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Classic Rock and Chef-Prepared Foods Were Presented At The Desert Trip Music Festival

Being a big fan of classic rock bands, I was glad to see a recent news article that is about the Desert Trip music festival that just took place in Indio, California. Taking place over the course of three nights, this well-organized festival drew approximately 70,000 fans during its run.


The article mentions how six of the biggest names in rock music shared the headlining status at the Desert Trip festival. On the first night, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones shared the bill. The second night paired Neil Young with Paul McCartney, and on the third night, the Who and Roger Waters co-headlined the music festival.


The news article/photo essay that I read features some very good photos of some of the featured musical acts performing at the festival. There are also photos with captions of various concert-goers, and some of the luscious restaurant-catered foods that were available at the event.


A couple of photographs in this article highlight some of the high-tech stage props used by Roger Waters, while others demonstrate images of concert-goers that look similar to Woodstock-era festival attendees.


Although Desert Trip was an actual rock music festival, the concert was largely attended by people age 40 and up. Plenty of younger people were present at the festival, however, because of the universal appeal that the music provided.


Amazingly, all of the musical acts that performed at Desert Trip started their careers in the 1960s. They all still sound relevant, and draw large crowds of fans wherever they perform.


Music fans traveled from throughout the United States, and a range of other countries to attend the Desert Trip music festival. An interesting combination of Woodstock-like hippie culture and modern suburban living meshed well at the festival, and the general atmosphere was quite relaxed.


With picnic tables and tents set up for concert-goers to dine on the chef-prepared grilled meats and savory side dishes that were available, an air of mature relaxation was evident at this popular event.