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Innovation and Inspiration from IC System

When it comes to accounts receivable, you want the best for your business and your customers. A lot of collection agencies can promise results, but not many have the innovation and compassion that is found within the walls of IC System. The company has been in the forefront of the collections industry since 1938, and for good reason.

Too many collections agencies will do whatever it takes to collect on a debt (Advancedmd). They are often unethical and lack empathy when speaking with consumers to collect on accounts. IC System is a different type of accounts receivable company. They pride themselves on holding all employees to a high standard of ethics that benefits both clients and consumers.

IC System is an inspiration to companies in the field, showing compassion and empathy whenever possible. They do this not only through their business practices, but through their company culture as well. The company itself donates to many charities, and encourages employees to get in on the action and improve their community.

Not only is IC System the leading collection agency in terms of ethics and accountability, they are also on the cutting edge of technology. They were the first company of their kind in the United States to switch over to computers in the 80s, and they have only continued that theme.

With constant updates to technology for collecting accounts and managing clients, IC System offers exceptional security and performance. They employ an outside firm to perform regular audits on their technology and security practices to maintain high standards. The company is also on the forefront of inspiring new ideas for security and performance in collections.

Considering their history, IC System is likely to only continue its growth and innovation over the next decades. Their security, technology, and ethics are an inspiration to all businesses, not just in the accounts receivable industry. With accolades for ethics coming from the Better Business Bureau, they truly are awe inspiring to business owners everywhere.