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Southern California Sets Record-Breaking Temperatures

If you reside in Southern California, have you noticed things heating up a bit? The National Weather Service, located in San Diego, recently reported recording the hottest temperatures ever experienced in the desert and mountainous areas of the state, including cities like Big Bear, Palm Springs, and Borrego Springs. Changes in weather patterns are responsible for these above-average temperatures, which the area has experienced since Father’s Day, June 18.

Although each of the areas listed above had varying temperatures, they all share the common thread in that there has never been a hotter temperature for that period. On average, Big Bear recorded temperatures of 67.6 degrees, while Palm Springs averaged a high temperature of 98 degrees. The average high temperature in Borrego Springs was 97. Temperatures in these areas have ran about 20 – 30 degrees hotter than usual. In mid-June, temperatures in some Southern California states climbed to the 120- degree mark, causing heat advisories to be put into effect.

While these above-average temperatures certainly provide adequate time for outdoor adventure and fun, remember that heat can be very dangerous, especially when you’re out in the sun for long periods. Avoid problems by staying in the house during the hottest parts of the day (typically from 2 – 5 p.m. each day) and wear a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher when you are outside. Wearing a hat and sunglasses can also help you minimize the effects of the heat. When temperatures soar, it is your job to go the extra mile for sun and heat protection.

The 2017 Annual Google Developer’s Conference Held at the GooglePlex in CA

Mountain View, California is the location for the 2017 Annual Developer’s Conference hosted by Google, the world’s largest multi-tech and search engine oriented organization. The Googleplex, which was built in 1996, is the home of innovators and free-thinkers who focus on enterprises such as cloud computing, advertising technologies, Internet analytics, and the development of Web operating systems.


This May, the agenda is centered around discussing and inviting new concepts on the new Android O, artificial intelligence, the new version of the iOS Assistant and more. Google has billions of loyal followers, but in 2017, they set their focus on the next billion users coming online and discovering Google; the tech-giant is super-focused on these next users.


Google is eagerly looking forward to unveiling a new series of software features and updates that offer new users easier accessibility. They also included renovations to several subcategories of Google including Google Home, Google Photos, YouTube, Gmail, Android OS, and ways to optimize a present device’s performance without purchasing a new product.


The Android Go, a simpler version of Android O, has only one gigabyte of memory and will be introduced for entry-level devices. The experts also introduced Lens, a new photographic feature for the phone.


Google Assistant was not forgotten, and it also is experiencing improvements as it appears in iOS. Now, the user will be able to type in addition to speaking, and this will be assimilated into several Google products.


One of the most significant new features is for the job hunter on Google search. When pertinent job information is entered for a job hunt, the search engine will now pull from Career Builder, Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, so users will find jobs directed to their specific location and experience.


This incredible, innovative, group continues to create state-of-the-art products for the Internet world, and GooglePlex is the spectacular location to encourage that. On the property are fitness and wellness centers, cooking classes, cafes and bike riding across the campus. This is the environment where free-thinking lives.

CA. Governor Liftes Five Years of Water Restrictions as the State Drought Emergency Comes to an End

After five years of what seemed like unending drought, California finally had a wet winter that has allowed Gov. Jerry Brown to lift the emergency orders. Brown placed a series of emergency measures across the state in 2014 and 2015 in an effort to conserve water. These were desperate measures that were applied when the end of the drought could not be seen to save the water supply for 39 million people.


On Friday, June 9, Brown declared that “the drought emergency is over, and the water restrictions have been lifted.” During this time, only four percent of the state had not experienced the abnormally dry conditions.


The melting snowpack from the mountains typically supplies the majority of the water supply and that plunged in 2014. This left the two largest water reservoirs, Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville, at only half capacity.


The rural areas tried to save water by extending the wells that were already dug, but this led to serious ground sinking issues. Thousands of people had no tap water, and acres upon acres of trees in the National Forests dried up and died. Scientists are now investigating the impact that the drought effect had on the ecosystem at the higher elevations.


Those in the urban areas experienced serious restraints also and were required to cut water usage 25 percent. Thousands of people were fined for washing cars and watering lawns during the past five years.


Even though the lawns turned brown and local restaurants stopped automatically serving water by the end of 2015, the urban areas accomplished the task of reducing their water usage.


Maybe the drought lasted just long enough to wake up the west coast residents to the excess that they had been using. The 2016-2017 season has been recorded as the second wettest season on record. The Oroville Dam is filled to capacity and overflowing, and the snowpack is 161 percent over normal, reports Bill Patzert, NASA climatologist.

California and Germany Sign Environmental Pact

Over the past few weeks, many organizations and governments across the world have reacted to the decision by the United States to back out of the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement, which was signed in 2015, essentially is an international effort to control global warming by reducing the use of fossil fuels. While the US was applauded by signing up two years ago, it was been heavily criticized for backing out. Today, the US is only one of three nations to not be a member.


While the federal government has backed out, many different local and state governments across the country have stated that they will continue to abide by the Paris Agreement. One of these states is California, which has officially teamed up with Germany to find ways to continue to stay compliant with the pact.


California, which has the largest economy in the United States, and Germany will form the Under 2 Coalition, which will look for ways to help improve the environment even after the US has pulled out of the Paris Agreement. Some of the ways that they will go about doing this is by continuing to education other state and local governments on what they could do to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and reduce their overall carbon footprint. With California at the lead, the US could still have a major impact on the global environment.


This effort by the State of California is just the latest evidence that the state is a leading progressive and liberal state. While the 2016 Presidential Election, California was still an overwhelming supporter of the Democratic Party as it had several million more votes for Hillary Clinton than it did for Donald Trump. The state has also taken a variety of other liberal stances in the recent year, including legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and finding ways to continue to support Obamacare, even when it appears that it will be modified or rescinded.


California Resident Wins Powerball

It’s all over for those who have waited to see if they are the lucky winner of the Powerball jackpot. The jackpot reached an estimated $448 million before Saturday night’s drawing. There was one ticket sold in California with all of the numbers matching those in the drawing as well as the Powerball. Numbers were called out shortly after 11 p.m.


Officials soon concluded that the ticket was sold in the small town of Sun City, California. If the winner takes the lump payout, then it would mean a payday of $279 million. It took 19 drawings before a ticket matched the winning numbers. It’s one of the highest payouts in lottery history in the United States. April 1 was the last time that a Powerball jackpot was claimed. There are only 44 states that participate in the jackpot drawing, California being one of them. The latest amount is the seventh highest since the lottery started with the amount beating a $435 million winning ticket on February 22.


The winner of the Powerball jackpot in February is a plant worker with a degree from Perdue University. He took the lump payment at the time. The winner of the latest mega million jackpot has not come forward yet. When people think about winning that much money, they sometimes don’t know exactly what they would do with it except to spend it on things that they need, donate it to charities or help family members. With an amount this large, the first thing on the list should be investing in a financial planner to help in setting up a bank account so as not to spend all of the money at one time.


California Economy

There are many great things happening in the economy in California. Not only is job growth high, but a lot of people are moving to the state in search of a better life. With this growth in the population, the state is bringing in more income than ever before. This is leading to more jobs and companies in the state. Here are several factors that are influencing the positive economic trends in California.





For many years, California had the highest tax rates of any state in the country. However, the state has made a lot of changes recently in their business model to be able to lower taxes. This is encouraging companies to move into the area to set up business. In addition, this is bringing in new jobs for the people who are living there. In the coming years, the state is excited to continue to make these changes in order to drive growth and innovation in this field. This is an exciting development for a lot of people who live there.





There are a lot of great jobs in the state of California right now. The technology industry is growing rapidly, and now is a great time to work in that industry. The great thing about that industry is the fact that the jobs have a lot of benefits. The big technology companies are doing well financially, and this allows them to extend benefits to workers. The people who live in California are able to make a lot of money and spend it in the state on goods and services.



Final Thoughts


Overall, the economy in California is doing well right now. With the coming growth in population, many experts expect this trend to continue in the coming years. Now is the time to invest in this state to start a company.


Drought Lifted While Impacts Remain

California residents can now say that the drought that has lasted for about four years is over. That doesn’t mean that the damage done by the drought will go away anytime soon. Whenever there is a significant lack of water in a state, there are always issues with the infrastructure of the ground and amount of water that is available for drinking in the future. Lawns are now seeking the water that they once had, damaged to a point where they don’t have the beautiful green color that they once had. There are forests struggling with trees that have simply died out from the lack of adequate water over the course of a few years. In some places, the land started to sink in, appearing as though it would cave in on itself.


Although it’s started to rain once again, the ground and the plants and the trees aren’t going to just bounce back to the way that they were overnight. Governor Jerry Brown removed emergency orders from 2014 and 2015 over the first week of June 2017. There are a few water restrictions in some of the counties in California, but for the most part, people can begin using water like before. When the drought started, there was only about four percent of the state that didn’t see any kind of dry conditions. Fortunately, the winter season of 2016 was abnormally wet, providing plenty of moisture for the state to come out of drought conditions. There isn’t a promise that there won’t be another drought in the future, and if there is, then there is a chance that it could leave conditions worse than what they are now.

Scientists Discover New Type of Earthquake

Scientists working at Caltech in Pasadena, California, say that earthquakes may not be limited to the earth’s crust, according to an article recently published on Science Alert. They now believe that earthquakes can occur in the earth’s upper mantle.

So far, the team has just discovered smaller earthquakes in the crust, but there is disagreement over how strong these earthquakes that are undetectable using traditional seismic equipment may become. Some scientists believe that earthquakes occurring in the earth’s mantle will remain less than a 2 calling them localized chatter that cannot group themselves together to form a massive earthquake. Others suggest that they may become stronger than any earthquake that has happened so far.

Researchers started looking at this phenomena after a 8.6 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean on April 12, 2016. This earthquake did not occur in line with traditional theories. Therefore, scientists had to start looking for a new hypothesis. The earthquake did, however, occur along a fault line similar to those found in the San Andes fault line and the Newport-Inglewood fault lines.

Meanwhile, scientists with the Southern California Earthquake Center said at the National Earthquake Conference that they believe that a major earthquake may occur along the San Andes fault very soon. The Pacific plate is moving northwest at a rate of 16 feet every 100 years while the North America plate is not moving. Therefore, tension is being created under California. If a major earthquake occurs in this area, then scientists say that it could kill 1,800 people, injure over 50,000, cause $200 billion in property damage and cause six months of compromised sewer system problems. They are most worried about the damage spreading towards Los Angeles, although they say damage in the Coachella Valley, Island Empire and Antelope Valley would be extensive.

Scientists have also announced that they have found a new fault line under the Salton Sea. They believe that this fault line may be taking pressure off the San Andreas fault which is why major quakes have not recently occurred there. This new fault line has recently been rumbling producing 300 small earthquakes last week.

New California Fault Line Discovered

Researchers in California have recently found a new fault line that runs mainly under the Salton Sea, according to an article recently published on Wire. The fault line was discovered while a team of scientist was mapping the sea’s floor for other purposes using equipment that has just recently been developed.

Researchers at the Southern California Earthquake Center say that this fault line may be taking pressure off the San Andreas fault line and the Imperial fault line. If so, then this may explain why the promised big earthquake has not developed.

They say that the earth’s crust is covered with a series of small fault lines. Most of these lines go unmapped because of the expenses incurred in locating them and in mapping them. They say that they had long suspected that there was a fault line running between the San Andreas fault line and the Imperial fault line because the end of the two lines do not meet as they would expect.

The new fault line, called the Salton Trough Fault, has been sending off little earthquakes lately. Scientists measured 300 on one night recently that were under a 2 magnitude. Therefore, they increased the likelihood that a big earthquake would soon develop.

Officials with the National Earthquake Center say that the earth is constantly in motion. They know that the Pacific plate of the San Andreas fault is moving northwest about 16 feet per 100 years. They also know that the North American plate has not moved in recent years. Therefore, they believed that a major earthquake in California would occur soon. Now, with this discovery, they are rethinking their theories.

Scientists have recently determined that earthquakes can occur much deeper than they previously thought. They say that the new evidence suggests that earthquakes can start up to 15 miles below the earth’s crust. Since the depth of the new fault has yet to be determined, it is feasible that the Salton Trough Fault connects to the San Andreas Fault deep under the earth’s crust. Therefore, scientists say that they need more time to update their thinking and earthquake models.


Socialism is Causing Failure in California Economy

A recent article published by Forbes described the weakened economic status that the west coast is experiencing due to the progressive government that has continuously implemented socialist policies. California is arguably the most liberal state in the United States with the majority of the state’s legislators being leftist liberals who’s views lie far to the left of most other democrats in the country. For decades, California’s social policies have set precedents for the rest of the nation. California state officials often liken themselves to heroes of history and see their liberal policies as a means to move the nation forward into a prosperous land for all people. In reality, however, these socialist policies do little more than advance the power of the federal government over the citizens who constitutionally should have power over it.


California’s socialists policies have advanced through a series of strategic manipulative efforts on behalf of the state’s government. Socialism, wherever it is proposed, is always wrapped in a convenient package and said to be the solution to injustice and poverty. To quote the former British Primer Minister, Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” These words have proved to be prophetic to the California state government and most other state entities who imitate their liberal policies.


The state of California current spends over a billion dollars on social programs and referendums and is showing no signs of being satisfied with this inordinate amount. Year after year, the California state government petitions to increase taxation on business production. While progressives continually state that it is the responsibility of the wealthy to support social programs and that businesses should contribute to these programs, increased taxation measures have caused economic instability that the government must repeatedly account for. Even the most basic economists understand that the stringent regulation of business and of business owners create an incentive for these owners to move businesses out of the United States to countries that provide economic freedom. This negative consequence hurts the economy at large by directly contributing to job loss and poverty. In essence, the California government is supporting poverty by placing heavy regulations on businesses that provide economic stability and then demanding that tax payers foot the bill for social programs that do nothing to solve the problem.