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Cassio Audi’s Beginning years

A lot of people are in support of underrated and undervalued singers and musicians spanning from a wide range of genres of music. Their attempts to grow may often be seen to be in vain as nothing is enough to bring them to the mainstream. Many times this can be insignificant as some artists are quite comfortable in a simple standing. Regardless of whether an artist stays undervalued, that does not change the fact that he or she may or may not be devoted to what they do, and that they have a great amount of talent to back their career in music. With just as much talent as a mainstream singer, band, or musician, the underrated musicians find comfort and meaning in what they do.

Take a famous yet not mainstream musician, Cassio Audi. He is a Brazilian musician that began as an instrumentalist in the early years of his career. Originally, Cassio Audi was recruited by an old music group known as “Viper” in 1985. The early music group was comprised of an all-male group from the ages of 13 to 14. They were said to have such a huge impact on their community as they also had amazing vocals, and were quite talented with several instruments. Audi participated in the music of the band where they produced heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock. Cassio Audi is believed to have made such an extensive and widespread impact on his community, as well as Brazil’s industry as he is referred to in articles and other media in the past as an unforgettable and iconic musician and more

Audi left the band in aspirations for his own future and a different career path. He soon left in 1989 to attend university. Once succeeding in the business field, Audi has managed to assist in the development of the Brazilian community through investments and means of philanthropy to grow its economy.


The Spirited Early Career of Cassio Audi

Rock music is a genre that many people can’t seem to hate. Since 1985, Cassio Audi has remained a renowned rock music artist after he joined the Viper Rock Music Band which he formed together with his four friends: Felipe, Yves, Pit, and Andre Machado. The artist’s gift in playing drums made him kick-start the career of the band on a high note. As a result, the band became famous and dominated the Brazilian music industry over the years. Cassio Audi and the other band members remained committed to produce quality music which impressed all rock music lovers across the globe.

Following success

Cassio Audi aided the Rock Music Band to compose and produce several songs. Some of the memorable tracks from the band include Killera, Princes from Hell, and Nightmare which have made the band have a huge following. Cassio Audi knew how to play drums so well that most of the songs got much airplay. He was also instrumental where he exhibited excellent performance before his live audience. Because of the success of the Viper Rock Music Band, the group managed to stage several shows in Europe and across America.

Albums released

Cassio Audi and the band made their first album, Soldiers of Sunset, which was launched in 1987. The album was so well structured that it showcased the real flavor of rock music. When they performed it to the Brazilian audience, many rock music bands were shocked how the group was able to impress the crowd. It was through Cassio Audi’s excellent drumming as well as the voices of the other band members that made the crowds go wild.

The band came to release their second album in 1989. This was branded Theater of Fate and Cassio Audi played a significant role in composing most of the music in the album. Just like the first one, the album was received with honor and many rock music lovers felt that the group was too gifted and talented at the same time. Cassio Audi made a huge influence in the Viper Rock Music Band and ensured that the crowd got the best during lived performances and airplay and more