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Tony Petrello A CEO With A Golden Heart

What image comes to mind when you think of an oil executive? Is it a greedy older man with slicked back hair hiding behind a black suit? Or perhaps an old-school Texan in a cowboy hat adjusting his vest and barking orders? Neither of these images fit Tony Petrello. This 62-year-old is a CEO with a golden heart. Tony has a proclivity for philanthropy, which continues to expand over the years. With over $5 million donated to the medical community alone, Tony’s streak of giving doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Tony Petrello grew up poor. His parents were constantly struggling with money; this inspired Tony to study hard in an effort to support him and his family. Tony always had a love for mathematics — later helping his Yale professor Serge Lang develop his work on number theory — and his dedication to studying landed him a scholarship at Yale University. He went on to graduate from Harvard Law and was hired by Nabors Industries not long after. He worked his way up through the company and years later successfully became CEO. Another important thing that Tony did post-law-school was marrying his wife Cynthia. Together they founded the Petrello Family Foundation, a foundation dedicated to education, arts, and medicine. Tony always remembered his years at Yale and working with Serge Lang and later went on to establish an endowment of $150,000 at Yale for those excelling in mathematics.

Tony Petrello’s life hasn’t been a steady ride. Petrello’s daughter Carena was born early; at 24 months old she weighed only 20 ounces. After her birth, doctors diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia, a disease affecting early born infants. Carena developed cerebral palsy as a result as well as numerous neurological disorders. This sparked a passion for medical philanthropy in Tony. He and his wife established the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, an institute dedicated to studying neurological effects in children. Tony and his wife Cynthia have donated over $5 million to the institute with a guarantee of another $2 million.

When hurricane Harvey hit Houston, the devastation was instantaneous and widespread. Nabors Industry has a strong sense of giving back that is integrated deep into the companies culture. This vision and culture is also shared with Tony, who, after Harvey, gave paid time off to his employees so that they could volunteer to work in the wreckage. Nabors also matched all employee donations — over $160,000 — to the Nabors Disaster relief fund. The fund was used to help rebuild areas of Houston effected by the hurricane.

Tony Petrello is a CEO that shows that hard work, intellect, and a kind heart can get you far in this world. His contact specifies that his salary is based on the production of the business. He makes sure that his employees know that he is right there beside them in trying to craft a better future, not only for his company but for his community. A true outlier in the world of oil CEOs, Tony Petrello is an example of an oil executive with not only wit and work ethic, but a love for community and science.

Adam Milstein Is Raising His Voice To The Israeli-American Council

The Israeli-American Council is an organization made up of Jewish-Americans, Jews, and Americans who want to keep a constant peace between Israel, America, and the rest of the world. One of the leading members of the Israeli-American Council is Adam Milstein. Adam is an advocate for the United States helping Israel to defend itself against radical Muslims.

In addition to serving on the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein is also a writer for the Jewish News Syndicate, which is an online news platform that goes out to millions of people on a weekly basis. In his recently published article, Adam described the terror Israelis are facing in Israel due to Muslims. This article authenticated testimony from both radical Muslims and non-radical Muslims, which claimed that their common goal is to annihilate the Jewish people from the planet. Adam Milstein believes this is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately.

Another eye-opener in Adam’s article was the fact that Jewish people are being targeted in America. Jewish people have written to Adam from all over America, claiming they are being oppressed because of keeping their history and religious beliefs alive. Adam believes the United States needs to do more to protect Jewish people. He is also calling on Jewish people to start organizations that exist solely to protect the rights of Jewish people in America. He is even forcing the Israeli-American Council to get involved in this.

Adam Milstein lived in Israel until he was married in the late 80s. Coming to the United States, he immediately went to college. He studied business at the University of South California. After graduating at the top of his class, he immediately opened a business that gained success even until today. Adam is currently one of the top entrepreneurs in America, and his goal is to see other Jewish college graduates become business owners in America, too.

A Story Of Resilience; Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is a medical doctor licensed by the Florida and Georgia Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine. He is natively from New Orleans, LA, and a graduate of Tulane University medical school. Dr. McKenna is also an outstanding and determined entrepreneur. After getting his medical degree, Dr. Mark McKenna began practicing with his father who was also a doctor. Meanwhile, he was also looking into the real estate industry which he considered his first passion. He launched McKenna Venture Investments and a few years later also founded Universal Mortgage and Lending Uptown Title. His companies offered real estate closing services, finance, and building services. He was happy to be practicing his first passion that is real estate.


In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta and decided to move back into practicing medicine. He did not waste any time to come up with a new idea being the serial entrepreneur that he is. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with the idea of ShapeMed and quickly put it to practice that very year.


ShapeMed is a medical practice with several offices that offer aesthetic and wellness services like Botox injections, laser hair removal, nutrition and weight counseling. It was known as the clinic with the most comprehensive medical weight loss solutions. ShapeMed went on to do fairly well, and seven years later Dr. Mark McKenna sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. he stayed put for a year and worked for Life Time Fitness Inc. as a Medical Director before moving on to launch OVME (pronounced as of me) in 2017. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that relies heavily on technology. His goal for this firm is to reinvent elective health care.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s success story is one of resilience, hard work, innovativeness, and perseverance. Dr. Mark is a voracious leader who rose from all his challenges and found out where his destiny lies and put even more effort which has led him to where he is. His level of creativity and innovativeness is unmatched, and the world cannot wait to see what he comes up with in the coming years.Get Related Information Here.


Troy McQuagge: Towards Visionary Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Troy A. McQuagge holds the enviable honor of winning the coveted One Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year Award. He was honored with the Gold Prize award in 2017 after his excellent leadership at the helm of USHEALTH Group, Inc. saw the insurance health provider register significant growth over the years. The chief executive officer of the firm beat off competition from hundreds of organizations from various industries around the globe. The award was the crowning glory in rather stellar tenure at the helm of USHEALTH Group, which he joined less than a decade ago in 2010 as an executive officer at USHEALTH Advisors.

The accolade marked a significant honor for Troy A. McQuagge US health as it was recognition not only by the prestigious award body. It was also an honor bestowed on him by his peers for his excellent and visionary leadership at the life and health insurance company. After his successful tenure at USHEALTH Advisors marked by retooling and rebuilding of the USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary, Troy A. McQuagge was promoted to serve as the president and chief executive officer of the Group. At the Fort Worth, Texas-based company, Mr. McQuagge has also already embarked on a implementing innovative and affordable insurance initiatives. He has already recorded significant success towards this end since taking over in 2014. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health at

Education Background: Towards Award-winning Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Throughout his career at USHEALTH Group, Troy A. McQuagge has developed a reputation of being an award-winning leader due to his excellent track record, which has seen him record operational and financial success at the company. World CEO Awards has awarded him with its coveted Most Innovative CEO of the Year Award, which he won in 2016. He has won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the Stevie Awards in addition to the People’s Choice Awards and Golden Bridge Awards. His award-winning leadership at USHEALTH Group, Inc. is founded on excellent academic background at some of the best learning institutions in the country. He graduated in 1982 from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies.

Career Background

Troy A. McQuagge is a multi-skilled company executive with excellent leadership capabilities and over three decades of experience working in high profile companies. His professional success is pillared on more than just his experience and solid academic background: he is developed multiple skills over the years. Since joining the health insurance industry in 1983, he has developed excellent marketing and financial planning skills. He is also an excellent insurance broker with unrivaled leadership skills. He first started out at Allstate Insurance Company where he worked for close to nine years. In 1995, UICI/Health Market brought Troy McQuagge on board for a year before beign appointed as Agency Marketing Group’s president in 1996. He served at the helm for several years moving to USHEALTH Advisors in 2010.

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The Concepts of Matthew Autterson in the Sphere of Business

Matthew Autterson has set a new level of investment in the sphere of business. He developed the passion in the same arena while at the University of Michigan State. He then improved his ideas while serving in Trust Corporation. The dedication that he had made him combined concepts with other workmates. The factor that boosted his level in the niche of investment is the experience they had developed for a long time as a worker. Matthew Autterson remains at the forefront in crafting the directions of the company as the rest of the team bestowed trust in him. He then formulates all the measures that were essential to propel the business to the high position in the market. He then consulted the team of experts in every level of decision to make the company flow along the lane of expectation.


Matthew dedicated his matter in serving the company till he became the president. He integrated the current techniques in the system of the company to set the objectives on progress. The excellent skills of Matthew Autterson in the area of management made him address the issues and fixed the purposes to cope with the status of the firm. Matthew made a lot of moves in the company that registered positive changes in the body. The other organization in place that was working in partnership with Trust Corporation was Integrated Resources Inc. The primary area of operation was within the city of New York. Matthew as the leaders of the organization emphasized of the quality as the priority factor in the company. All the matter related to the objectives of the group were adjusted to fit the dictates of the regulations. Matthew Autterson established the company from the scratch till it picked up in the market. The quality of the services by the company won the trust of many clients in the city of New York and its surroundings. The company’s name was later changed after three years in the market to SunAmerica. The idea behind the move was to tighten the bond of the two merger companies.


Matthew Autterson acted as the Chairman of the company and advised the board of the firm. The inception of the CNS Bioscience in the field and its concept was started by Scott Falci M.D. The step of forming it was to kick out the neuropathic pain by developing the perfect drug. See Related Link for more information.


Matthew Autterson has featured in many programs aimed at boosting the confidence of the disabled in the community.

How Troy McQuagge Encourages The Team At His Companies To Help Out Others

At USHEALTH Group, Inc., and USHEALTH Advisors, the company motto is Helping Other People Everday, or HOPE. This is an initiative that was started by Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge in 2010, soon after these companies were founded. He says that he wants everyone at these companies to make a positive difference in the lives of others in their communities. Since that time a number of projects have been developed both at the headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as across America in their district sales offices.

One example of a HOPE project took place in Brevard County, Florida. The division leader there, Elizabeth Byrne, decided that the wanted to engage her staff of insurance agents in one of these projects. After performing quite a bit of research they decided to help out a local charitable organization called the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. This nonprofit, started by the Space Coast Paratroopers Association, provides free homes to veterans. The USHEALTH Advisors group in this county named themselves the “Byrne Team” and they all pitched in to level an uninhabitable home, perform cleanup, help rebuild a new home, and put in a lawn. After this was completed a local veteran and his family were given the home at no expense.

In both 2016 and 2017 Troy McQuagge US Health declared November to be a Month Of Hope at these two companies. He made an announcement about this at the Leaders Meeting they hold each year. This Leaders Meeting is attended by the top 500 insurance sales leaders at USHEALTH Advisors in the nation. He wanted them to spread the message to others in their district offices that everyone should do what they can to help out in their local communities. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

The staff at the district offices have helped out numerous people during these Month of Hope projects. They have assisted in building new homes, for example. They have also bought food and clothing that has been provided to any child who needed them. They have also helped out local homeless veterans by finding places for them to stay as well as getting food to them. Check:


Facts You Need To Know About Matthew Autterson’s Philanthropy

Matthew Autterson belongs to the league of the most respected professionals in the financial services industry. For not less than 25 years, he was the President of the biggest and most successful American chartered financial institution. Being a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Finance in the year 1980, he was well poised to hold the top leadership roles that he held in the financial services industry.


He was also lucky to attend the Graduate Tax Program that was being offered by the University of Denver while still in college. Shortly after graduating, First Trust Corporation offered him his first career platform. It was at the time owned by Fiserv. After working there for a short while, he moved and became part of a small team of professionals that had one agenda; to form a state-chartered trust-based company in Colorado that was to be owned by Integrated Resources Inc. which was based in New York.


In the year 1986, he moved his career ladder by becoming Resources Trust Company’s President. Three years later, the company would be bought out by Integrated Resources Inc. that was later on be acquired by Broad Inc. The latter would in later days become SunAmerica Inc. that was bought by AIG in the year 1998 for more than $18 billion.


Throughout his career, Matthew Autterson has always been a performer. He also possesses a heart of gold and is very well known for his kindness. In the philanthropic circles, he is among the selected few who have a passion for supporting projects and initiatives aimed towards providing pharmaceutical and neuroscience relief. Currently, he belongs to the board membership club of Falci Adaptive Biosystems that has a strong focus on restoring and repairing ailments that are related to paraplegics in the society.


Matthew’s philanthropic efforts have so far been very influential when it comes to saving many who have healed injuries. He has also played different leadership roles in other organizations that are related with community work in the past and presently. He is a firm believer of progress and positive change. His is a successful story that will continue inspiring many even in years to come. He has conquered the business world and is now ready to conquer the philanthropy and business world as well. Matthew believes that whatever we do today is supposed to have a positive influence in the generations to come. View Additional Info Here.


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The Rise of Matthew Autterson as a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Matthew Autterson has spent the past two decades working in the financial services industry. Here, he held the position of the president in a prestigious chartered financial institution in the United States. His relentless efforts at Michigan State University earned him a B.A in Finance in 1980. Subsequently, Matthew Autterson joined the University of Denver where he graduated with a degree in Tax Program.


Matthew Autterson landed his first job at a subsidiary of Fiserv, First Trust Corporation. In 1982, he teamed up with his business partners to form a chartered trust company in Colorado. It would operate as a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, which is a New York-based financial institution. Over time, he worked his way up to become the president of Resources Trust Company in 1986. Three years later, Integrated Resources, Inc., acquired Resources Trust Company along with its assets in 1989. Integrated Resources, Inc. changed its name to SunAmerica, Inc., which was in 1989 acquired by AIG for $18 billion.


In May 2001, Fiserv acquired Resource Trust Company from AIG. Before the acquisition, Resource Trust Company ranked as the largest state-chartered depository trust company in the United States. Resources Trust Company had provided over 200,000 clients with custodial and depository services. It currently has over 15,000 registered independent financial advisors. Resources Trust Company had 700 employees and more than $1 billion in deposits and $20 billion in custodial assets before completion of the sale. See This Article for additional information



Matthew Autterson currently works at Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) and is a member of its Board of Directors. In its capacity as a business leader in Colorado, FAB reflects Matthew Autterson’s commitment to philanthropy. He has held many leadership roles including Denver Hospice’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Board of the Denver Zoo, the Webb-Waring Foundation, and the Denver Zoological Foundation. He previously served on the boards of World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization. Matthew Autterson currently works at CNS Bioscience, which is a clinical-stage drug manufacturer founded in 2013 by Scott Falci. The firm focuses on neuropathic pain. Here, Mr. Autterson assumes the role of the President, Chief Executive Officer as well as a Board Member. As a nonprofit organization, Falci Adaptive Biosystems dedicates to helping people living with neuromotor conditions increase their mobility and their ability to control their surroundings. Its headquarters is located in Englewood in Colorado. It focuses on the manufacturing of human-machine interface to help physically disabled increase their ability to control their environment.



Matthew Autterson CEO, Board Member and Charitable Supporter

Matthew Autterson has had a long career in the finance industry along with his endeavors in charitable organizations for people and animals. The medical related company CNS Bioscience Inc. founded in 2013 is headed by Matthew Autterson as President, Chief Executive Officer, and current board member. This is a company that focuses on neuropathic pain in the clinical state drug development. Mr. Autterson is also on the board of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). The goal of Falci Adaptive Biosystems as a non-profit organization is to assist in the increased ability to control for people suffering from neuromotor disabilities. One of the goals is to interact within their environment to provide more quality of life. He has worked within this field for most of his career and continues to remain in the field. Get More Information Here.


Mr. Autterson’s career spans 25 years in the financial industry and he was the president of one of the largest state financial institutions in the country. He attended Michigan State University where he graduated in 1980 with a B.A. in finance. Then Mr Autterson went on to attend the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program graduating and going into the finance industry to start his career. The first employment position of Mr. Autterson took was at the First Trust Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Fiserv. He then left that position in 1982 to go to the next company he would work for in the industry. His next position Mr. Autterson took was at a small company new to Colorado as a subsidiary of a New York based financial company. Autterson moved up in his career becoming Resources Trust Company president in 1986 who in 1989 with assets owned by Integrated Resources Inc. acquired Broad Inc. that became SunAmerica Inc. By 1998 SunAmerica was acquired by AIG. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Denver Hospice organization as a part of his focus on helping people with terminal illnesses.


Mr. Autterson has charitable interests outside of the finance and health related industry but that still have a goal to help the less fortunate. Two of these are focused on his leadership roles on the board of directors of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation. This charitable board seat is far from his daily job but just as important for the finance CEO and hospice board member.



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Bob Reina Publishes Two Articles as HuffPost Rebrands

Bob Reina is not just an ordinary businessman. In the telecommunication industry, the businessman has established himself as one of the leading professionals who have expertise in the competitive market. Bob Reina is the founder and at the same time the chief executive officer of a company known as Talk Fusion. This company is based in Florida, and its services are currently being used in more than one hundred nations. The success of the dominant firms attributed to the high-quality services the organization has been offering to its consumers on the international platform. The independent company has even won several awards in the market due to its accomplishments. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has introduced numerous marketing platforms that have changed the lives of businessmen in the world. Just recently, Bob Reina published two great articles on one of the leading platforms, known as HuffPost. The activity took place when the new platform is rebranding and changing its name from Huffington Post. One of the articles was titled, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” while the other was named, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters,” The response from the audience has been overwhelming.


HuffPost rebranding comes with more benefits to the consumers. The organization has changed its mission so that it can tell the international community stories of people who seem to have been left out of the conversation. The chief editor of the organization, Lydia Polgree says that the platform’s initiatives match with Bob Reina’s innovative mission. In a recent interview, the businessman says that he is a firm believer when it comes to the art of innovation. According to Reina, the growth of a brand is never complete even after it has experienced numerous growth. Reina is known to many people in the society as a leader and philanthropist. The experienced businessman says that his greatest goal in life is to set up people so that they can be in the right direction to succeed. For an individual to succeed, their history or race does not matter, and this is why Reina is committed to change lives. His articles show that the businessman is highly experienced in handling community initiatives.


Reina has been writing his articles on the HuffPost for a very long time. The businessman has educated people through this platform, and he has also won the hearts of many people in the society. His success story has been shared by people from all over the world. People who have followed his expert advice have turned out to be very successful in the competitive markets. With his techniques, the businessman is looking forward to making a huge impact on the marketing platforms. His video marketing company has done well thanks to his leadership.