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President Donald Trump Wants The Death Penalty For Drug Dealers.

Lashing out at the federal government on Monday for not dealing with the drug traffickers and the opioid epidemic in the US. President Trump’s speech went well with a few, but not everyone agreed. President Trump spoke about stricter penalties for drug crimes. However, advocates and law enforcement have long said that the US can not punish or arrest it’s way out of the opioid crisis.

Birth Control For Men
A new birth control pill for men called dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU is believed to be safe if taken once a day for a month. DMAU is a GIANT step forward in the development of the male birth control pill. However, men did prefer a daily tablet that would be flexible over long-acting injections and gels. The progress forward for the male birth control pill was shelved because of anticipated health problems such as liver inflammation. Research is still being conducted to determine if DMAU is taken once a day, every day will block sperm reproduction.

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Helpful Benefits.
Vinegar has been around for thousands of years going back to 5000 BC with the Babylonians, being used for a lot of remedies and ingredients. Today apple cider vinegar is used to aid in cooking dishes, cleaning, removing stains and even killing weeds. Apple cider vinegar is very popular, and it is believed that it can help with lowering blood sugar, minimize the symptoms of Diabetes and help with weight loss.

Direct Primary Care
Direct primary care is the new doctor’s office that is rapidly growing, but still small in numbers. With direct primary care, the doctor’s office is no longer accepting insurance, and the patient pays a monthly membership fee for routine visits and medicine. The monthly membership fee covers some of what the patient needs as well as visits and medication at a lower cost. In this small but rapidly growing trend family physicians, and pediatricians are thinking about this new way of helping their patients at a time when healthcare deductibles are on the rise. With the direct primary plan, the patient pays between $50 and $150 which is determined by age and the number of family members.