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Trump Protesters Erupting Across West Coast

Just days after Donald Trump was elected president, protests broke out across the country, especially in the West Coast. Portland law enforcement encountered 4,000 rioters in downtown Portland. Protesters took to the streets smashing store windows, starting fires, and also ending up getting hit with rubber bullets by local police.

Protesters collided with police in Portland, where they chanted “We reject the president-elect!” Officers fought back against the protesters who were throwing glass bottles, making 26 arrests. Protests erupted at colleges in California and spread across the country.


Students in Seattle, staged a walked out of classes to gather with protesters. Texas college students marched through Austin and along the Texas Capitol and then blocked a traffic bridge. The Los Angeles Police Department arrested more than 100 people for blocking streets. Berkeley students chanted “the people united will never be divided”

A separate group inside California are encouraging people vote for independence from the rest of the United States. Pro-Trump supporters gathered around Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, celebrating his election victory.


High school students staged a walkout and called out Trump as they protested holding signs calling for a Trump eviction. In Seattle, about 100 protesters gathered in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Los Angeles Police reported nearly 500 people surrounded streets around the UCLA campus shouting expletives and “Not my president!” Protesters also lit a Trump piñata on fire, following the Trump victory.


Political leaders in California were promising to push back against immigration and environmental policies expected to come from the future Trump administration. Leaders in Seattle have called the city a fortress because of the police response to the protests. Rioters have said they will continue their protests until the new president’s inauguration in Washington D.C.


While anti-Trump protesters took to the streets, some Trump supporters who are college students remained quiet, because they were concerned for their safety. Some Democratic leaders on the West Coast, believe they won’t have to go to war with Trump and his administration.



Some California Voters Want To Stage A Brexit Type Exit From The United States Because Of The Election

California is the largest Democratic state in the Union. Oregon and Washington are also very blue states. The recent presidential election sent a shock wave through those Western states, and the vibration from that shock wave is still bouncing off the consciousness of the nation. Some Californians want to push for a Calexit similar to Britain’s exit from the European Union. The Calexit conversation started in California, but Oregon and Washington are supporting the movement. Even people in Nevada want to join the Calexit movement. California and the other Western states may want to be their own nation, but actually leaving the United States is a lot harder than Britain’s decision to leave the EU.



An independent California may sound like a good idea right now, but when all the smoke clears and Trump’s cabinet is announced, the talk of Calexit will disappear, according to some political pundits. Other states have talked about leaving the Union when things do go as they planned. There are economic, social and political issues that could turn an independent California into a chaotic mess. California does have its own political and social agenda, but the state and the states that surround it would need an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in order to leave. That Amendment would have to pass two-thirds of the House and senate, and then it would have to be approved by 38 of the 50 states.



California could call a state convention, and if they got two-thirds of the delegates from 50 states to approve the exit. But the Calexit movement would still need to be ratified by 38 of 50 state legislatures. The chance of getting approval from 38 states is highly unlikely, according to some political experts.



Hillary Clinton received 61 percent of the votes in California, so not all the counties in the state are for leaving the Union. Trump picked up 2.9 million votes in California, mostly in the Northern part of the state, so there would be some voters that would not support such a bold and angry move.



California population is more than 39 million, and almost 40 percent of the population is Hispanic. Trump may have said some nasty and uncalled for comments about Hispanics, but he will have to tone that rhetoric down when he becomes president,




West Coast Pushing For Calexit

The election happened, but the controversy and heated arguing hasn’t settled down, rather, the opposite is true. California voted to elect Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, but at the end of a long night, Republican Nominee Donald Trump won the election by winning far more than necessary of the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the White House. Some select cities across the US have held peaceful protest, but California wants to take it a step further.

A group called Yes California has released an official petition to secede from the US as well as a policy platform outlining what they would like the state to become. The petition has surged in popularity. Some high ranking people in the Tech Industry have even gotten behind the movement by taking to twitter to pledge their help in the effort. Founder of Hyperloop One, Shervin Pishevar, tweeted that he pledged to fund a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation, mentioning the apparent need for a national discussion about culture, values and sexism that differs between Californians and the rest of the country, and a withdrawal during the Trump Presidency followed by a re-entry after a constitutional convention has convened. Dave Morin, tech investor and co-founder of Path, spoke up and Twitter and expressed his desire to back Pishevar.

Other people across the nation have showed mixed thoughts on a potential Calexit. While some support, some laugh due to California’s significant dependency on the rest of the United States for basic needs and finances.

While Yes California is going through the proper channels and attempting to get Calexit on the ballot, it may not be something that is even possible. In 1869 the U.S. Supreme Court processed a case called Texas v. White and found that the agreement between Texas and the US was one that could not be simply dissolved. The only way the relationship could be ended was through a revolution or through an agreed consent of all the states. More details on this story can be found at Buzzfeed.