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West Coast Pushing For Calexit

The election happened, but the controversy and heated arguing hasn’t settled down, rather, the opposite is true. California voted to elect Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, but at the end of a long night, Republican Nominee Donald Trump won the election by winning far more than necessary of the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the White House. Some select cities across the US have held peaceful protest, but California wants to take it a step further.

A group called Yes California has released an official petition to secede from the US as well as a policy platform outlining what they would like the state to become. The petition has surged in popularity. Some high ranking people in the Tech Industry have even gotten behind the movement by taking to twitter to pledge their help in the effort. Founder of Hyperloop One, Shervin Pishevar, tweeted that he pledged to fund a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation, mentioning the apparent need for a national discussion about culture, values and sexism that differs between Californians and the rest of the country, and a withdrawal during the Trump Presidency followed by a re-entry after a constitutional convention has convened. Dave Morin, tech investor and co-founder of Path, spoke up and Twitter and expressed his desire to back Pishevar.

Other people across the nation have showed mixed thoughts on a potential Calexit. While some support, some laugh due to California’s significant dependency on the rest of the United States for basic needs and finances.

While Yes California is going through the proper channels and attempting to get Calexit on the ballot, it may not be something that is even possible. In 1869 the U.S. Supreme Court processed a case called Texas v. White and found that the agreement between Texas and the US was one that could not be simply dissolved. The only way the relationship could be ended was through a revolution or through an agreed consent of all the states. More details on this story can be found at Buzzfeed.


West Coast USA News

California is undergoing a new movement: the #Calexit movement.


Since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, many Californians are calling for California to secede from the U.S. Secession is not new nor untried in our country, but for solely one state, is to do so realistic or possible?


The California Constitution holds no legal basis for the state to secede from the union.” The U.S. Constitution contains a clause for additional new states the subdivision of existing states requiring Congress to approve it.


Deborah Hoffman, who is the Deputy Press Secretary for Governor Jerry Brown, commented that their offices would not be commenting on California secession at this time. However, there are apparently a number of movements in play, one of which can be researched at, which is petitioning in a campaign for California to leave the union and become an independent territory.


If a citizen’s initiative is a proposed ballot issue in 2018, it would call for a special election for the state to vote for or against secession of California from the United States. This must not be totally surprising, as all three West Coast states voted for Hillary Clinton. Understandably, social media will have many voices commenting on this proposed future action with such contention as, “I no longer will refer to myself as an American, I am a Californian.” #calexit, just one example of the seriousness of the exiting of the union.


There has in the recent past been some discussion of a mindset of Northern California wanting to become separated from Southern California, but no movements have been identified to date. #calexit has come into being based on the surprise and upset of our recent election of Trump as President…it was not expected! Hilary advocates were absolutely positive that she would win, that she had to win, or at least that Trump must not win.


The next few days and months will be interesting for some, fearful for others; rioters are continuing their non-violent, and, unfortunate violent protests; we should only be vigilant, informed, but remain hopeful.