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Why Dallas Based Highland Capital Remains A Global Leader Under James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based SEC-registered investment advisor. The firm boasts a vast investment portfolio, with an approximated $18 billion in assets under their management. The firm is a global leader and is home to some of the most experienced alternative credit managers in the world. Among the specialties of the company are credit strategies that include long-only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and distressed and special situations private equity.

Highland Capital Management is also involved in alternative investments. These include long/short equities, natural resources, and emerging markets. The firm also boasts a diversified client base. The clients served include corporations, foundations, public pension plans, governments, endowments, fund of funds, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals. Apart from their Dallas office, the firm also has offices in various cities that include Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo and Seoul.

The firm’s philosophy is based on three key principles: experience, discipline, and boldness. The firm has been in operation since being founded in 1993, giving it a wealth of experience in the industry. The firm also has the most experienced alternative credit managers as tested by various credit cycles. The firm is also the pioneer and the largest manager of Collateralized Loan Obligation.

When it comes to investment, Highland Capital Management uses the approach of producing consistent and above average returns. They do this by taking advantage of time-tested principles of investing. The firm also maintains discipline when it comes to capital preservation, all this while targeting an appropriate risk/return balance. The firm lays its focus on strategies and asset classes in which they can add real value to the client/investor by providing unique skills to the investment process or providing unique access to a specific asset class.

James Dondero is the man at the helm of this successful firm. Jim, together with Mark Okada, founded the firm in 1993. James is an industry leader, with an experience that spans over three decades in the credit and equity markets. Dondero is a seasoned leader, this being evidenced by his role as the chairman in various firms that include CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank.

Dondero’s journey began back in 1984 when he graduated from the University of Virginia with his Accounts and Finance Degree. He then proceeded to become an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He later worked for various firms that include American Express and Protective Life.

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John Goullet, Entrepreneur and Principal Executive of Diversant

Diversant, LLC offers IT staffing services and also hands down information technology solutions to mid-market, as well as Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Founded in 2005, Diversant, LLC is headquarted in Red Bank, New Jersey and has offices located in San Francisco, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Pheonix, Arizona, NewYork, New York, Des Moines, Iowa, Charlotte, North Carolina, Media, Pennsylvania and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Diversant assists with several staffing services, such as IT staff augmentation, direct, contingent and temporary hire solutions for a wide variety of user experience design services, contract and permanent positions and diversity initiatives. Diversant, LLC offers their services to several industries including information technology, healthcare, banking, financial services, government and public services, energy, insurance and reinsurance, telecommunication, manufacturing, retail and pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

John Goullet is Principal Executive of Diversant, LLC. John started his successful career employed as an IT consultant, and in 1994, John Goullet began working in IT staffing. John Goullet founded his own company called Info Technologies, which is an IT staffing firm that helps offer solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Five years later, Info Technologies, generating revenue in excess of $30 million, earned a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately owned companies in the United States.

John Goullet has quite an impressive resume. Goullet graduated from Ursinus College and, early on, John Goullet landed a job at Computer Sciences Corporation in Lyndhurst, New Jersey in 1981, and continued his career there until 1983. From there he joined Constell Group in Piscataway, New Jersey in 1983 and stayed there until 1986. From 1986 to 1987, John Goullet served a stint at 3d Information Services in Bridgewater, New Jersey. He landed a position at Tsr Consultants in Island, New Jersey in 1987 and worked for them until 1990.

Solo Shah Recap

Five years and Solo Capital Markets is still recording superb results Solo capital markets is a leading international boutique financial services with its headquarter in London, thus, authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom. The firm specialties include proprietary trading, professional sports investment, and consulting. By the end of 2015 fiscal year, Solo capital partners had a net worth of about £15.45 million, assets amounting to £67.45 million under it management, and a cash flow of approximately £30.26 million.
Sanjay Shah is the founder and chief executive officer of Solo Capital Partners. Shah also owns other companies across London, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Cayman Islands. According to The Sunday Times, in the financial year ending March 31, 2011, prior to incorporation of Solo Capital, Shah earned £19 million. In 2014, he took over Old Park Lane Capital an institution that focuses on natural resources. Five years, the British billionaire has offices in Dubai and London and considers himself retired with a net worth of about US$280 million. He stated that it got to a point where Solo Capital was doing well, and he did not need to spend all of his time focusing on the firm. Thus, he decided to take a step back, and he now concentrates on his philanthropic work.
According to an interview with Global Citizen Magazine, Shah studied medicine, before starting out in financial and investment industry. He later decided to become an accountant and worked for various investment banks that include Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Merril Lynch. A Due to financial crises of 2008, Shah was made a redundant, and without promising prospect for a new job, he rented a room in London, which became his office. He started his brokerage services, and that was the beginning of solo capital.
Shah is also the founder of Autism Rock, a charitable organization that promotes autism awareness and raising money for research through concerts. The organization was formed after his son was found out to be having the autism. The organization activities have spread too many countries. The first Autism Rock concert was held in 2014, since then other concerts have been held featuring celebrities such Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè, Snoop Dogg and other renown DJs.

James Dondero: Someone You Can Trust

What makes James Dondero stand out from everyone else is his experience. He has plenty of it, over thirty years of it, as a matter of fact in the credit and equity markets. He’s also the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Needless to say, he is a self-made man and someone that has worked for everything in his career and life. Nothing has been handed to him and nothing has been easy. Quite frankly, that is the way he likes it. It means more when you put the time, effort, and hard-work into it. When you get to see the benefits of it, you feel as though you have really accomplished something and have something to be proud of when it’s all said and done.

The company has been around since 1993 and they have been a trendsetter in the world of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. They work with retail investors and help them come up with solutions. They understand it is a collaborative process and like to work hand-in-hand with their customers to make sure everyone is happy. After all, isn’t that what it is all about? It is key to make everyone happy and and have repeat customers. You don’t want to leave someone with a bad taste in their mouths or have them feeling like they were cheated out of something. Good customer service goes a long way.

I used the word trust in my title and that is because James is someone you can trust. As the expression goes, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. James Dondero earns your trust, but more importantly, he keeps it. He’s not just going to tell you what you want to hear. He’s going to give it to you straight and he’s going to keep his word. His word and his character mean everything to him.

Highland Capital Management, located in Dallas, Texas, is an investment advisor. They help to make sure you are on the right path and your future is secure not only for yourself, but for your children and their grandchildren. Along with their affiliates, they have about 18 billion in management. Not only do actions speak volume, but so do numbers. That number shows you the kind of company you are working with, and what they are all about and what they stand for and the kind of results they can produce.

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What Thor Halvorssen Thinks of Socialism And The Election

Prior to the 2016 election cycle, most people had never heard of democratic socialism. People do not know the points and the counterpoints. That ignorance may be why it can be used as, in Thor Halvorssen’s words, a mask. The proponent of socialism essentially tells the people what they want to hear without explaining the history or how it has been abused throughout the years. Halvorrsen has a first hand perspective on the abuse of socialism, which he outlines in the linked interview.


The Impact

It can be difficult to explain the potential of a movement or a policy. It is often just speculation. However, socialism has a long history and has been practiced several times in several nations. While Halvorssen recognizes that it has worked in some nations, he also believes that it has had a very negative impact. This is not just his speculation. His mother was executed and his father was detained as a political prisoner. Today, his cousin is currently imprisoned in Venezuela. His personal history has uniquely prepared him to have insight on the topic of socialism.



When the government controls trade and prices, grocery stores often cannot afford to pay vendors, and there are what Halvorssen called “massive shortages.” If the government decides that everything is going to be cheaper, the people will be able to afford it for a few moments. That will last until the grocery store cannot afford to purchase any more goods.


Redistribution of Wealth

The most compelling selling point of the Bernie Sanders campaign is his ability to appeal to the masses. He knows that there is a lot of poverty. A lot of people are struggling. But there are also rich people. So, Sanders points out that one could just take the money from the rich people and distribute it among the poor. Halvorssen argued that this would not work.


He Supports Bernie

He said that he made the maximum allowable donation to the Sanders campaign. He will accept democratic socialism before he accepts any of the other candidates.


Why Thor Halvorssen Dislikes Socialism

Everybody recognizes that the 2016 Presidential Election cycle is probably one of the most intense in recent years. Issues such as socialism are coming into the political spotlight. With Bernie Sanders running for President, they hear from a man who espouses what he refers to as democratic socialism. In this interview, Thor Halvorssen offers unique insight into this form of government.


His Experience

Often, criticisms of socialism are read out of a textbook. They are philosophical objections. They outline what might happen and speculate about the possible circumstances that might arise in response to a socialistic government. But Halvorssen has actual experience with socialism. He testified that his mother was murdered by a government that abused the socialistic system. His father was a political prisoner and his cousin is presently a political prisoner. The Halvorssen family has a perspective on socialism that qualifies him to speak about the possible consequences.


Redistribution of Wealth

Something that people find appealing about the Bernie Sanders campaign is that he speaks to the needs of the people. They live in poverty, struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck. However, argues Sanders, they are in this position because rich people have taken advantage of them. Now, the poor people in this country will receive a portion of their income. Halvorssen argued that redistribution of wealth does not work. As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”


He Supports Sanders

Despite his misgivings about socialism, he still thinks that Bernie Sanders is the most qualified presidential candidate who is currently in the race. He strongly objects to Donald Trump on the basis of his apparent hospitality toward Putin. Similarly, he objected to voting for Hillary Clinton, because she received campaign donations from nations who he regards as morally reprehensible. Halvorssen ( is so passionately opposed to the other candidates that he made the maximum allowable donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that a President who espouses socialism would be less damaging than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.


Legal News Can Have Positive Results

A fuss is brewing after the U.S. Justice Department said it would keep fighting to force Apple Inc to open an iPhone in a New York drug case. If the government gets its way, Apple and other tech companies must help police, and other agencies continue its controversial effort to require Apple and other tech companies to help law enforcement authorities sidestep encryption.

Jun Feng recently pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamines. Department of Justice lawyers say Apple won’t cooperate. Jun Feng’s iPhone authorities believe hold the key to details from co-conspirators’ correspondence in the methamphetamine drug trade in New York and other locations. Feng’s phone is the iPhone 5S which runs on Apple’s iOS 7. It’s not the same system as the recent iPhone controversial case in San Bernardino, California. FBI authorities will not reveal whether their methods which worked in the San Bernardino case will work in this New York case.

Lawyer’s skills empower and prepare them for more than courtroom or legal disputes. Sam Tabar is a skilled professional in many areas and he illustrates the proven skills lawyers have to help in multiple, diverse industries. He is a trained lawyer groomed at the prestigious Oxford and Columbia Universities. Mr. Tabar’s experience as a strategist with PMA Investment Advisors LTD is admired. This position in Hong Kong saw him initiate the Asset Raising Team, which included initiating cost-effective asset strategies which were profitable. The company prospered from his talents and wise decision-making. Next, Sam Tabar served as Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc,. He specifically helped capital-raising for its hedge fund clients. He accomplished this while working as an Associate attorney for Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP.

Right now Mr. Tabar is using his artistry of accomplishments as a capitalist strategist with hedge funds. His shrewd negotiation skills and purposeful planning has led this group to invest in THINX. THINX is a startup which produces fashionable women’s underwear in the United States. As the profits roll in, he donates money to women in Africa. For example, THINX recently provided reusable pads to women and young girls in Uganda.  This also inspired Sam to create his own personal GoFundMe to go above and beyond for children in Africa.

Lawyers preserve other’s rights in several ways. Mr. Tabar is a resourceful lawyer, accomplished business person and now a generous philanthropist. It proves that success comes in a multitude of ways. The key to success no matter what avenue is dedication with plenty of heart.  Visit for more background on Sam and his career to this point.

The Rising Prestige of iFunding

The iFunding CrunchBase shows that William Skelley attended booth Harvard Business School and Hobart College before beginning his illustrious professional career. During the next few years he worked at several different investment companies and advised for several start-ups. He also served as a principal of the hedge fund, Rose Park Advisors. He ran a boutique investment bank which underwrote $2 billion worth of transactions. He founded and is the CEO of Ifunding, and was recently made a member of the “The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.” Michael Stoler, Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital, began this new organization and planned an annual dinner of the members. The first of these dinners was held on January 27, 2016. Stoler is absolutely dedicated to the development and growth of the New York real estate industry. He even hosts his own show about real estate and business called “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report” which has been airing for 15 seasons. The new real estate organization, however, does not limit its scope to New York real estate movers and shakers. It includes individuals from some of the leading real estate firms in the world such as Kushner Companies, Merrill Lynch, and Kushner Companies.

Only the most respected next generation real estate leaders are invited to join. Skelley was invited to be a member in partly in honor of his pioneering of real estate crowdfunding but primarily for founding iFunding, one of the most respected pioneers online real estate alternative platforms of today. Stoler has also extended an invitation for Skelley to appear on his TV show. On the episode on which he will appear, iFunding founder Skelley will be part of a panel of other real estate experts. They will discuss the evolution of the commercial real estate market.

IFunding helps real estate investors by loaning at least $5,000 for projects it deems appropriate and needed. It also helps with raising finances for large, multi-project works. They will work with and advise these investors all along the course of the project or projects. The company is available for contact on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you or a friend is interested in funding for a desired worthy real estate project, contact them right away.

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Is A Top San Diego Restaurant

Brian Bonar is a person who works very hard at his many endeavors. One of his recent success stories is Bellamy’s, a restaurant in the southern California city of Escondido. San Diego Magazine recently did a feature on Bellamy’s. The article not only highlighted the restaurant, but the impact the eatery has on the local community. Bellamy’s fits right in with the style and culture of the city. This is one of many reasons why the venture draws in so many customers.
Bellamy’s was once a different restaurant under different ownership until Bonar took it over and oversaw the transformation to Bellamy’s. The trendy nature of the restaurant was not lost on the people in the San Diego county region. San Diego Magazine definitely noticed, which is why such a flattering portrait appeared.

Per the article, Bonar is building a restaurant empire of sorts. Bellamy’s remains a very significant part of this developing empire. The quality of the food combined with the ambiance adds to its success potential.

The description of the food truly makes anyone reading the review want to rush to Bellamy’s and get a table. Beet salad and mushroom-filled ravioli are truly special items. At Bellamy’s, they are a perfect example of the many unique and special foods sold on the premises.

Since the restaurant is a project of Brian Bonar, the establishment benefits from the guidance of a successful entrepreneur. Bonar has a great deal of experience running Trucept, Inc. Bonar brings a lot of enthusiasm to his endeavors. The enthusiasm should help Bellamy’s continue to make a splash in the San Diego region.

The review basically sums all that one needs to know about Bellamy’s by pointing out the food is great and the service is awesome. Bellamy’s does deliver what people want the most in a fine establishment. For many, the venue exceeds expectations.

Talk Fusion Take Advantage of the Changing Mobile World

Talk Fusion is one of the companies that are capitalizing off of the changing world of technology. The company has released apps for both iOS and Android devices so users can take advantage of the features offered by the company. Among the features offered by Talk Fusion are video communication. One thing that people are starting to realize is that video has become an ever-growing part of the online experience. When the Internet was released, there were hardly any images. When video started being showed on the Internet, the quality was very low and the motion was choppy. Now, the Internet is very capable of displaying high definition images. On top of that these are images of people on the other side of the communication line.

Bob Reina is one of the people that were involved in the development of such advancements. He is the brains behind the cutting-edge video technology that is offered by Talk Fusion. He has started off Talk Fusion with Video Email. Such an invention is what amazed people and helped get Talk Fusion off the ground. One important feature is Talk Fusion CONNECT which has tons of features like live video chat, video newsletters, marketing, reporting and analytics.

Bob Reina is also involved in animal and community causes. He does more than just run business. He makes sure that animals are taken care of in his community. Among the things he has done was rush to save an owl that crashed into the window of his window. He got professionals to the scene in order to rescue the bird. Bob makes sure that any animal that needs help is taken care of.

Investment Banking Strategy with Martin Lustgarten

While the current economic model has been somewhat simple for some, the truth of the matter is that many individuals still don’t understand just how to invest. The idea of why and the concept of investing isn’t a mystery so much as the who, what, when, where and how is difficult to comprehend. The good news, however, is that with the top investment bankers like Martin Lustgarten in the market today people can get all of the individualized and specific help that they need without having to worry about getting lost in the shuffle.

Investment banks by themselves truly are magnificent. People are able to put their earnings away and generate significant amounts of wealth thanks to the investment prowess of all of the investment bankers in the field. As time continues to move forward the best investment banks have almost become household names, and even the ones that you have probably never heard of are still sitting on and generating massive amounts of wealth.

The best reason that individuals would be able to answer any and all of those questions is that if they work with someone who truly understands people as well as they understand the markets. One such individual happens to be Martin Lustgarten and he is helping to transform the way that the common investor sees investment banking as an industry and as a healthy part of society as well.

Martin Lustgarten is not just one of the individuals who has helped to inspire others to have confidence in turbulent times, but he has established an entire culture where individuals continue to work towards helping the individual investor rather than just pursuing profits. Obviously his work and the work of his people has continued to produce financially successful results, but at the same time they take more pride in the fact that they are changing lives for the better and not just creating significant amounts of wealth.

When you think about the current financial landscape, it only makes sense that so many investors are turning to Martin Lustgarten and the investment banking strategy to secure their financial freedom in the currently chaotic times. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with news and other information.