the Iranian revolution.

Educational Details:

Due to the Iranian Revolution David Samadi left his country along with his brother and started his early education in Belgium for 6 months and then moved to New York and excelled in science and carrying a delusion in his mind to become a doctor one day.

High School:1983-1984: David completed his high school degree from Roslyn High School, New York where he built a very solid foundation in several disciplines.

2000-2002: David Samadi along with a great team of doctors and nurses at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center completed his training in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and bladder cancer and further joined American Urologic Association Society of Urology for performing other activities.

Degree: Attended the Stony Broke University and achieved the degree in biochemistry followed by completing his masters from Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994.

Training: He finished his training at Albert Einstein College of medicine in 1996 and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2000

Fellowship: Completed the fellowship in Oncology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Ce. Completed the fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy under the mentorship of Professor Claude Abbou at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil, France.


The SMART technique developed by David Samadi is the Surgery which is used to cure the patients of all age groups suffering from prostate cancer. It is the combination of advanced robotics and computer technology which gave rise to the emergence of new automation and technology.

Smart stands for:






The SMART technique uses the “Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP)” technique using da Vinci robotic System which limits the surgical time to less than 2 hours in which the hospital recovery stays to less than 24 hours.

This technique provides the 3 Dimensional view of the surgical field via Insight Vision System which is the vast renovation in the two-dimensional visualization of the Laparoscopic Surgery and consists of the HD video cameras having the magnification 10X to 15X which provides the crystal vision to the operator.


  • 6 June 2013-Present: He is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Linux Hill hospital
  • January 2011- Present: David Started to give the current and the latest information about prostate cancer and up to the minute health news at Fox News Health so that people can be updated.
  • January 2011-June 2013: He is serving as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinal Medical Centre.
  • July 2002-May 2007: At the Columbia Presbyterian, New York he is Director of Laparoscopic Surgery.

Dr. David Samadi Shares His Story of Success in Field of Urology & Robotic Surgery

Dr. David Samadi always had aspirations of being a doctor ever since he was a child, with the need to help people. Although he had high ambitions at such an early age, it is questionable as to where his passion for men’s health derived from, with significant concerns in fighting prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi witnessed a prostate cancer surgery during his residency and instantly knew this was his calling.

Dr. Samadi grew up in the Middle East as a youngster and lived in various parts of Europe, and he moved to the United States, but his journey was not always easy. After the Iranian revolution, he and his brother had to leave their home and were sent to Belgium, living without their parents. The boys knew, however, that they were going to doing great things.

Dr. David Samadi had the honor of studying all over the world in such areas as the Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Israel, Spain, France, and London, performing robotic surgery. He graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine and started his post-graduate training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center. His experiences provided him a well-rounded view in the field of healthcare. The renowned and gifted doctor performed surgery on patients in over 40 nations. Currently, Dr. Samadi has performed more than 7,000 prostate surgeries.

Dr. Samadi practiced at numerous esteemed institutions in the U.S that includes Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, becoming the Vice Chair of the Urology Department in 2007 and has since become Professor of Urology at the Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine. He is a member of the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association.

Although his expertise lies within the field of detecting, diagnosing and treating patients from the early stages of cancer, he Dr. Samadi has other interests, such as hosting a show entitled “Sunday Housecall” for five years, an international radio show and on his website, sharing medical advice. The renowned doctor enjoys sharing his story and views through various interviews, providing the following information.

  • When asked about his career path and why he chose this journey, he stated that he diagnoses prostate cancer and delivers effective treatment, including his unique robotic procedures. He wanted this path of medicine as a young boy through the fascination with robotic surgery and its benefits. To be successful, Dr. Samadi felt it crucial to avoid envy, jealousy, and negativity. His focus is on helping people.
  • Was the good doctor ever disheartened with his career choices? Dr. Samadi stated that there were times early in his career that he felt frustrated because of the hospital system at the time and the slow treatment process, but he realized that they produced the best results at the time. He has never felt discouraged in his career although university and hospital work can be more challenging. The rewards in treating patients and teaching students continue to motivate him. Dr. Samadi states that there is nothing he would change in his life and career.
  • The doctor offered some excellent advice for fellow professionals, and that is to make others feel proud of their achievements, abilities and positive traits. He believes in treating his fellow workers and staff as he does his own family, traveling, eating, laughing and crying together.
  • Asked if he has business advice for his readers, Dr. Samadi states that people should consider investments in telemedicine, telesurgery, and other similar technologies. He believes that such cost-effective practices can help to serve patients without confronting geographic barriers. He does not encourage the method of surfing the web to any of his readers because he believes sites often cause more harm than good, promoting advice that provides ineffective remedies while wasting the readers time and money.
  • So, what does a typical day for the doctor look like and how does he work more productively? Dr. Samadi states that he likes to get up early and maintain a consistent daily regimen. The doctor starts his day, often at 5 am, gets to the office around 6 am and most of his medical procedures are carried out during the late morning and early afternoon hours. When he feels stressed, the doctor takes time to relax now and then, enjoying board games, backgammon and a friendly game of tennis.
  • Dr. Samadi believes that word-of-mouth is the best way to promote his services.
  • His most significant accomplishment is the invention of the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique.
  • When the doctor has a new idea, he immediately draws a diagram and got some of his ideas when watching JetBlue’s CEO interview.
  • When asked about the profits of his career, Dr. Samadi stated that it was a process with standard methods of treating prostate cancer patients. He was fortunate to visit France and learn new techniques, gaining the experience with the robotic surgery. He returned to America with exceptional skills that afforded him tremendous career advancements. The doctor believes in sharing his success by recognizing the nurses he works with, acknowledging that they are vital to the medical field.

Dr. Mark McKenna Bases Decisions on Focus and Direction

Dr. Mark McKenna has a license to practice medicine in the states of Georgia and Florida as a Surgeon. He is from New Orleans Louisiana and enjoys doing community work and helping patients in the local area. Dr. McKenna received his medical degree from Tulane University where he also started out as an entrepreneur. Mark launched McKenna Venture Investments as a small real estate development firm. He has been able to diversify and push the company over time by making acquisitions such as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. His company continues to grow and has more than 50 employees who offer services such as real estate closing, design-build and finance.

Dr. Mark McKenna took huge losses when Hurricane Katrina stormed through the New Orleans area. Many people were left without basic resources that are needed to live day-today life. Mark took the time to help rebuild his home city and develop low income housing for underprivileged families. He was upset by the misfortune. However, the tragedy presented an opportunity to show the citizens of New Orleans that there was hope.

Dr. Mark McKenna moved his operation to Atlanta Georgia where he was able to present a new brand called ShapeMed. ShapeMed was introduced as a medical practice. McKenna eventually sold the company to Lifetime Fitness Inc and the Doctor moved forward to launch OVME. OVME focuses on elective healthcare with medical technology and creative aesthetics.

Mark McKenna enjoys spending time with his wife and their daughter. He loves to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for his daughter while her mother is still sleeping. This helps him focus on the task of his day.

Dr. McKenna knows that setting goals is important. However, he does not make decisions in a hurry. Saving time is useless if it is done without direction. It is important for a person to find out what really brings them happiness. Dr. Mark McKenna credits his success to being able to do what he loves for a living. He surrounds himself with the smartest people possible and allows their insights to have an effect on him.

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Dr. Imran Haque: A Multi-Talented, Caring, Innovative, Experienced Medical Professional

For 19 years, Asheboro, North Carolina based internal medicine specialist Dr. Imran P. Haque has earned a reputation as a caring, multi-talented, board certified physician. Patients know they can visit Horizon Internal Medicine, the facility where Dr. Haque has worked for over 15 years, to have their medical, weight-related or cosmetics surgery needs met. Through his hard work, diligence, thorough research, dedication to providing quality patient care and use of the latest medical technologies and cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Haque has developed a thriving practice.

Dr. Haque holds MDs in internal medicine from the University of Virginia and Universidad Iberoamericana, located in Santo Domingo. In the 19 years since becoming a licensed, board certified physician, Dr. Haque has become known for his unsurpassed medical services, dedication to his patients, his warm, caring, bedside manner and his ability to create lasting symbiotic relationships with his patients and local professionals in the Asheboro community.

The extraordinary healthcare improvements new medical technology has made possible enables medical professionals to streamline, improve, coordinate and expedite more effective patient care has Dr. Haque very excited. He sees the centralization of medical and patient information and workflow improvements the new technologies have made possible creating being a catalyst for the quality of medical care patients receive. Personally, Dr. Haque has found that improving his ability to multi-task, building beneficial interpersonal relationships and showing kindness and respect to his patients and staff have made him much more productive and led to better health outcomes for his patients and professional success.

Over the past 19 years Dr. Imran Haque has worked with several medical facilities in North Carolina. They include Lexington Memorial Hospital, FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital, Randolph Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center and Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital. An allopathic and osteopathic physician, Dr. Haque has been successful in treating many health conditions in addition to providing check-ups, routine examinations, laboratory and ultrasound services in-office for people in Asheboro, Ramseur and nearby communities.

Dr. Haque’s personal growth has been enhanced by reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and emulating President Barack Obama’s calm demeanor.

Renown Health Plans to Open a New Branch in South Reno

Renown is a leading Northern Nevada-based healthcare that is reputable for its not-for-profit program. The healthcare is planning to open a new family practice clinic, in spring, at The Summit Mall in South Reno. The clinic aims to increase service provision in the future through the primary care services and a laboratory.

Dr. McCormack, the medical director of the healthcare, cited that they were waiting for the healthcare industry to be stable. This is because of the current uncertainty in the industry following the proposed repealing and replacement of the Obamacare by President Donald Trump.

The Clinic

The 10,000-square-foot South Reno clinic covers three vacant storefronts. The clinic is expected to be flexible to accommodate other services such as a conference area for the staff members to confer with their patients. It is estimated to have a staff of 11 members. Renown Health is planning recruit one nurse practitioner and at least one primary care physician to the current staff.

The South Reno clinic chose Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC to carry out the project. Moreover, the company is a prestigious Carson City-based commercial general contractor. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design performed the architecture and design. Additionally, MSA Engineering Consultants conducted the electrical engineering, mechanical, and plumbing.

Dr. McCormack mentioned that the growing population of Truckee Meadow as well as its improved economy and access to health insurance contributes to the need for many primary care clinics, especially in the South Meadows region. Currently, Renown Health has 12 primary care clinics in Carson City, Fernley, Reno-Sparks, and Fallon.

An Overview of Renown Health

Renown Health is a prestigious healthcare provider in Northern Nevada. It is also a leading not-for-profit health network that spends its earnings to reinvest into programs and equipment for serving communities in a better way. Renown Health was established in 1862 during an outbreak of smallpox.

Renown Health delivers world-class healthcare services through its dedicated staff and modern amenities as well as the state-of-art technology. It has different departments including Renown Children’s Hospital and Renown Institute for Cancer.

New Treatment in Neurology with Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Medicine is quite an extensive area of study. It has many divisions all in which operate to make life better for patients. In addition, others specialize in the research and study of new and advanced technological treatments. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta of New Jersey is amongst them.

Recent studies on NIH have depicted that stem-cell transplants are the ideal treatment for multiple sclerosis. It suggests that this procedure yields long-term remission of multiple sclerosis symptoms. The results of this high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT) are encouraging. The study’s outcome after five years shows that 69% of the participants did not experience any side effects.

The new treatment seems to be the answer to multiple sclerosis. It is clearly more efficient than any other MS drugs. The study encompassed 24 subjects whom even with the administration of MS drugs got worse by the day. Fortunately for them, HDIT/HCT treatment came through for 70% of them, which makes it the best treatment option thus far.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a certified neurologist who practices in Voorhees, New Jersey. He diagnoses and treats disorders in the brain, spinal cord, muscles, peripheral nerves and the nervous system that controls vital body organs like the heart and lungs. He is a graduate of the Government Medical College. The respected neurologist has over 40 years practicing experience that makes him a proficient neurologist. He is currently placed at Boston City Hospital also at Tufts Medical Center. In addition, he has also specialized in psychiatry. Currently, Dr. Gopal practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associate and also has links with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta in his line of operation accepts multiple insurance plans that include Aetna, Medicare, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. He is a fluent speaker in both English and Spanish. He is dedicated to serving all his patients in the best way possible.