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Larkin and Lacey on the pardon of Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio will not see jail despite spending his entire 24 years term in office as the sheriff of Maricopa County harassing and discriminating immigrants who did not have the necessary documentation to allow them to live in the United States legally.

Despite all the crimes he is alleged to have caused, no action has been taken on him. When it almost looked like he would face justice for the crimes, he was saved by President Trump whop ordered that he be pardoned of all the accusations leveled against him. Those wishing jail term on him were a disappointed lot after Trump gave the former sheriff a pardon meaning that he will never face charges again for the crimes he committed.

Joe Arpaio labeled himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” This name came from his stand on illegal migration into the United States. He was a hardliner who did not want anything to do with immigration.

He believes that immigrants are taking advantage of the natives. Maricopa County which is located in Arizona is one of the counties with the highest population of immigrants in from the southern country of Mexico. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Together with his supporters, he used all manner of methods to deal with illegal immigration in the country. Some of the methods applied were illegal and led to discrimination of many immigrants. Arpaio and his cronies believed that the immigrants were responsible for all the challenges that the natives were facing. The solution according to Arpaio was to kick them out of out of the country forcefully.

Joe Arpaio used his position in leadership and the fight against illegal immigration in the United States to discriminate and torture innocent people who did not deserve to be discriminated. Immigration is not a crime that deserves to be treated with the ruthlessness displayed by Arpaio and his officers on the Latinos.

Arpaio established concentration camps which were used to victimize the immigrants. He would conduct a swoop that would lead to the arrest of hundreds of immigrants. These immigrants would then be taken to concentration camps which were a form of prisons established by Arpaio illegally. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

These camps were the real torture chambers. Anyone brought here would face horrible living conditions. It was almost impossible for the people to live in these camps. During summers, temperatures would rise to over 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Supply of basic human needs such as clean water and the food was also a problem. Immigrants who were held in these facilities were even denied medical care. There many women and children who died due to lack of medical attention while giving birth.

Joe Arpaio was also against anyone who tried to portray him in bad light. When journalist Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin exposed his crimes, he hit back by ordering for their arrest based on flimsy excuses. Lacey and Larkin were arrested in the middle of the night and taken to the concentration camps owned by Arpaio. They were later released the following day after public pressure piled on the office of the county prosecutor.

Perry Mandera’s Breath taking Achievements in Business

Perry Mandera is the current President and Chairman of The Custom Companies, Inc. He is also the one who engineered the launching of the firm. Perry Mandera has rich experience in transportation and logistics. This is backed by his integrity and excellence in the field for over 40 years. Throughout his career, Perry Mandera has been specializing in satisfying the needs of his clients concerning the shipment of their products.


He began by serving at Marines where he was in charge of transportation and supply of products. From this, he got an insight to build his skills in performing shipping services on a larger scale. Perry Mandera then resigned from the armed forces to pursue politics as a full-time career. He contested for Ward Committeeman in Chicago for the 26th ward with a Republican ticket. He won and served the people diligently for four years.


Besides, Perry Mandera also participated passionately in philanthropy while still maintaining his scores in leadership and business. As a generous giver, he has dedicated time and resources to assist the underprivileged in navigating through the tedious waves of life. Most importantly, he provides financial aid, transportation services, food and clothing for needy children and their families. Perry Mandera also fosters towards establishing partnerships with other charitable givers to enhance the spirit of philanthropy in many communities.


Apart from honest recognition about his charity, he is an important man in business. It earned him awards such as the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium and much more(chronicleweek). He gets rewarded for his innovative skills which led to the development of logistics software for easier business operations. With this, he builds high standards and notable reputation for his shipping company.


To enhance maximum productivity, Perry Mandera spends only four hours to sleep and dedicates the remaining for business operations. He achieves this by constantly connecting with his clients through emails and phone calls. He also keeps building long lasting business relations with his employees and customers over social events. Despite his enormous achievements, he still seeks the counsel of consultants for better corporate ideas. Another thing that keeps him excited is the ability to update technology and systems for his firm. Innovation is his strongest suit.

Aloha Construction Wins BBB Award

The construction industry offers a lot of financial opportunities for companies. Aloha Construction is one of the best construction companies in the industry. Over the past few years, the company has expanded rapidly. Not only does Aloha Construction offer various services to clients, but the company provides quality customer service.

Aloha Construction recently won an award from the Better Business Bureau. This award related to the customer service that customers received over the past year from the company.

Growth Plans

Many people are building homes in growing areas. Building a house is one of the best investments that anyone can make. Over the past few years, the housing market has improved in value. Creating a new home allows a person to capture home equity appreciation. The vast majority of people make money after selling their home.

Aloha Construction plans to take advantage of the strong housing market. The company is offering discounts to people who build multiple homes within a certain period of time.


One of the most significant obstacles in building a home is securing financing from a bank. Since the last housing crash, many banks are not as willing to offer loans to homeowners who lack a strong credit history.

Aloha Construction has a program for people who have a low credit score. The company wants to help people who want to build new homes. This lending program has been successful in getting new clients to build houses. The company plans to expand the lending program in the coming years.

Future Housing Trends

In the coming years, Aloha Construction plans to continue investing for the future. The company has a strong base of customers who are willing to build new homes. With a strong housing market, many real estate experts believe that the company can double in size over the next decade.

James Larkin

James Larkin is one of the few people in England who was born at a time when employees were disregarded. This very group also saw an end to employee maltreatment, all thanks to James Larkin’s activities which brought rise to many more like him.

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts that one can have because a friend is someone that understands you more than anyone else. James Larkin had lots of friends when he was young, but he soon lost all of them as he grew up.

People drift from one another due to unavoidable circumstances like work, education and even marriage. James Larkin drifted from his friends after the death of his father because he had to leave school and start working.

One of the friends that he never lost, however, is James Connolly. James Connolly not only gave James Larkin counsel but also supported most of his activities. He also supported James Larkin financially when there was a need, and the understanding and bond between the two grew more daily.

When James Larkin joined NUDL, James Connolly kept a closer eye on him. He had seen something in James Larkin that some people did not see. James Larkin would not give up ever until he had achieved whatever it is he was fighting for. And he would not fight for anything if it was not for the benefit of others.

James Larkin was dismissed from NUDL because of his actions which the union deemed displeasing and disappointing. But that would never be the end of a trade union organizer. He approached James Connolly with the idea of a uniting organization of Irish workers, and the idea was met with so much gladness that the two soon formed ITGWU.

James Larkin also formed the ILP with his friend, before the former went to the United States of America. The Easter Rising was an unfortunate happening in Ireland because James Connolly died in the rising.

James Larkin had lost a friend, so he formed an organization and the name he gave it was one in honor of Connolly. Both the names of James Larkin and James Connolly will forever fill the history books.





Lacey and Larkin Support Local Civic Groups

It’s no secret that many emigrants face abuse during and after entering the United States. Sadly, it’s an epidemic that most people aren’t ready to face. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, are ready to face this issue.

In 2007, they began reporting the shady behavior of the Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Eventually, he got angry about the stories they wrote about him and decided to take them out. The events that followed led to Lacey and Larkin being awarded a $3.75 million lawsuit settlement, which they used to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The fund is set up to support local groups fighting for civil, human, and migrant rights. Being reporters, they’re strong supporters of freedom of speech and civic participation, so the Frontera Fund also supports groups fighting for those rights.

When it comes to the details about what happened between Lacey and Larkin and the sheriff’s department, things get shady. For a start, Lacey and Larkin were just doing their job and reporting on the sheriff’s unsavory behavior. The sheriff didn’t take kindly to being described as corrupt in their articles and wanted revenge. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Anytime a law enforcer takes revenge against anyone, it’s never a good thing. Sheriff Arpaio trying to take revenge on two reporters, who were just reporting the truth, was destined to end in failure. By using fake subpoenas he’d gotten from a corrupt prosecutor, Arpaio sent armed deputies to arrest Lacey and Larkin.

The actual arrest looked more like a kidnapping. In the middle of the night, the armed “Selective Enforcement Unit” dragged Lacey and Larkin from their homes and forced them into unmarked SUVs. Arpaio then had them separated so he could try to get the personal information of their employees and anyone who’d read their articles about him.

Living in an ultra-conservative society like Arizona means that liberals will clash with their counterparts a lot. What Sheriff Arpaio did cross the line for a lot of people, even those who are conservative. But, it’s nothing new to Lacey and Larkin; they’ve gone toe-to-toe with corruption before.

When Michael Lacey moved to Arizona, it was to attend college. He ended up dropping out and joining Jim Larkin in a business venture called Phoenix New Times.

Teen Who Walked to Work Gifted New Bike by Police

With so many negative stories about police officers in the news lately, it is nice to see positive ones that balance those out. Police officers in Benicia, California recently surprised a well-deserving teenager with a new bike, according to the article posted on the SF Gate’s website.

Jourdan Duncan, a 19-year-old from Vallejo, would walk to work everyday. While that is not unusual for many, Jourdan’s walking commute would take him about two hours each way. He has been doing this commute since he car broke down last May. He walks the city streets and high hills in order to avoid the major highways. He walks so that he does not burden others with having to take him to or from work, this includes his father who is recovering from recently having had knee surgery.

Last week, Jourdan completed his evening shift and began the long, lonely walk home when Benicia Police Corporal Kirk Keffer spotted him. Curious, Corporal Keffer stopped to chat with Jourdan when he learned the teen’s story. He offered the young man a ride home that evening and got to know him better on the drive. Corporal Keffer found out that Jourdan was working to save money for a new car and to go to college. He also learned that Jourdan was interested in becoming California Highway Patrol officer in his future.

When he got back to his station, Corporal Keffer shared his story with the other officers. Together they decided to pitch in and purchase a new bike for the teen so he would no longer have to make the long commute to work on foot. After approval from the Belicia Police Officers Association, the officers went to Jourdan’s work last Monday where they surprised him with his new bike. Not only did they gift him a bike but they included all the required safety gear and free tune ups. Jourdan said that he loves the bike and called it his new best friend.

Autism Rocks Founder, Sanjay Shah Books Headliners for Dubai Festival

April 2nd kicked off the Autism Awareness Month in Dubai, uniting communities, educating and raising awareness about the special needs condition. Autism Rocks founder and philanthropist, Sanjay Shah lined up American rappers Flo Rida and Tyga to entertain the crowd. Besides the live entertainment, the family fun initiative also features laser tag, zip lines, horse rides, and a host of other events. “Based on the turnout it’s clear we continue to engage families and educate those who are still relatively unfamiliar about Autism,” said Sanjay Shah Denmark. In support of the month long Autism Awareness, organizers ensure initiatives to educate and encourage more research and donations are realized.

Understanding Autism

One of the difficulties faced by parents of children with disorders of this type lies in the diagnosis and the establishment of an effective management. Autism is a neurological development disorder that affects brain function, the immune and biological system, alters the expressions of recognition abilities, social and emotional conduct, and generates emotional hypersensitivity and behavioral disorders. The medical world is still too divided and stakeholders struggle to agree on the exact cause. Thanks to early detection, many autistic children can likely integrate into society, but it is urgent to diagnose and intervene.

A Road to Charity

Founded in 2011, British-born philanthropist and multi-millionaire, Sanjay Shah established the charity Autism Rocks. His own son, born Autistic, became the premise for Shah’s understanding of the disorder and became his highest focus. His work to fund research and build awareness has been captivatingly generous and he’s developed a sense of personal responsibility concerning autism awareness.

Shah attended Kings College, initially wanting to become a doctor, soon realizing his path was better suited in numbers. He switched to studying accounting and became a trader. Throughout his business career, Shah has worked at top investment companies like Morgan Stanley, ING, and Credit Suisse. Still unsatisfied, Shah decided to begin his own company and formed Solo Capital. Five years and a $280 million net worth left Shah focusing on more philanthropic requirements. Initially, his partnerships with various Dubai entities like ‘Done Events’ organized events to raise money for research but with a burgeoning list of business contacts, Shah figured he could do more. In 2011 Autism Rocks headlined Prince at their first opening concert.

Every year since its founding, Autism Rocks has continued to match or exceed their extraordinary performances and Sanjay Shah is the man behind the incredible handiwork.



A New Homeless Project Could Save The Environment

In San Jose, along Coyote Creek, a new project has begun development. Amanda Fukamoto has been working with the Santa Clara County Water District to develop a new project that would help provide homeless people tiny homes in exchange for their help in reducing the pollution around the creek and surrounding areas.

The idea was initially born from Fukamoto’s frustrations with the existing pollution in the creek. After rallying other homeless people to her cause, she realized that it wasn’t enough to simply remove the existing pollution. Simply by staying in the area, her and the other homeless people were actively contributing to the amount of pollution in the creek on a daily basis. As a result, Fukamoto began discussions with local government agencies to find a suitable and reasonable alternative to the current situation.

In fact, through discussions with Santa Clara County Water District, Fukamoto and government officials have begun looking at a series of small, movable “homes” that have been slowly gaining popularity across the country. As the trash-removal initiative grows in popularity, it’s easy to see how this type of system could evolve into something that operates not just on the west coast, but on a national level as well.

For those concerned about the associated costs of such a program, it turns out that providing small, mobile homes to the homeless is a significantly cheaper alternative to paying for more expensive labor. By having the homeless clean up local pollution, it not only restores hope to people without any, it also builds a stronger community and keeps the environment clean.

New Homeless Haven Backed by Billionaire

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of kindness to turn people around. Other times, a generous donation from a philanthropist can work wonders. Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft (maybe you’ve heard of them?) announced a $1 million donation to Compass Housing Alliance, a nonprofit based out of Seattle, WA. This large donation will go to construct new houses for the city’s homeless population, and allow people to get back on their feet. Large companies like Amazon and Google have a long history of helping to finance a solution to the homelessness problem in their cities, and Paul Allen joins them.

Compass plans to use the generous amount of money by constructing new temporary buildings for the homeless. The units, called “transitional homes” by the nonprofit directors, resemble large metal shipping containers, and are meant as a sort of step up from tents. The prefabricated structures are much cheaper and faster for Compass Housing Alliance to create, as they’re constructed off-site and lowered into place by construction equipment. The executive director of Compass Janet Pope hopes that the homes work out, as they would take a significant workload off of the nonprofit’s builders.

This donation must definitely come as a relief to the organizations attempting to combat the homeless epidemic in Seattle. Here’s hoping that the model is a huge success, and more people can find help through their services.

A 9-Year-Old Raises $568.10 to Help Her Brother

Addison Witulski is a 9-year-old girl who lives in New Mexico, and what she does after learning that her brother needs heart surgery is simply amazing. At first, the girl’s family decided not to inform her of her brother’s condition so that she did not need to worry his safety. However, she overheard a conversation between her grandparents and was concerned they would not be able to raise the funds required for her brother’s upcoming surgery in time. Rather than giving up hope, she took it upon herself to help her brother by opening a lemonade stand on the side of the road, but she was not sure how much money she would be able to raise.

Luckily, it did not take long for the community to discover the reason behind Addison’s lemonade stand, and they quickly began showing their support. In a heartwarming turn of events, the New Mexico State Police stopped by to support her efforts to raise the money. Addison’s Grandmother, Kim Allred, expressed her amazement and gratitude for the young girl’s incredible act of kindness.

Although the $568.10 raised so far is not enough to cover all of her brother’s medical expenses, it’s a good start. In addition to scheduling a bake sale, the family has recently started a GoFundMe campaign so that they can raise the remaining funds needed for the young boy’s heart surgery, which will be performed July 19, 2016.