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The “Mighty Fortress Church” Experience

Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota was founded by Bishop Thomas Williams, a Bible-believing minister, who is adamant about the Word of God, and about his services not being a performance.

Dr. Williams has been ministering to Minnesota and the world for over thirty years, and believes in applying the Word of God to everyday life. He is the proud father of three children, and is married to Sabrina Grant Williams. Together, they lead this church in fellowship, and encourage an attitude of togetherness. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

The church encourages individuals to “come as they are,” without formalities and without any kind of pretense of what church should be. They want people to occupy their church, but not just the physical church- they encourage people all over the world to believe, pray, and stand in solidarity with their beliefs in Jesus Christ.

Their website,, lists more than fifteen ways that a member or guest of the church can donate to both the church itself, and their outreach ministries. These ways range from monthly pledges, to leaving gifts for Mighty Fortress Church in a last Will and Testament. They also accept gifts of high value, and gifts with creative intent. The church as a whole believes that there are many ways to tithe and “partner together” to achieve a like goal. In many cases, this has been a building or a place for church members worldwide to come together to worship. They believe that through giving of belongings and money, as well as in worship, that they create an atmosphere of gratitude among those watching and in attendance. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The website also has a list of “Frequently Asked Questions,” where they outline their beliefs and services. Among this page, they discuss how they believe that their services are a place to encounter God among people of many different races and cultures, and that they are unique because they encourage such a diversity within the Kingdom of God. They also believe in a friendly atmosphere, where people can comfortably share their heritage and culture, all while living an ideal Christian lifestyle.