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Swim to the top of the food chain with White Shark Media

In today’s business world, the internet keeps us all more connected than ever. This is great news, for the most part, unless your business is a small fish floundering in the open waters of the internet. For many small businesses, it can be impossible to swim to the surface of the average google search on your own. White Shark Media can bring your company into the spotlight.


White Shark Media understands that every small or medium business doesn’t have the time or resources needed to devote to running a successful online media ad campaign, and now, they don’t have to. White Shark Media has the experience and expertise to bring your SMB the attention it needs via Google. This allows their customers to leave their SEM performance in the hands of the White Shark Media professionals, while they focus their undivided attention towards the successful day to day operations and management of their business while still enjoying SEM and sales growth.


If you’re in business and feel like your company could benefit from more exposure online but the how and where of it all is overwhelming, White Shark Media can guide you into making the most of your online presence and search-ability by utilizing AdWords. If that’s a buzzword you’ve heard but are unsure of, Adwords can sound intimidating. They are really just essentially a pay-per-click service which allows you to construct and distribute ads for your business. These clickable ads are then displayed in Google’s search results. By using the correct, specific keywords for your target demographic, you’re already coming out on top because you’re reaching the precise people whom have an interest in your product or service.


Knowing that up to 80% of search results these days now contain Adwords right in the results, it’s simple to see how their effective use can help give your company an advantage. Adwords are a fast, engaging way to add growth to your company, and White Shark Media simplifies the process with their amazing customer service and knowledgeable staff, making it easy for your “little fish” of an SMB to be propelled to the top of the food chain.


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Talk Fusion Rocketing Towards First Place

Video chatting is an extremely popular way to communicate with friends or family that you may not be able to see very often or with business associates that may not be able attend an important meeting. Talk Fusion Video Chat is an up-and-coming video communication service that allows you to talk to and see friends, family, or business partners that potentially live across the globe.
Despite only recently being released Talk Fusion is quickly taking over the market in video chatting. Whether it’s due to the crystal clear image quality, the immediate connection to anybody anywhere in the world, or because Talk Fusion can communicate between any two (or more) devices regardless of if it’s an Apple phone, Android phone, laptop, or tablet, this communication service has quickly launched past even the most well known video chatting service.
Aside from just simple real time face-to-face video chatting, Talk Fusion can also be used to put videos directly into emails. Instead of spending half an hour writing out a complex email to your boss that includes graphs and spreadsheets that would have to be attached you record the same information in a much quicker and neater way. In fact, emails that contain videos are nearly 25% more likely to interest the recipient and result in an increased rate of opening. What could be more professional than being prepared to personally speak to your boss rather than hiding behind the text in an email, and who really wants to spend a long period of time reading thousands of words instead of just watching a video?

The Incredible Success of a PR Firm

Melissa Click is the perfect example of what happens when someone makes a bad mistake and it is caught on camera. Click is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, and has recently become the subject of quite a bit of ridicule. She recently was caught on camera trying to break up a protest on campus. This is something that has outraged many individuals all over the state. She has since then been suspended from her job, and over 100 lawmakers are demanding that she be fired from her position at the University. It is hard when an individual makes one mistake like this that can ruin the rest of their whole career. There are very few individuals who have been able to come out of a media frenzy like this, but times are now changing. There are now companies that will help individuals turn the tides of misfortune when it comes to their negative media coverage.

Status Labs is a company that has been able to help individuals in times of need just like these. Founder Darius Fisher believes that you should not be condemned because of one single incident in your life. This has been the basis of all of Fisher’s operations since the inception of his company. Fisher used to work as a content creator before he saw the need for online reputation management. This gave him the knowledge he needed to really address the complex issues that are facing the world of individuals who are dealing with poor online reputations.

This worldwide reputation management firm has been growing quickly as the need in the market also grows. With offices in New York, Austin, and Sao Palo, Status Labs has a global perspective that keeps them aware of any and all kinds of reputation management internationally. With over 1,500 clients in more than 35 different countries, it is easy to see why Status Labs is growing so quickly. The future looks very bright for this global marketing firm as they forge new pathways in the field of marketing that have not yet been explored by many marketing firms.