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Teen Who Walked to Work Gifted New Bike by Police

With so many negative stories about police officers in the news lately, it is nice to see positive ones that balance those out. Police officers in Benicia, California recently surprised a well-deserving teenager with a new bike, according to the article posted on the SF Gate’s website.

Jourdan Duncan, a 19-year-old from Vallejo, would walk to work everyday. While that is not unusual for many, Jourdan’s walking commute would take him about two hours each way. He has been doing this commute since he car broke down last May. He walks the city streets and high hills in order to avoid the major highways. He walks so that he does not burden others with having to take him to or from work, this includes his father who is recovering from recently having had knee surgery.

Last week, Jourdan completed his evening shift and began the long, lonely walk home when Benicia Police Corporal Kirk Keffer spotted him. Curious, Corporal Keffer stopped to chat with Jourdan when he learned the teen’s story. He offered the young man a ride home that evening and got to know him better on the drive. Corporal Keffer found out that Jourdan was working to save money for a new car and to go to college. He also learned that Jourdan was interested in becoming California Highway Patrol officer in his future.

When he got back to his station, Corporal Keffer shared his story with the other officers. Together they decided to pitch in and purchase a new bike for the teen so he would no longer have to make the long commute to work on foot. After approval from the Belicia Police Officers Association, the officers went to Jourdan’s work last Monday where they surprised him with his new bike. Not only did they gift him a bike but they included all the required safety gear and free tune ups. Jourdan said that he loves the bike and called it his new best friend.