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Reasons Why Businesses are Moving to Portland

The northwest United States, which includes Portland and Seattle, have seen a lot of people move into the area in recent years. Many people have chosen the Pacific Northwest as home due to the temperate weather, liberal government and lifestyle, and a variety of other local amenities. While cities are attractive for residents looking to move into a new place, the area is also popular with businesses looking to move. Portland, in particular, has seen many small and large businesses move into the area in recent years. There are several reasons why this has occurred (


One reason why businesses have moved into Portland is that the State of Oregon has had a very favorable approach when it comes to taxes. Overall, Oregon was ranked as the tenth friendliest state in the country when it comes to promoting business. One of the main benefits is that Oregon does not have a sales tax. This is very beneficial for any retailer as it effectively makes their products cheaper than some surrounding states. Furthermore, if a business does have an operating loss one year, they are able to carry that loss forward on taxes for the next fifteen years.


Another reason why many businesses choose to move to Oregon is that there are a lot of government incentives to encourage hiring. The Oregon Investment Advantage provides a small business with a range of different tax and other advantages if the business is able to hire a certain amount of employees. In many situations, a business can avoid state income tax completely if they are able to hire five or more employees.


Businesses are also moving to Portland to attract more employees. The city is becoming a very popular option for people that are young and just starting their careers. Opening an office in Portland is making it much easier for a business to attract and retain young talent.

Matthew Autterson

One of the most important professional fields in the world today is investment management. Investment management is essentially the active way of managing money. An investment manager will work with clients to develop and oversee a detailed approach to handling finances. This form of investing is often considered a preferred form of investing compared to more passive approaches as it will help to develop a better return while also taking steps to ensure that risk mitigation steps are taken.

When looking for an investment management professional, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is the track record of the professional. You should look for an investment manager that has been in the industry for at least a decade and has shown to have the ability to invest and manage money during any period of the economic cycle. This will help to ensure that they are able to react when the time is necessary to make changes to your portfolio, which ultimately will save you a lot of money over time.

For those that are looking for help with their investments, a great person to work with is Matthew Autterson. Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional that is based out of Denver, CO. Over the course of his lengthy career, Matthew Autterson has helped hundreds of people develop and achieve their financial goals .

Matthew Autterson uses a unique approach to investing, which has shown to help people reach their short and long term objectives. With each client, he spends time understanding what the client’s needs and future goals are. Based on this information, Secker will help to develop a plan and budget to ensure that all of the goals are reached, while also using appropriate risk mitigation techniques to protect your portfolio of investments.


Hope for Aspiring Models- Nine9 Modeling Agency

Nine9 is a modeling agency which its primary mission is to search for talent and make them rise in the modeling and the entertainment industry. Nine9 trust in numbers and they have been working with a strong belief of 99% is greater than 1%. The modeling company was established in 2003 with one mission of offering tools and resources to aspiring models to make it big and become successful in the entertainment sector. Nine9 modeling agency wants to make a difference in the modeling industry where it offers the 99% which most modeling agencies would never offer to aspiring models in the country.

Since the inception of the Nine9 modeling agency, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion. The organization has been working with the latest technology, and their success story is also contributed by their staff who has a vast experience of more than ten years in booking, advising and managing top client relations. Nine9 has been working continuously to ensure their customers gets the required training and are getting castings as well as opportunities at the right time. Nine9 provides satisfying training as well as work opportunity, and some of their clients had this to say and learn more about Nine9.

Vanessa James is grateful for Nine9 and does not regret joining the modeling agency. According to her, the organization has offered, her an opportunity to be in various commercial advertisements as well as music videos including Thornetta Davis music video, Hattie ice cream commercial, as well as an extra in Dream Sequence film and contact nine9.

Barbara S. is more than glad for the opportunities that Nine9 has provided her and the platform to expand her modeling career as she was cast f or a runway show courtesy of Nine9. She is looking forward for more openings and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Another excited model Steve H. said that within few months at Nine9 he was able to get an opportunity to be a co- host of a television show and also featured in a short film. He further said he cannot wait to see what Nine9 has in store for the future and more information click here.

Equities First; Offering Innovative Solutions to Clients

Equities First is an investment company that provides shareholder financing services. The company offers innovative lending options to high-net-worth individuals and businesses. Equities First provide efficient solutions to clients who require the capital in a short time. The enterprise has been in operation for more than ten years. This has helped them to understand the market better and to tailor their products according to the needs of their clients. They have worked with many clients over the years and have been involved in 700 transactions. The firm operates on a deal-by-deal basis. This means that they focus on the needs of each customer and more information click here.


These loans have several benefits. They do not have as many restrictions as loans offered by traditional lenders. The borrower will retain 100% of the value of the stock at maturity even if the stock appreciates. This means that the borrower is protected against all risk in all possible situations. The interest rates on their loans are relatively lower compared to other lenders. Their rates range between 3-4% as compared to the 7% that other lenders impose. Their loan-to-value ratios are also convenient because they range around 75%. This means that the loan will remain valid even if the value of the stock does not go below 75% of the initial value and learn more about Equities First.


The capital that they provide is non-purpose. This means that the borrower does not have to disclose how they intend to use the capital. The client is free to do what they want with the cash without any restrictions from Equities First. Equities First has a response time of 24 hours. It is in line with their mission to offer efficient services. The company will inquire about the customer’s collateral and the funding that they require during the first contact with the client. Equities First will then conduct a valuation to identify the solution that will be most appropriate and come up with a loan-to-value ratio.


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What is Nine9’s Philosophy?

Nine9’s philosophy is based off of the idea that anybody can make it into the entertainment industry. Even if it is simply just a commercial, an extra in a music video, or a one-liner in a film, this company can help you move forward and get that chance to make it big in your own little way. There’s no saying that they can’t help you become the biggest star that you can be, but rest assured, the one thing that separates them from the rest is the fact that Nine9 loves to come up with new ways for anybody to make it in this business. Nine9 wants to help anyone make it in this business, whether they have a huge amount or little bits of experience.

Their main philosophy is based off of the idea that you can make it in any form of any entertainment business. Nine9 brings experts to the forefront of your availability so you can speak to them and ask them anything to help you grow in this field of entertainment. Whether you want to be a singer, actor, dancer, model, or perform generally in any way that you can, this is the way to do it and more information click here.

It all begins when you sign up. Join the site right now, follow through and qualify past their four step process, and if you make it that far, they will show you what to do next so you can move forward so you succeed. Nine9 is a great company that knows what you are capable of as an entertainer. The huge number of talented experts in this company work together so that all the talent in their database all get the different opportunities that fit them. Join their site today, sign up, and get yourself into the entertainment industry starting right now.

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Using Equities as Loan Collateral

Many business owners have decided to liquidate equities in order to raise capital in an emergency. There is no reason to do this; they can use the equities as collateral for a loan instead.

Institutional lenders and banks will lend on Equities First. If you were to visit your bank, you would find that they will lend on up to 40% of the value of the equities — not very much, really. Then, the institutional lender will tell you that they have to check which stocks you own very carefully, since the government prohibits lending on some of them. They will then ask you for a business proposal, detailing exactly how the funds are going to be used. And after all of that, you discover that the interest rate is likely double the rate of the other loans. You find out that the funding will take some time.

Now, what if you had gone to Equities First UK instead?

They lend on equities. You can tell that by the name. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities you have. They are a private company, so they do not answer to the government to see if they can lend against the equities you have. They will not ask for a business proposal detailing the use of the funds. Their interest rate is much, much lower than any bank or conventional lender. Then they will fund your money in far less time than you had thought and more information resume this company.

It would have been far easier to see Equities First UK in the first place.

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Ascendant Capital’s Brilliant Founder: Jeffry Schneider

Founder, Jeffry Schneider, has led his company to be one of the most successful funds managing companies in the country. Jeffry has raised nearly a billion dollars to grow his company. Ascendant now has more than thirty employees running operations. Jeffry’s success comes as no surprise. He spent his entire career working in alternative investments space. Before opening his firm, Jeffry worked for companies like Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. With his experience, it’s expected that his company will continue climbing the industry ranks.

The Austin-based company offers a wide range of services. It specializes in approaching financial structuring in innovative and effective ways. Ascendant’s wide range covers marketing, education, and sales and operational services. Many companies claim that they offer innovative solutions, but Jeffry Schneider’s firm has grown so rapidly that few can dispute their claim. Being a new company, Ascendant Capital usually raises funds for emerging alternative sponsors. They also offer their services to established asset fund sponsors, but sometimes there’s more money to be made from up and coming sponsors. Ascendant works with a team of other professionals to distribute its public and private offerings all over the world.

Jeffry founded Ascendant five years ago. In that short time, he’s built a financial network that rivals Fortune 500 companies. With decades of experience, Jeffry knows what works and how it works. His network is comprised of more than 50 broker-dealers, 250 investment advisors, and numerous family offices. What makes Ascendant so different is its ability to take in several kinds of information and capitalize on it. The company has purchased real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies, and any other kind of business that could bring profits. The rate at which this company is growing has shocked many economists.

It’s predicted that Ascendant will raise about $50 million on every month. Jeffry believes that alternative investments are the best way to respond to the current markets. The old ways of diversifying holdings were making the market too volatile. Alternative investing reduces market volatility while presenting opportunities for greater diversification. Jeffry’s personal experience tells him that the growth his company has experienced will continue in the years to come. Many have allocated their portfolios to alternative investments.

Like many fortunate individuals, Jeffry understands the importance of giving back. He doesn’t claim to be a philanthropist, but he is passionate about helping the less fortunate. He works closely with numerous charitable organizations in the Austin area. It’s where he presently lives and sees a lot of people in need. He hopes his charitable contributions go a long way to helping those in need.


An organization is only as good as its leaders. This is the thought that appears on the mind of anyway who reads about JMH Development. With Jason Halpern as its owner and principal, JMH has risen to become a leading full service real estate development company in the United States with great experience as developer or owner of major properties. It has developed an innovative approach to making both residential and commercial properties high quality, unique and well positioned. This has enabled the company to make great impacts in large markets such as Williamsburg, Miami and Brooklyn.

Jason Halpern

One of the recent projects of the company is the topping off of the Aloft South Beach by reusing the historic Motel Ankara. This project resulted in the first newly constructed hotel in South Beach to have rooms averaging over 360 square feet. The project was completed in 2015. JMH sold this project to Rockpoint Group, a real estate company based in Boston, for $105 million which is nearly $447, 000 per room on 22 September, 2016. It was renamed the Gates Hotel South Beach. This project began as a partnership between JMH and Light Stone Group, a developer in hotel specialty based in New York.

Another project undertaken by the company was the development on 184 Kent which entailed converting a warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. It also added 9 luxury townhouses in the Brooklyn area under the Townhouses of Cobble Hill project. JMH is also developing condominium projects in Miami Beach at 300 Collins Ave., 8995 Collins Ave. and 2901 Indian Greek Dr. Most of its projects are focused on historic preservation and entail adaptive reuse and historic restoration of properties.

The success of JMH development group comes from the great expertise and experience of its professional team. All the members are well-versed with every aspect of the development and construction process. This includes due diligence and strategy, site and building design, construction, branding and even marketing of the properties. The team has a great marketplace knowledge, deep development skills and comprehensive on-site expertise. This great team is led by Jason Halpern.

He was born on 1 January, 1975 and has a great record of restoring historic structures. He took control of JMH, his family business, in 2010. Since then the company has been making great improvements. It has $500 million invested in the New York State projects. It has also received numerous awards for its projects. For example, in 2011, 184 Kent was given the Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive reuse category. Additionally, the Americas Lodging Investment Summit awarded the Aloft Beach project as the Hotel Development of the year in 2016. Jason Halpern also serves as a director at the Parametric Dinning LLC which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Fabletics, the Best Brand for You in This New Century

If you’re looking for the perfect outfit, then look no further than Fabletics. You’re sure to appreciate how perfect their clothing is, and you’ll love that mom and actress Kate Hudson started up Fabletics to make sure that all women get the clothing they need. This brand is marketed on diversity and openness and inclusion of all women. Hudson, though a mom and actress, doesn’t expect all women to be just like her, and the clothing choices here show that.

If you sign up for Fabletics, you can get a new outfit each month, and if you have to cancel by the fifth of the month, that’s okay, too. You will see that Fabletics clothing line offers the best quality and most interesting products for your money. For just $50 a month, you can get the ultimate outfit from Fabletics, the best of style and the best of diversity. All women—all sizes, all careers, all preferences—are welcome at Fabletics.

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When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out a detailed survey with your preferences for what you want to wear, and your tailor-made outfit will arrive from Fabletics each month with that in mind. Which means, basically, that Fabletics keeps you in mind as the ultimate decision maker about what you will end up wearing. You will love the unique, exercise and leisure wear that Fabletics offers. Fabletics is marketed as “athleisure,” which means that it is the best for a variety of activities that you may find yourself participating in.

If you’re not yet sure, take a moment to sign up on, and find out what Kate Hudson and company can do for you. You’ll love that you are ultimately in charge of your own design, and you’ll appreciate the style and comfort that Fabletics brings straight to your door.


Understanding Christanna Bevin

Bevin is a professional project services Manager who has experience and comprehensive background in procurement, project controls, administration, commercial management, and contract. She is energetic, oriented and flexible in her work. Bevin has excellent written and oral communication skills as well as an outstanding stakeholder with engagement and management skills. She has gained respect for her exceptional work ethic and her skills for solving problems. Bevin has an unending passion for working extra hard to exceed corporate, client, and personal objectives.

Bevin currently works as a Project Specialist where she offers consulting services. She has been the Project Manager of Water NSW. Her work includes stakeholder engagement and gap analysis. She has also worked as Project Controls support to the CS Energy of Queensland. This was at the Kogan Creek Power Station. She has been involved in estimate analysis and desktop project review for Greenfields Coal project in Queensland which is a $700M project. Bevin has undertaken Forensic claim review for major redevelopment project with claim evaluation for commercial and time EOT.

Bevin worked as a Project Control Manager at the Phu Bia Mining between May 2014 and August 2015. She worked hard to deliver a set scope of mentoring, training, and capacity development. She successfully managed to transition project service functions for the Lao Capital Projects Team from being a western expert-led team to a team made of Lao national staff and headed by a regional expatriate. Bevin mentored and trained staff in processes and systems of governance compliance while still at Phu Bia Mining. Bevin also contributed to the development and implementation of the process of identification and selection of the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai.

Christanna Bevin offered support and direction for the Brisbane Project Team. The courses included recruitment and development of Brisbane controls team, projects controls system, and the estimation of Capex and sustaining capital. Bevin has made strong relationships with many different business stakeholders In his career. They range from operational to Executive Senior Management areas. Bevin also worked at the Universal Energy Services from May 2011 to May 2014. She worked in Australia and overseas. Bevin provided onsite and consulting services to several clients in the power generation, oil, gas, and resources sectors at the Universal Energy Services. She reviewed and updated implementation study to include updates in design and process flow.

Bevin has a page on Facebook where her followers can check her updates and connect with her. Her hard work and honesty in her career have made her earn respect all over the world. Bevin has left a good reputation in the many companies and institutions where she has worked. She also managed to change and implement strategic plans that have led to the betterment of the companies. Communities in the places where she worked have greatly benefited from her since the decisions she made impacted them all. The one thing we learn from Bevin is that one has to put extra effort combined with passion and Honesty for them to succeed in any field.