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Bruce Levenson: From The Business World To The Sports World

The fields of sports and media have always been the most popular career choice, and people have always wanted to be part of a field that would allow them to communicate with each other. Those who want to be involved in the publishing and sports world must be prepared to dedicate themselves completely to their work, sacrifice many things and be open to many different opinions. One of the people who have managed to accomplish all this is Bruce Levenson.
Who Is Bruce Levenson?
As a skilled and talented leader in the world of sports and media, Mr. Levenson has shown that it is not impossible to succeed in different career fields. He always knew that he would make an impact, but he didn’t know that his impact would be visible in many different fields. From cooking and journalism to consulting and sports, Bruce Levenson does not waste time at all. As a journalist, philanthropist, and the former owner of Atlanta Spirit, Bruce Levenson has a lot to talk about when it comes to business. His first steps into the business world began at the United Communications Group (UCG). His skills and professionalism turned this company into one of the first business companies to deliver its content online. The company now has 45 million customers and is regarded as one of the most desirable places for working in Washington. With the Atlanta Hawks formation, Mr. Levenson has been able to live many people’s dream of owning an NBA team. However, he has recently sold this team, thus at the same time profiting in some other ways.
Bruce Levenson on Selling Atlanta Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks was founded in 1946, and now the team represents a part of the National Basketball Association. However, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson decided to sell the team to a billionaire Tony Ressler, who proposed his bid of 730 million dollars. Mr. Ressler is now expected to make sure that the team moves to even higher level since its success with Mr. Levenson is unquestionable.
Before Tony Ressler, some other groups were interested in the Atlanta Hawks. One group was led by Steve Kaplan, together with Erick Thohir and Jason Levien, a former CEO of the Grizzlies. Before that, there were plans to sell the Atlanta Hawks to Philips Arena. Some experts even said that the team would be sold for $1 billion, but Andrew Zimbalist, a sports economist, proposed a price that would range from $700 million to $760 million. Steve Koonin, the team’s CEO, will also be part of the team’s future plans. The deal includes Philips Arena as well. All in all, Mr. Levenson has made a big profit from this sale.
To conclude, although the Atlanta Hawks was sold, Mr. Bruce’s love for sports will never diminish, and his fans will have the opportunity to still see him on the TV participating in many different games and other fields as well.