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Craft Beer Hits New High

Beer drinkers all over the country rejoice. There is a new beer in your town. It is the new craft beer that is slowly making its way across the country and converting millions of beer lovers to their brand. Craft beers are manufactured by small, independent brewers. The rise of the craft beer industry was inevitable, as a new generation searches for alternative beer sources. Craft beers are also referred to as micro brews. The fact is that West Coast City Santa Rosa, California is considered the micro-brew capital of the United States.


Santa Rosa, California Craft Beer Capital

There are hundreds of cities across the United States that brag about their craft beer industry. The small and independent brewers are very popular and attracting a lot of new customers. However, a research study demonstrated why Santa Rosa wins out over the other cities. Santa Rosa comes out on top because they are winners in the quality and quantity of beers available. It is thought that a lot of cities across the country have great craft beers, but are low in quantity. Other cities have free flowing craft beer. However, it is low in quality. It appears that all the best craft beers are brewed on the West Coast. The leading cities on the West Coast include San Diego, California and Santa Rosa, California with Portland, Oregon on their heels.


Selecting Best Beer Cities

Everyone has their own personal taste. Certainly, people differ in the flavor and type of beer that they favor. Still, the statistics tell the real truth. The best craft beer is brewed on the West Coast. It seems like the trend for craft beer is still high. Statistics show that the popularity of the brew is still rising. This trend is expected to continue well into the future. In fact, there were nearly 900 new craft brewers established in the previous year.


It appears that the craft beers that are brewed by small independent companies are in a head to head race with the more traditional and larger beer manufacturers. Craft beers just might win this race in some parts of the United States.