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In a new TV show featuring chef James Martin, we are taken along on his grand adventures as he travels around the USA. Chef James became famous by being part of a TV program where he showed the world easy ways to prepare food at home. While working at the TV show, Chef James furthered his skills in cooking while working in France. He now owns three well-known restaurants, and a TV series program. Martin still works as the Head chef at Du Vin Hotel.

Other than cooking, James Martin is a master in the art of motoring which earned him a win in 2013 at Brands Hatch festival. He has also raced against the former world champion Jackie Stewart in 2012. Growing up, James knew nothing else but hard work considering that he grew up in a farming family. Martin’s upbringing taught him that there has never been a substitute for hard work.

Chef Martin admitted that his family had played a significant role in his love for cooking. Growing up on the farm taught him that hard work and patience goes a long way in achieving greatness in life. James Martin also has a caring heart. In one of the episodes on his TV series, he decided to visit Scarborough hospital. Martin worked with the hospital’s cooks where he taught them easy recipes to use when cooking for the patients. The episode made his ratings go so high that he decided to do it for two more seasons.

When James quit his job at BBC’s hit weekend cooking show after working there for a decade, people wanted an explanation for the reason behind his leaving. He said after a man fell in front of him and died, he had to re-evaluate his life. The TV show taught him most of what he knows now. However, Martin was committed to finding greener pastures. Martin said that seeing someone die just two inches from you is both terrifying and life-changing. Martin only had a four-day off in the year that he decided to quit and only five days the previous year.