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How Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Initiative Has Made A Big Difference In People’s Lives

At USHEALTH Group, HOPE is the acronym for the mission of the company. It stands for Helping Other People Everyday. It’s a philosophy they take seriously at this company and it colors the actions the company, its executive, and its employees take every day.

HOPE was a philosophy that Troy McQuagge USHealth instituted at USHEALTH Group. He came up with it in 2010 just after becoming the president of the company. He is now also the chief executive officer and HOPE has helped the company flourish. He says that the company is executing at a much higher level now than back in 2010 and he gives a lot of credit to HOPE and how everyone at the company is eager to help each other and their customers.

The first HOPE project took place when Troy McQuagge decided that USHEALTH Group would help Phoenix of New Orleans. At the time Hurricane Katrina had just hit New Orleans which left much of the city in ruins. Along with other companies, USHEALTH Group and its employees helped in the reconstruction effort. They helped to rebuild homes in the areas that had been hardest hit by the hurricane. The employees of USHEALTH Group spent hundreds of hours helping to raze the homes that had been deemed a total loss and helped build new homes in their place.

Another nonprofit that has benefited from Troy McQuagge’s was HOPEKids Arizona. This nonprofit supports children who are facing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, as well as their families. The team at USHEALTH Advisors (the sales arm of USHEALTH Group) donated $25,000 to this charity in 2012. When HOPEKids opened another office in Texas the next year the team at USHEALTH Advisors again donated money, this time $45,000.

There is a district office of USHEALTH Advisors located in Palm Bay, Florida. They have also taken to heart Troy McQuagge’s HOPE initiative. The division leader there is Elizabeth Byrne. She and her team of agents decided to support one of their local charities. They eventually decided to support the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. The team at this divisional office donated their time helping to taking down an uninhabitable home and then building a new one in its place. Once the home was completed it was given to an Army Specialist who then owned the home outright with no mortgage. He and his family were very grateful to Elizabeth Byrne and the USHEALTH Advisor’s agents. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

Many people working for USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries have helped others since 2010, providing both funding and volunteering their time. This has happened both at its main office in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as across the country where USHEALTH Advisors has offices.

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Concepts of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz was behind the success of the National Steel Car. He has played a significant role as the CEO of the organization. Apart from him being president, he also assists in the matters that deal with the management of the firm. The firm has put in place are the requirement that will drive the goals of the organization to the right place. The company has emerged to be the leading in dealing with the freight and car rail stuff across North America.


There is team of experts that are concerned with innovation issues through application of the modern technology. Aziz has made technology as the top priority in the company to foster its mission. The step has boosted the position of the firm as the leading manufacturer of the railroad. The company has expanded its boundaries by opening up branches which are managed centrally in several regions. The step was strategic in the sense that it was meant to ease the marketing of its products. Furthermore, it has made the suppliers rich out to their client and know the standards of the products they require. James Aziz has vast skills in the field of economics. He studied at the University of Western Ontario. The knowledge that Gregory James Aziz has helped him handle the financial matters of the company with competence.


James Aziz has the background that nurtured and infused him with the skills of business. He was among the segment of the people who were controlling the family food business called Affiliated Food. The dedication that Gregory James Aziz had propelled him to the position of management in the company. He then made the firm achieved a lot of goals within the set time frame. Additionally, it expands the distribution of the firm’s products from the local to international scene. The well-created measures that Greg Aziz fixed in place with his team of experts made the company attained high revenue within a short period. Affiliated Food has reached out to its clients in various parts of the world such as Canada and United States. The excellent leadership of Gregory Aziz has precipitated all these achievements.


The rule that is driving the objectives of the National Steel Car is to meet the required standards in their services providing to their clients. It is the only freight firm registered by the ISO in North America. Go Here for additional information


James Aziz has, through his efforts, put the National Steel Car goals at the right place through the well-drafted measures. Visit:

Ideas of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the person who is steering the goals of the National Steel Car. He holds the position of the CEO in the organization. The factor that has made the body excel among the immediate rivals in the same area in the application of the current technique in the segment of innovation to meets the required quality of their products.


The company deals with the freight and car railroad stuff. James Aziz has excellent knowledge of management, and the feature has made him relate well to the other staff in the organization. There is a team of experts integrated to handle the matters that are deemed crucial by the firm. The moves have led to the division of duties in the National Steel Car which in the long run will save time. Greg Aziz together with the union of his team drafts the goals and all the requirements supposed to be erected to foster their achievement. The right timing is the crucial factor that is considered by the firm.


The goals put in place are handled depending on their priorities. The dedication that Greg has shown with his group has made the company dominate the market in North America for the last 15 years. The measures set by the organization are flexible to make them fit the ever-changing technology. The group has made an effort of reaching out to all possible clients through their suppliers. There are various branches put up in other regions with the aim of making the distributors of their products collect the first-hand information from the customers. The report from the client assists the company is adjusting their services to fit the clients’ requirements.


Gregory Aziz has skills in the area of Economics. Aziz majored in the field while studying at the University of Western Ontario. The wits he has boosted the matters of the finance in the National Steel Car. The organization has stood at the vantage position due to the competence that he possesses.

Gregory Aziz gained knowledge on how to run the business successfully while still at the Affiliated Food Company. He made Affiliated Food achieve much of its goals while operation the matters of management. The company expanded and gained massive revenue within a short period. See This Page for additional information.


National Steel Car has stood to be the relevant company of the production of the freight and car railroad in the entire region of North America. The company has been certified by ISO. The indication that all the products meet the right standard. Visit:

The Most Successful CEO of All Time- Louis Chenevert

About Louis Chenevert


Louis Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur who graduated from HEC Montreal an affiliated Business School of University of Montreal. Mr. Chenevert graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. In 2014, he received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal while in 2014 he was awarded another honorary degree from Concordia University.  Read This Article to learn more about Chenevert.


Louis Chenevert’s Career


Louis Chenevert is the former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was named as the CEO in April 2008 and chairman in January 2010 respectively. Mr. Chenevert had served in other companies prior to that where he also held senior positions. Louis Chenevert served at General Motors for 14 years and became the General Production Manager but left in 1993 for Pratt &Whitney in Canada. He served as the vice president of operations and later became the president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. He would later join United Technologies Corporation in March 2006. (More:


Moreover, Mr. Chenevert not only headed the United Technologies Corporation but also served as director as well. With Louis Chenevert at the helm, the company grew tremendously such that during his tenure UTC’S share price rose from of $37 to $117 in a weeks’ time. That was a record of a 200% appreciation in shareholder value considering it was during a time of deep subprime recession. Such was Mr Chenevert’s prowess in handling his business as the CEO that always turned out successful. Check him out on Forbes.



Notably, Mr Chenevert saved the situation several years ago where most of the company’s engineers would have lost their jobs when he did a minor restructuring. He did this by moving the engineers from a lower cost- local back so that the company would be in a position to fix them whenever their skill was required in commercial and military markets. Further, under Mr. Chenevert’s leadership, the performance was so remarkable such that UTC was able to generate twice as much shareholder returns of standard Dow Jones Industrial and S&P 500 for ten years ending December 2013.




Louis Chenevert Contribution To United Technologies Corporation Success

Louis Chenevert is a known entrepreneur in Canada. He is the former United Technologies Corporation (UTC), chief executive officer. UTC is a multinational conglomerate firm in America that deal with researches, manufactures, and develops of high technology commodities.


Work History


Chenevert has worked at General Motors for 14 years where he was the production general manager. In 1993 the skilled expert joined Pratt & Whitney Canada and was elected president after serving for six years. He is the vice-chair of Executive Committee of the Business Council for 2011-2012. The renowned leader was appointed as the chair of UTC in March 2006 and resigned the position in December 2014. In 2005, he started working as an exclusive advisor at Merchant Banking Division.




He left a remarkable legacy at UTC. He acquired Goodrich and made significant profits in the market during the recession. This acquisition represents extraordinary patience and business acumen. The GTF pet project ranks high in his achievements. It was selected to replace Airbus established Pratt & Whitney in the jet engine market. He discovered the advanced materials that could burn engines hotter. Chenevert led UTC to invest in a quality technology that drives growth in the firm today and boosts US economy as it creates manufacturing jobs.  Find out more about Chenevert on



Securing the Future


Louis Chenevert believes in investing in the high-quality technology and educating employee to set up companies for future success. He works on leaving each company better than he found it. The future needs investment to achieve success in both short and long-term. Educating workforce contributes to creation of new ideas.


Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine is an example of such investments. The engine cost $10 billion and took over 20 years to design and produce. 72 aircrafts by 14 airlines are using the new GTF launched last year. It lowers fuel burn by 16%, cuts noise by 75%, and emits 50% less waste. Go Here for related Information.


Under Chenevert leadership, United Technologies Corporation assembled the most advanced jet engines in the world for commercial and military use. UTC has an Employee Scholar Program to educate workers. Innovation investment grows the manufacturers and supplier’s business.


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After Business With Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson was a leader in the world of business for over 25 years. Now, after a long and successful career, he has turned his attention to giving back. Autterson is taking the same vigor he brought to the financial services industry to the world of philanthropy. Currently, Autterson is a member of the Board of Directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems.


Based in Englewood, Colorado, Falci Adaptive Biosystems is an innovative non-profit organization. This group helps the disabled to interact better with the world around them. Falci Adaptive Biosystems makes it possible for engineers and medical professionals to connect and develop solutions that help people with neuromuscular problems.


This organization helps newly disabled people move quickly from acute care into rehabilitative and adaptive phases of care. Because of Falci’s innovations, they’re able to re-enter the normal flow of life much more seamlessly. In creating new technologies for the disabled, Falci Adaptive Biosystems is helping to improve quality of life for untold numbers of people.


Falci does this by improving the way that people interface with machines. These advances require knowledge sharing between engineers of all types with medical doctors. Computer science, mechanics and biology specialists are all key in this work. The work they do has important applications for the world of prosthetics and other adaptive mechanisms. Get Related Information Here.


Matthew Autterson’s role on the board of this organization is very important. His decision-making ability and communication skills help facilitate important innovations. His connections help makes it possible to bring new solutions to medical centers. With his prior experience on the board of organizations such as the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson brings a great deal of valuable experience to the table.


Autterson has never been afraid to work his connections. He knows how to bring in big sponsors and raise awareness. Matthew Autterson’s commitment to the FAB mission of improving mobility has really translated with donors, and with the general public.


Matthew Autterson has long been known for overcoming challenges. Along with his passion for business and philanthropy, he’s always found other ways to achieve, too. He’s an accomplished athlete, even completing a marathon. Although his work in the world of finance is done for now, he will continue to do great things for his community in Colorado.



Troy McQuagge Leads US Health Group to Increased Profitability and Industry Excellence

In 2016, Troy McQuagge won gold in One Planet’s Business and Professional Excellence Awards. He was named the CEO of the year in the prestigious awards bringing together businesses and professional across different industries in the world. Organizations that participate in the awards include large and small organizations, startups, for profit and non-profit organizations, and public and private ones too. While accepting the award, Troy McQuagge, the current president and CEO of US Health Group stated that the award was for everyone in the company. He highlighted that the peer and industry recognition was a testament to the company’s commitment to providing affordable healthcare to everyone while providing them with innovative coverage to meet their healthcare needs. One Planet’s awards are given in categories such as teams, executives, corporate communications, marketing, PR, and new products and services, among others.

Success at US Health Group

US Health Group has its head office in Fort Worth, Texas. The company provides customized healthcare insurance coverage to clients. Upon joining the company in 2010, Troy McQuagge was tasked with rebuilding the company’s distribution agency, US Health Advisors. His success in doing this led to his selection as the president and CEO of the firm in 2014. His presence at the company has seen it grow in profitability in a highly competitive industry.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has been in the sales industry for more than three decades. He is known for delivering results in very competitive environments. He has worked with organizations such as startups, high-growth, and turnaround companies. He is also praised for his ability to provide decisive leadership and motivation for the teams he is working with. Troy McQuagge is skilled in handling insurance, sales management, and leadership, among other duties.

Work History and Philanthropy

Before taking over the topmost job at US Health Group Inc, Troy McQuagge was the CEO and president of US Health Advisors. Prior to moving to this company, he was the president of Agency Marketing Group, HealthMarket. Troy McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida for his BA in legal studies. When he is not working, he can be found engaging in philanthropy work. He has volunteered for organizations such as Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, Phoenix of New Orleans, and Trinity Habitat for Humanty. Visit:


Successful Matthew Autterson In The World Of Business

Matthew Autterson is known to the prominent businessman from the community of Colorado. He graduated from the University of Michigan State in the late early 1980s. Matthew Autterson field of specialization in finance and this has made him practice the same skills in the world of business successfully. He later enrolled in the University of Denver where he gained a lot of entrepreneurial skills. The debut of his main career was in the year 1982 where he was part of the expert team at the financial service company called First Trust Corporation in New York. He demonstrated his dedication to the company and won the trust of many, and that earned him a position of president in the year 1986.


Additionally, Autterson is also a member of the professional and civic groups. He is the leading member of the known organizations such as the Young Presidents Organization. Furthermore, he is a member of the board of a group called Zoological Society. He has played many roles such as serving as the forefront chairman of the Denver Hospice board of directors. His knowledge in the other field has also made him part of the team that is guiding the groups of the Falci Adaptive Biosystem. He is now the person who is holding the position of the C.E.O at CNS Bioscience Inc. an institution that deals with matters that relates to the neuropathic pain.


Autterson skills in the world of business started way back at his tender age. He then founded a company by the name Trust Company and made president after some time. Trust Company operates with services of the retirement property. He was the main guy who was in charge of the strategies that were being put in place to check the running of the company. As an expert in the field of finance, he played a critical role in the financial sector of the company. The primary areas that Autterson position the company deal with the asset allocations, insurance, and the statement analysis among others. He appointed a team of experts who are well trained and have enough expertise in the field of finance. The work of the organization was not set to be limited by the objectives of the organization, but they are also providing some charity to the community. This is what has made the company stand out from the rest of competitors. See This Article for related information about Matthew Autterson.


Matthew Autterson has stood a better chance to be ranked among professional people in business who have run different organizations successful.


One Planet Recognizes Troy McQuagge as the Most Innovative Corporate Executive One Planet Recognizes Troy McQuagge as the Most Innovative Corporate Executive

Troy McQuagge was recognized the Gold winner as the corporate executive of the year in 2017’s coveted One Planet SM Awards. The prestigious One Planet Awards is an international premier award that honors professional and business excellence in all industries across the world. This award draws honors best organizations from all over the globe whether private or public, for-profit or nonprofit, small or large as well as startups.

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Troy McQuagge is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH. He joined the firm in 2010 and grew up the hierarchy to become the CEO. On his appointment, his first mission was restructuring the company to become a leader in the health insurance sector. He did that by first rejuvenating USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency. His efforts at re-building the agency could not go unnoticed by the firm’s board. As a reward for his achievements at the distribution agency, he was promoted to serve as the CEO of USHEALTH Insurance Group in 2014. Under his command, Troy has disrupted the health insurance market. As a result, he has achieved growth, profitability, and success, making him one of the most sought-after corporate executives.

What McQuagge Had To Say?

Achieving this recognition is undoubtedly the dream of every corporate executive. On receiving this award, Troy McQuagge expressed his happiness. He, however, didn’t take all the credit as he dedicated the award to the employees at USHEALTH indicating that winning the award could have been impossible without the participation of each individual in the organization’s team.

One Planet Awards in Brief

One Planet is one of the most sought-after corporate awards in the world. The award recognizes professional and industry excellence. Currently, the awards are offered in several categories including teams, business executives, PR, corporate communications, new products, and services. This award draws organizations from all over the world.

About USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance company that provides innovative health insurance to small business owners and self-employed individuals. The firm has several competitive products that offer their clients with market-leading customer experience.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a renowned entrepreneur and corporate leader from Panama, Florida. Troy has been in the insurance sector for over 30 years. Over the years, Troy has gained a lot of experience and endorsements in health insurance, leadership, and term life insurance. He began his career in the health insurance sales in 1983 when he joined Allstate Insurance, where he worked for several years before later joining UICI/Health Market in 1995.

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. Currently, he is responsible for strategic growth and profitability of USHEALTH Group. His insurance policies target mostly those who are under 65 years. Know more:


Milestones Achieved by Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge works at the USHEALTH Group, Inc where he holds the position of the current Chief Executive Officer. USHEALTH Group is a company involved in the insurance industry whereby its specialty is in offering individual health insurance plans. The insurance company offers health coverage to its clients who are mainly people who are self-employed and small business entrepreneurs. The main offices of the company are located in Ft. Worth, Texas with regional offices located in different parts of the country. USHEALTH Group aims to offer the best quality customer service to its maximum level. Products offered by the insurance company include; individual health insurance, income and accident protection, and dental insurance among others. USHEALTH is known for its numerous innovative insurance products which are affordable to all their clients.

Troy McQuagge started working as the USHEALTH’s CEO in 2011. Before this, he used to serve as the President and CEO of the Health Markets Agency. Due to his exemplary leadership and management skills, Health Markets Agency was able to achieve over a billion dollars worth of gross volume sales. After joining USHEALTH, the company also managed to achieve tremendous success with him serving as the CEO. Since Troy McQuagge went to serve at the USHEALTH Group, he has been able to make a lot of competitive strategies which has made the insurance company a success. Troy has been in the insurance industry for over 33 years, and this has given him a lot of experience and expertise to thrive in the industry.

Troy McQuagge has earned a reputation as a leader who has a very innovative mind in matters concerning business. In the Year 2016, the successful USHEALTH Group’s CEO was honored with the coveted One Planet Awards which are named the CEO of the Year. Held every single year, the prestigious awards include the best in the world when it comes to innovation, new products and services, CEO case studies, organizational performance, leadership and corporate social responsibility. Troy McQuagge received the award and stated that he was much honored to have the award. He also gave thank to each member of staff at the USHEALTH Group for their hard work and contributions. Visit at Twitter.