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Great Accomplishments of Louis Chenevert in Aerospace Industry

Many people have heard everything good about United Technologies Corporation. What some people don’t know is that the reputation and greatness of UTC would not be without the exceptional leadership Louis Chenevert showed. Every great thing you see has a strong leader behind it. UTC assembles advanced jet engines using the modern technology. Among the few global companies that assemble jet engines, UTC is the leading firm. Louis helped the company to assemble the most powerful jet engines for commercial and military use. If Louis didn’t decide to stay at the top of his game, UTC would not have attained such a big name.

Through his experience and aptitude, UTC has discovered some of the business dynamics and secrets other companies have failed to realize. The kind of innovation Louis Chenevert has brought to UTC is of the highest grade. Louis is not only an astute businessman and leader but also the top conglomerate head. Louis Chenevert is a man who has invested in many innovative projects, and this has been his greatest source of inspiration. Louis believes real business is when money is working for you and not when you are working for money. He has made many ventures to meet most of the market demands.

One of his memorable ventures is the invention of GTF engine. The $10 billion project had a span of about 20 years. Although this was a risky project, Louis Chenevert knew it would pay off handsomely. Louis had designed an engine that was more effective and efficient than the engines that existed then. The engine Louis designed minimized noise pollution by a significant margin, and it made emissions fewer by about 50 percent. Louis’ company in Connecticut focuses mainly on Security trade, Climate, and Controls. The innovative technology Louis has introduced enhanced refrigeration, fire detection, heating devices, and air conditioning.

The Sikorsky unit at UTC has manufactured more helicopters in the United States since the invention of the GTF engine. Through the UTC’s Aerospace Systems Unit, Louis has established several plants that produce machine parts like aerostructures, sensors, and brakes. United Technologies Corporation has attained substantial footing through the leadership skills Louis Chenevert has attained within the six years he has been in the industry.

The Inspiring Business Career Path of Mina Ebrahim

Mina Ebrahim, the owner of Saint Germain Catering is of Iranian origin. However, due to the revolution in her home country in the year 1978, her family had to relocate to the United States but for Mina, it was a blessing in disguise. She was only seven years of age at that time.

Mina began working at Tiffany’s bakery at the age of 11. The bakery located in Seven Corners was purchased by her parents on arrival in the U.S. While working here, Mina gained high experience in customer service, a virtue that proved to be an invaluable asset in her business career.

Mina Ebrahim helped the bakery grow and on expansion, it relocated to Tyson’s Galleria as Saint Germain’s. After saving enough, she left her family’s cafe and established her own company, Saint Germain Catering.

Unlike her family’s style of operation, Mina intensified her business on corporate serving. Saint Germain Catering was hired to serve in corporate luncheons, weddings, private parties and company business meetings. With its delicious meals, the company gained popularity over time.

Mina Ebrahim currently has 32 full time and 8 part time highly skilled employees working under her. She has received several awards in her line of success. In the year 2014, she was accorded with the Enterprise Women of the Year Award. She was also the winner of Top 40 under 40 awards in 2010.

Mina Ebrahim is also a renowned philanthropist. She is recognized for her sponsorship of a cancer detection dog, McBaine of Penn Vet Working Dog Centre of the University of Pennsylvania. It is responsible for detecting early ovarian cancer in women.

She also channels most of the earnings realized from her company to aid in cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania. She was the brains behind the establishment of Jack-Ebrahim program, it boasts of being the only radiology veterinarian program in the country.

She established the Mina Ebrahim Foundation which empowers women entrepreneurs of all ages to grow their businesses. In addition, she is part of a group that helps disabled victims in war. She has attended many professional seminars dealing in cuisine and techniques.

Glen Wakeman and The Reason His Launchpad Holdings Will Remain Attractive in Investors’ Eyes

Knowing how to handle a different set of people, personalities, leadership styles and workforce could play a huge role in your business or career success. While there’s a lot of contention on whether this is effective, it’s good to know that Glen Wakeman of Launchpad Holdings, LLC knows and puts a lot of priority on this idea and attitude.


The Global Executive With Passion for Growth


We should also say here that Glen Wakeman as the CEO and Founder of Launchpad Holdings, LLC is a renaissance man. He’s a man who has been through a lot of challenges but has also the great series of different potentials and abilities to handle them all.


Without such attitude towards business, Glen might not be able to build and grow Launchpad Holdings to where it is now, a leading consultancy and advising firm that helps transform the business into what they should be. He is now able to speak in various countries to help companies get the footing they need, and transform those start-ups into leading brands that they ought to be.


The Value of Products


Other than knowing how to handle the different people in a company, one thing that stands out in Glen Wakeman’s work is the fact that he’s able to give high value to his clients. He doesn’t do charlatanism. He doesn’t do schemes. He makes sure that he pays the price for his ideas, and the views he proposes are so intuitive and applicable that it would be impossible to ignore them.


Glen also sees value as probably the highest factor or element that should be guaranteed in any service provider. A business is virtually useless if it doesn’t make a person feel good, grow, increase his wellbeing or plain old make the client happy and fulfilled.


People pay money for the value you give them, and Glen succeeds in Launchpad Holdings’ assistance because of such value. His ability to bridge the gap between shareholders’ needs in growing a business and in his expertise in developing them is a fantastic way to make sure that his Launchpad Holdings always remains valuable in the eyes of investors.

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Planning Ahead: How Glen Wakeman Can Launch Your Success in a New Business

Aloha Construction Wins BBB Award

The construction industry offers a lot of financial opportunities for companies. Aloha Construction is one of the best construction companies in the industry. Over the past few years, the company has expanded rapidly. Not only does Aloha Construction offer various services to clients, but the company provides quality customer service.

Aloha Construction recently won an award from the Better Business Bureau. This award related to the customer service that customers received over the past year from the company.

Growth Plans

Many people are building homes in growing areas. Building a house is one of the best investments that anyone can make. Over the past few years, the housing market has improved in value. Creating a new home allows a person to capture home equity appreciation. The vast majority of people make money after selling their home.

Aloha Construction plans to take advantage of the strong housing market. The company is offering discounts to people who build multiple homes within a certain period of time.


One of the most significant obstacles in building a home is securing financing from a bank. Since the last housing crash, many banks are not as willing to offer loans to homeowners who lack a strong credit history.

Aloha Construction has a program for people who have a low credit score. The company wants to help people who want to build new homes. This lending program has been successful in getting new clients to build houses. The company plans to expand the lending program in the coming years.

Future Housing Trends

In the coming years, Aloha Construction plans to continue investing for the future. The company has a strong base of customers who are willing to build new homes. With a strong housing market, many real estate experts believe that the company can double in size over the next decade.

How Market America Supports Its UnFranchise Owners

Market America, Inc. is a business which sells products through independent contractors who run UnFranchise businesses. Their products can also be found online at They have thousands of partner stores in where people can get great deals on many products which can’t be found anywhere else. JR Ridinger founded this company in 1992 and is its chairman and chief executive officer. It is based on Greensboro, North Carolina.

This company has a Linkedin account which is regularly updated. A recent posting the linked to on their website was designed to wish everyone in their UnFranchise network a happy Easter. This holiday is all about redemption, forgiving others, and the rebirth of Jesus. They wished everyone to have a happy Easter whether they were Christian, some other religion. or not religious at all. It is a day that everyone can celebrate with their families and friends while thinking about the concept of forgiving others. In these particularly trying times that is a good message to ponder upon.

Market America also posts blog updates about special offers that can be found through their many partners. They had a Direct Spotlight, for example, on one member store which is offering Puffs – Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, for $14.99, marked down from $18.00. Another store is offering buyers of Honey-Can-Do large tapered canvas bags for $3.01 since off plus an additional 5% cashback offer. Market America often offers cashback offers, some of up to 10% cashback.

Every week Market America has a GMTSS event. These help their UnFranchise partners get their companies going in the right direction. They greatly encourage people to attend these events so that they can increase their revenues and profits. The GMTSS events are held around the country. On 3/31/18, for instance, there was one in the City Of Industry, California, which showed the Unfranchise owners the Basic Five. Another two on that same date took place in Williamsville, New York. These were back to back events about general product training. These were both hosted by Shannon Goodberry and the speaker was Deedra Mason who has helped many people in the past.

Jason Hope is Giving Hope to the Fight Against Age-Related Disease

SENS Foundation is one of the biggest fighters against age-related diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Atherosclerosis. These diseases are enormously common, and because of this, almost everyone has some type of exposure to them. Unfortunately, many know just how brutal these diseases can be, but this comes with a slight silver lining. Those who have lost loved ones to these diseases, or are currently witnessing one suffer through them, have every reason to be passionate in a fight against age-related disease. But what can a single individual do to help?

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona, donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS Foundation for the very purpose of fighting age-related disease. His donation was announced by SENS CEO, Mike Kope. Kope was understandably thrilled and pleased by this donation, and he has the following to say: “We need to create an entirely new biotech industry. That’s why we created SENS Foundation: to be a credible catalyst for change; to be a public research and outreach organization devoted to the creation of a new field – rejuvenation biotechnology.” CSO of SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey, who Jason Hope has spoken very well of, also had positive thoughts about the donation and the way SENS could use it: “I am delighted that Jason’s donation will fund our work on the pharmacological breaking of these unwanted molecular bonds, and the restoration of elasticity to the body’s extracellular matrix.” In other words, Aubrey de Grey believes that Hope’s donation can help push the research past the roadblocks it has recently faced, and hopefully enter a breakthrough in age-related disease.

Along with his entrepreneurial work, Jason Hope has also done writing about this area of medical science. On the website Medium, Hope has written several articles. One of the articles, titled “MitoSENS: Preventing Damage from Mitochondrial Mutations” is a scientific look at potential genetic dangers within the mitochondria. Some other articles he has written include “Death Resistance Cells” and “Extracurricular Matrix Stuffing,” both of which also offer looks at age-related disease from the technical perspective. While these scientific articles may be hard for the average person to digest, they prove Hope’s passion and dedication to this field and add another level of authenticity to his charity. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Hope, born and raised in Arizona, is now doing everything he can to help out the surrounding community and beyond. His donation to SENS Foundation obviously extends across the globe, but he also partakes in smaller charity in his local area. He has given to The Boys & Girls Club, The Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, and many other organizations. His hard work and generosity is awesome, and seeing where he next takes his efforts will be interesting to see. If the medical community is lucky enough to see breakthroughs in age-related disease in the next several years, a big part will be in part to the help of Jason Hope. His facebook page

Matt Badialis Freedom Checks; the Hidden Treasures

Since Matt Badiali was first spotted on news media, waving a fat check he called freedom, news has been rife regarding the checks and whether they are authentic. To address public concerns, it is important to first address the reasons why the investor decided to pull such a stunt, and why he would want people to follow him for what he seems to suggest is an easier way to access such fat checks. The advertisement that appeared in a video posted on various channels, including social media, was a classic ad that sought to convince the viewer to buy a product because of some inherent advantages they will derive from such a product. What was even more intriguing about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is that they are similar to the checks issued by the National Treasury of the US government. While there have been similar stunts in the past that proved to be a hoax, a closer examination of Matt Badiali’s Freedom checks reveals that there is more than meets the eye. The idea of Freedom Checks is tucked away somewhere in law. Indeed, if you took your time to examine the reactions from major industry players including established media houses such as Forbes you would stop to reconsider.

What are Freedom Checks?

It would be prudent to approach the subject of Freedom checks from the background of the existence of something referred to as Master Limited Partnerships. These are private companies that are given special tax exemption for their role in making America energy sufficient. The companies are given the exemption if they direct their profits towards the exploration of natural resources for energy production. Master Limited Partnerships operate on the premise that such companies invest their returns in the exploration of oil and gas and transportation of the same. Freedom checks are not like some government-sponsored government social welfare program such as 401(k).

Freedom Checks aren’t some of form of government payouts. The program has 568 companies that are given the tax exemption because of reinvesting in the exploration of natural energy resources. Freedom Checks are so called because they offer financial freedom to the companies that access them, and the companies choose to join the Master Limited Partnerships. Companies that invest in freedom checks get a lot more than most other investment programs; whether in government or private sector. So are freedom checks real? Yes, they are but there is a catch. Are they an investment? Absolutely. Companies that qualify to be regarded as Master Limited Partnerships stand to gain from their ventures a great deal. To put it in perspective, the 58 companies in the Master Limited Partnerships are expected to pay over $ 3.6 billion. Watch Matt Badiali Freedom Checks on Youtube.

Who Qualifies for Freedom Checks?

Well, as mentioned earlier, for a company to qualify for freedom checks it must join the Master Limited Partnerships. Such a company is required to have directed 90% of its investments towards oil and gas exploration and transportation of the same. So in many ways, Freedom Checks are real but not an easy venture. However, joining a company that is listed as a Master Limited Partnership is a great idea because it reaps a lot from the huge tax exemptions and rebates. Check:



Avaaz Create Change Through Community Activism

The internet and social media has forever changed the way non profits and activists get the word out about their causes and methods of organizing. Avaaz is one of the most successful examples of community activism and how organizing campaigns and petitions for change is influenced by online platforms. Avaaz support several different types of activism, ranging from political corruption to climate change to poverty, anything that the community feels passionate about and worthy of change now.

Every cause has the same process that it must go through before it is supported by the Avaaz team as a whole. Once causes or issues are introduced, the team will present it to a small portion of the community to gauge interest and engagement. Causes that are deemed actionable are then given campaign status and the community resources are made available to activists to utilize in order to bring more awareness and create public interest in their cause. Members of the Avaaz team work with individual activists to help them create the best online and locale specific campaigns, and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

All different types of methods of protest and social interaction is used in order to drive change and bring issues to the forefront. Emails to the community are the main means of communication, introducing causes and informing activists of organized events and ways to act and help with specific issues related to each cause. Avaaz has notably created media buzz through grand protests that use human interactions to make a point to policy makers, and resume their.

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USHEALTH Group: Bringing a Difference to the Health Insurance Industry

Health insurance sector is an industry that is perceived as extremely difficult to offer highest service standards due to various challenges. In most cases, the expectations of the customers and the companies do not complement each other. However, a few companies think differently and create histories in the market. USHEALTH Group is an ideal example of such unique firms who are regarded as frontrunners in the industry. The firm presents an extensive range of solutions to address the growing healthcare needs of the customers.

It follows a principle of treating all the customers uniquely as it believes that each customer has different expectations and needs with their healthcare insurance. Also, USHEALTH Group understands that generalized products and solutions are not an answer to customer needs. Based on these principles, the firm ensures that the solutions are unique and a comprehensive experience is given to the customers. USHEALTH Group thinks it is vital for creating a long-term relationship with each of the customers. The firm provides insurance solutions for vision, accident, income protection, dental, special health issues, and more along with life insurance solutions.

The solutions and services of USHEALTH Group have set high standards in the industry, which forced other players in the industry to follow. The products of USHEALTH Group gets one of the highest approvals in the industry, and it is a firm with the highest rating from The health insurance provider also created vast PPO network to help the customers even in the remotest location. With a large number of reputed service providers in its network, the products of USHEALTH Group are becoming the primary choice for the majority of the health insurance seekers.

The firm has created great success in the health insurance market and achieved a feat of 15 million customers per the recent data. While coming to individualization of products, it even designed and created plans that have beyond 50 collective years. The management of USHEALTH Group sets specific goals around customer experience, and that is the major reason the firm leaves other healthcare insurance providers far behind. Interestingly, it has won many awards and recognition for its business excellence, service standards, customer service, and overall experience.

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Popular Insurance Company US Health Advisors

US Health Advisors is an insurance company that provides individuals, families and businesses with comprehensive health insurance coverage policies. The company is able to provide policies that help many people get a good amount of coverage for a variety of medical expenses. Therefore they help make healthcare more affordable for those who are looking to minimize their medical costs. As well as providing a quality health insurance policy, US Health Advisors also provides an opportunity for individuals to sell the policies and make an income. This is ideal for those that are looking to make a good income as well as enjoy a more flexible schedule. Whether you are just looking to get a health insurance policy or become an insurance agent selling polices, US Health Advisors has emerged as one of the top companies.

When getting a policy from US Health Advisors, individuals, families and businesses will be in position to get comprehensive coverage for a number of medical expenses. They will be able to get coverage for prescription drugs, doctor visits, surgery and also x rays. By getting coverage for all of these things, a number of people will have the ability to get the care they need at a much lower cost. The policies are quite affordable as anyone who gets a policy will be in position to pay a low premium. As a result, they will have the ability to comfortably afford the dependable healthcare they need on a regular basis.

Getting a health insurance policy is not the only thing that the company offers to people. US Health Advisors offers individuals an opportunity to start their own business. You can become an agent who sells the policies to other people. When it comes to income potential and salary, you can make six figures within a few years. The compensation of an insurance agent allows you to earn an up front commission as well as residuals. As a result, people who work as an agent can make increases in their income each year. On average insurance agents working at this company usually make at least $50,000 per year. Top agents make well over $100,000 per year after a couple of years selling policies for the company.

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