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Zomber Adds To His Weapons Collection


Michael Zomber is an author, filmmaker and collector of artifacts from military history. He has acquired a lot of different items that have been very instrumental in the films and books he has made, and now he has acquired the Bowie knife that was used against John Brown during his attempted assassination. This is just one more in a long line of collectibles that he has picked up over the years, and he has been very good about creating a collection that people can really relate to. He knows that he can use these collectibles in his productions, but he also keeps this collection because it is a part of history.


The collection has been growing for several years because Michael Zomber has been collecting these items from all over the world. He knows that he needs to collect as much history as he can while he still can, and he knows that his collection can be a very big part of what people see in the films and books he writes. He wants to have real evidence to back up many of the things that he writes about, and he has been on a search for many of these items for years. It only makes sense for him to use these items where he can to teach people about history.


Someone who is interested in history can follow a lot of what Michael Zomber has done, and they will learn about parts of the world that they might not have known anything of, especially through his books. Michael Zomber is interested in the parts of history that might seem different, and he knows that he can teach people a lot just by giving them something interesting to look at. He can help them learn, and he can create compelling content using these artifacts.  But don’t take our word for it, check him out on CrunchBase, or see if one of his novels suits you on Barns&Noble.