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AAK Expands its Operation to the West Coast of USA by Acquiring California Oils Corporation

AAK has acquired California Oils Corporation, a prominent vegetable oils firm based in California, from Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. Last year, the California Oils Corporation popularly called CalOils had revenues of about SEK 1,350 million and 65 workers.

Statements of AAK USA’s President, Terrence Thomas

Terrence Thomas said that AAK has been having a mission of expanding its presence in the West Coast USA for many years. The acquisition is part of AAK’s long-term growth plan. CalOils will convert AAK into a global market leader and enhance its ability to offer outstanding service to both new and existing client on a national scale. This acquisition has transformed the company as the top supplier of high-quality specialty as well as semi-specialty oils to dairy, chocolate, confectionary, and bakery sectors in California and USA West Coast. Additionally, CalOils will support AAK’s Oasis, which is the U.S. foodservice platform to grow into a national supplier.

CalOils Facility is now the fourth production site of AAK. The facility is headquartered in Richmond, California. Terrence stated that the facility would enable the company to increase sales of semi-specialty and specialty products.

About AAK

AAK is a top supplier of high-grade vegetable oils and fats. The company supplies its products to many industries such as dairy, chocolate & confectionery, foodservice, bakery, and infant nutrition. The firm has been in the industry for over 140 years. It has 20 various production facilities, several sales offices in over 25 countries, and over 2,700 employees. The main offices of the firm are headquartered in Malmo, Sweden.