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Adam Milstein: the Israeli-American who defends his Jewish roots

Early life and education

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American, was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. After his service, which was mandatory, in the Israeli Army, Adam enrolled in Israeli Institute of Technology to undertake a Bachelor of Science degree. He majored in business in economics and graduated Cum Laude in 1978. While pursuing his higher education, Adam helped his father to develop their business in real estate development and construction. He moved his family to the United States in 1981 and 1983, Milstein graduated from the University of Southern California with an MBA. He then began working as a sales agent in commercial real estate

Adam as an author on JNS

Adam Milstein is an author on Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). In his recent article, Adam writes about how radical Muslims are posing risks and becoming threats to the society. In his opinion, the radical Muslims are destroying and delegitimising the homeland of the Jews, Israel. According to Adam, anti-Semitism is a pertinent issue affecting global politics, and the fact that it is growing is already causing a threat. Radical Muslims in Adam’s view cling to fundamental Muslim beliefs that promote anti-Semitism which lacks the support of American values. They are destroying the Western value culture. Adam is of the idea that North America is portraying signs of collaborating with Europe to address the increase in anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein adds that mainstreaming anti-Semitic leftism, particularly in college campuses, will threaten life in America and the future of Jews around the world.

Adam Milstein, the philanthropist

Adam is not only a real estate developer, but he is also a philanthropist. Milstein and Gila, his wife, founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. The foundation sponsors the education of young professionals and students to enable them to identify with their Jewish heritage and give them facts to advocate for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Adam co-founded Israeli-American Council where he became its Chairman in 2015. In 2016, the Jerusalem Post listed Adam among the 50 most influential Jews worldwide.

Great Accomplishments of Louis Chenevert in Aerospace Industry

Many people have heard everything good about United Technologies Corporation. What some people don’t know is that the reputation and greatness of UTC would not be without the exceptional leadership Louis Chenevert showed. Every great thing you see has a strong leader behind it. UTC assembles advanced jet engines using the modern technology. Among the few global companies that assemble jet engines, UTC is the leading firm. Louis helped the company to assemble the most powerful jet engines for commercial and military use. If Louis didn’t decide to stay at the top of his game, UTC would not have attained such a big name.

Through his experience and aptitude, UTC has discovered some of the business dynamics and secrets other companies have failed to realize. The kind of innovation Louis Chenevert has brought to UTC is of the highest grade. Louis is not only an astute businessman and leader but also the top conglomerate head. Louis Chenevert is a man who has invested in many innovative projects, and this has been his greatest source of inspiration. Louis believes real business is when money is working for you and not when you are working for money. He has made many ventures to meet most of the market demands.

One of his memorable ventures is the invention of GTF engine. The $10 billion project had a span of about 20 years. Although this was a risky project, Louis Chenevert knew it would pay off handsomely. Louis had designed an engine that was more effective and efficient than the engines that existed then. The engine Louis designed minimized noise pollution by a significant margin, and it made emissions fewer by about 50 percent. Louis’ company in Connecticut focuses mainly on Security trade, Climate, and Controls. The innovative technology Louis has introduced enhanced refrigeration, fire detection, heating devices, and air conditioning.

The Sikorsky unit at UTC has manufactured more helicopters in the United States since the invention of the GTF engine. Through the UTC’s Aerospace Systems Unit, Louis has established several plants that produce machine parts like aerostructures, sensors, and brakes. United Technologies Corporation has attained substantial footing through the leadership skills Louis Chenevert has attained within the six years he has been in the industry.

The Success Of Michael Burwell


Mike Burwell is among the few individuals who have a wealth of experience in business consultancy. Before joining Willis Towers Watson, Mike Burwell spent more than 30 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PWC). During his tenure at the Pwc, he spent 11 years in the assurance practice offering services of business advisory to a wide range of customers. His experience in offering business consultancy he has gained him a good reputation superseding majority in the field. In 1997, he was elected to become a partner and later moved into PwCs Detroit transaction business. The success of Michael Burwell in Detroit saw him asked to take over leadership at PwCs Central U.S. transactional business.


Mike Burwell has experienced tremendous growth in his career to become one of the leading consultants. For instance, in 2009 he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and Finance Officer across the PwCs in the United States. His star continued to shine, and in the year 2012, he becomes the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformational where he took part in building and expanding PwCs shared internal services. He is an alumnus of Michigan State University and the year 2010 he was recognized as the Alumnus of the year due to his contribution in offering service delivery. He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a certified public accountant from Michigan State University. Mike is a morning person since his day begins at 5 am making it possible for him to organize the day’s activities. He is a firm believer in nurturing ideas from the organization level. For instance, he believes that the next Uber and Airbnb idea exists in the organization and all that is required is supporting them. However, for the new great ideas to come to life the secret weapon is the digital ninjas according to Mike. Read This Article for more information.

One of the aspects that Mike Burwell differs from other individuals is the growth of micro-communities that will be aided by the technology. Through the incorporation of the technology and the individuals of like-minded the micro-communities is the space to watch. In the course of the career progression, it is essential to be a good listener as well as build your network. Currently, he is working for Willis Towers Watson that is the leading global advisory, solutions, and broking enabling the customers to change risk into the path for growth. Willis Towers Watson has more than 40000 employees serving in over 140 countries.




Reasons behind Michael Burwell’s Appointment As The New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

World-renowned insurance, reinsurance, and brokerage company Willis Towers Watson is saying goodbye to its longtime serving chief financial officer, Roger Millay, and welcoming Michael Burwell to replace him. The firm’s Chief Executive Officer, John Hailey himself welcomed Michael to the executive team during a recent company briefing.


John Hailey is confident that the corporate will significantly benefit from Michael’s expertise and experience especially during such a period when the company is implementing significant changes. He praised Michael for his reputation as a man who commits fully to his clients especially when handling complicated transactions. Michael Burwell joins Willis Towers Watson at a time when they truly need him; his experience in the financial sector will lead the firm to greater heights.


Michael Burwell has been in the financial industry for several years and has been privileged to work in one of the world’s most reputable provider of tax, audit, advisory, and assurance services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC (PwC). He was a member of the company for over three decades and during that time; Michael served in several executive positions. For over a decade, Burwell worked in the assurance department where his primary task was to offer advice to entrepreneurs. After serving the division diligently, he became a partner and relocated to the Detroit office to work on the transaction business. Read This Article for more information.


Michael Burwell continued with his great work, and after registering high numbers at the Detroit office, he moved again and took charge of PwC’s transaction business in the Central United States. As fate would have it, Michael Burwell was promoted to become the chief financial officer and operating officer of all PwC’s companies in America in 2009. He was also the vice chair of the global and transformation committee. Apart from being a certified accountant, Michael holds a degree in business administration from the Michigan State University.


Michael Burwell period at Pricewaterhouse Coopers has come to an end, but he will forever cherish those times, he leaves the firm with a great deal of expertise and experience. Willis Towers Watson, a firm that is accustomed to succeeding, will benefit a lot from him. The conglomerate operates in over 140 countries around the world with a workforce of 40,000 employees.


Willis Towers Watson is also involved in various initiatives that bring positive change to the lives of people and communities around it. Willis Towers Watson runs a program that supports charity organizations that are involved in health, inclusion, post-secondary education, health, and disaster relief.



Luiz Trabuco Cappi Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills at Banco Bradesco

With time, the leadership within an organization is always reshuffled due to various reasons. Of recent, Luiz Trabuco Cappi was serving as the president, but Octavio de Lazari succeeded him. For Luiz Trabuco Cappi, he had the privilege of holding two positions at the same time. With that said, we can see that his term as the president of the bank was somewhat an interim task.


Background Data


Octavio de Lazari has been working at Banco Bradesco since he was 15 years old. Initially, he had the dream of becoming a football player, but he decided to forfeit his dream so that he could be of service at Banco Bradesco. By improving his skills as a banker and also expounding on his education, Octavio de Lazari was able to emerge as a perfect fit that would make him a viable candidate for the position of becoming the president of Banco Bradesco.


As for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he has been able to pave the way for Octavio de Lazari. Since he served as the chief executive officer of the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been able to showcase exemplary leadership skills. With that said, we can say that Luiz Trabuco Cappi has acted as a role model to many individuals in the banking sector. Although Octavio de Lazari has also shown the capabilities of a good leader, Luiz Trabuco Cappi also states that Octavio de Lazari has to put in more effort.


Additional Information


The leadership of Banco Bradesco has been undergoing immense changes since Lazaro de Mello Brandao who served as the chairman of the board of directors decided to retire after working at the bank for so long. After his retirement, Luiz Trabuco Cappi served as the interim president. With time, the bank decided to choose a viable candidate to occupy the vacancy that arose from the retirement of Mr. Brandao. Octavio de Lazari was the candidate of choice.


After the appointment of Octavio de Lazari as the new president, he promised to emulate the leaders who came before him, namely; Mr. Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Moreover, since his predecessors showcased exemplary leadership skills, it is now upon Octavio de Lazari to ensure that he has upheld the legacy of good leadership within the bank.


Luiz Trabuco Cappi gives insights on pension reforms


As an executive leader at Banco Bradesco, Luiz Trabuco Cappi decided to provide insights on pension reforms. According to his perspective, implementation of public reforms is advisable in order to cut on the rate of government spending as in the case of public utilities. By implementing the public reforms agendas, the country’s financial condition will not deteriorate.


Nevertheless, the insights given by Luiz CarlosTrabuco Cappi are geared towards the betterment of the nation’s financial situation since the working capital of the country has not grown over the past two years.




Banco Bradesco has been among the leading banks in Brazil. As a result, the bank has been able to maintain its position at the top. By ushering in a new leader at Banco Bradesco, the streak of exemplary leadership is set to go on as usual. With that said, we can also see that the work history and qualifications of Octavio de Lazari display him as the best fit for the bank’s presidential position. Read This Article for more information.


Octavio de Lazari has been able to climb up the ladder of success, and he has been able to grasp the various concepts that make up a good leader by serving as a leader in multiple departments within the bank over the years.


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Matthew Autterson Philanthropy And Career

Matthew Autterson is a professional who has done a lot in the American society. The businessman knows when to take on a new opportunity and how to avoid losses in a new business. Autterson has been able to make so much money in the past, and he has been using this money to help people who are needy in the international community. Matthew Autterson’s kindness and generosity are some of the things that have made him earn the respect of many people in the world. Matthew Autterson did not start enjoying this success just the other day. According to the people who have interacted with the businessman since childhood, Matthew has been a bright personality even when he was very young. His success when he was a very little boy has played a leading role in the kind of career life he leads at the moment.


Autterson was born by American parent’s decades ago. This family knew that without education, it was impossible to navigate the American market and make a successful career. Matthew Autterson was taken to leading schools that are based in the country. His performance, even in the tough subjects was excellent, and this is why Matthew was able to secure a position in a university that is known as Michigan State University. This has always been considered to be among the best schools in the United States, and it has produced some of the best professionals that are working in the country. Getting admission in this school was an added advantage to the career of Autterson.


At the Michigan State University, the bright young man decided to pursue a career in finance. The businessman wanted to excel in this area, having observed that there were few honest people serving in the complicated department. Matthew Autterson did well in his studies, and he graduated with honors. The businessman decided to make his career better by undertaking a course in tax program. By the time he was done with this complex course, the businessman was getting so many offers in big corporations because he was highly qualified for the positions available in the market. Despite the challenges people have to face when working in the American market,


Matthew Autterson has shown high levels of competence, and he has led a great career life. The businessman has invested so many resources in making the lives of other people better. Autterson has been given several awards too.


During his immaculate career he would contribute to various charities and support Webb-Waring,  Denver Zoo and Zoological Foundation, but Matthew always wanted to do more.


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Shervin Pishevar Identifies Problems on Twitter

Shervin Pishevar, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Sherpa Capital, took to Twitter in February with a variety of concerns. Tens of thousands of followers were shocked because he had been radio silence for months prior. Then, Shervin decided to send out 50 tweets over the next 24 hours.

The Concerns

Shervin Pishevar wanted to voice the concerns he has about the US economy, cryptocurrency, and even the monopolies that might be taking over the world.

It all started with a tweet that said he wanted to make some predictions, which included a considerable drop in aggregate points in the stock market.

He also decided to identify five monopolies that have entirely too much power: Amazon, Alphabet (the parent company for Google), Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. Shervin Pishevar said that if they aren’t taken down, it may be years before another startup is able to gain any real traction. Much of this has to do with the fact that so many startups are being bought by the monopolies before they have a chance to provide any real competition.

What We Can Do About the Problems

Some of the problems aren’t ones that anyone can act on. For example, the concern about cryptocurrency is more of a “wait and see” than anything else. Although Shervin Pishevar sees it dropping, he also sees it going back up and then stabilizing.

Many people are more worried about the economy because his prediction about it dropping has already led to market instability. 2018 gains are gone and 2017 losses are slipping away quickly.

All of the tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent were numbered, making it easy for people to follow along with his train of thought. Reading his tweets can help to understand more about what’s going on in the economy as well as help with any investments that are in place.

Thoughts Of Michael Burwell On Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Lack of adequate financial advice has cost many companies and institutions their desired results. If any company is to do well in today’s economy, it must have a competent financial advisor on board to give financial directions and strategic guidance. This is one of the strategies that Willis Tower Watson has discovered and implemented. The company has hired Michael Burwell as its Chief Financial Officer. Willis Towers is a consulting and advisory firm that has helped many entrepreneurs approach the business world with the right attitude. Burwell took over the position after Roger Millary retired from the company towards the end of 2017. He was the former Chief Financial Officer for the company.


Burwell has been in financial institutions for about 31 years now. Throughout this period, Burwell was working at PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers). The special set of skills he has is from his education background, industry experience and his services as a CPA. The Willis Tower hopes for a bright future under Burwell’s leadership. The company will expand its services and business sphere through the financial ideas Burwell has brought into the company. Prior to joining the workforce, Burwell first completed his education at Michigan State University. At PwC, Burwell offered business advisory services for about 11 years before he was made firm’s partner.


Before he came to PwC, the company had no other Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer. He was the first one in this firm to occupy these positions. After performing his roles in these positions for a while, Burwell became the Vice Chairman of the U.S and Global Transformation. It was one of the strongest international positions he held in his career. Michael Burwell was able to use his influence to provide the pre-merger valuation PwC needed and he also expanded its internal services. Different PwC clients benefited from the incredible advice and analysis Burwell gave.


Asked how he came up with the business idea, Burwell said he first saw it in his mind before he implemented it. He says that confidence in your set of skills and abilities is the most important thing in any business endeavor. He says anyone dreaming to become an esteemed business person should relentlessly pursue their goals and maintaining positivity. Michael Burwell says that people who succeed a lot in whatever they do are those who positively accept failure to some degree. He also says every business person has some doubts moments, but they must overcome them to get to the next higher level.


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Stream Energy helps build stronger communities across Dallas area

Stream Energy is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most important alternative energy firms operating in the Southwestern United States today. The company has been in existence for nearly 15 years. But it has only been recently that Stream Energy has begun receiving the attention it deserves for its revolutionary role in the promotion of green energy sources as a commercially viable means of energy provision.

As one of the first energy companies working on a multi-level-marketing paradigm, Stream Energy has been a surprise success. The highly flexible model that it offers consumers has proven to be an enormously successful means of supplying energy. Stream Energy gives customers, who may not have otherwise had the opportunity, the chance to obtain 100 percent of their energy from clean sources. The ability to allow customers in rural and other out-of-the-way areas to go with wind and solar-derived energy plans has been a strong selling point for the company, which often dumbfounds customers when it informs them that they can help save the planet while their air conditioner saves them from heat stroke.

But the company is making even bigger waves around its hometown of Dallas, Texas. It is there that Stream Energy has become one of the city’s most important drivers of charity and philanthropic giving. Stream first came on most Texas residents’ radar during the unfolding of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The company was able to immediately donate tens of thousands of dollars to its neighbors in need in the Houston area. The company also sent an army of its own employees to the area to help in the rescue, cleanup and rebuilding efforts. When all was said and done, Stream employees had collectively donated thousands of hours of their personal time helping to rebuild the communities of their neighbors.

Stream has also been an active participant in local children’s charities. One of the most heartwarming stories is the company’s underwriting of local trips for homeless kids to zoos, waterparks and other entertainment venues. For many of these children, the Stream-sponsored junkets are the first time they have ever been able to enjoy an afternoon of carefree fun. These are just a few of the examples of Stream’s magnanimity.

Adam Milstein Is Raising His Voice To The Israeli-American Council

The Israeli-American Council is an organization made up of Jewish-Americans, Jews, and Americans who want to keep a constant peace between Israel, America, and the rest of the world. One of the leading members of the Israeli-American Council is Adam Milstein. Adam is an advocate for the United States helping Israel to defend itself against radical Muslims.

In addition to serving on the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein is also a writer for the Jewish News Syndicate, which is an online news platform that goes out to millions of people on a weekly basis. In his recently published article, Adam described the terror Israelis are facing in Israel due to Muslims. This article authenticated testimony from both radical Muslims and non-radical Muslims, which claimed that their common goal is to annihilate the Jewish people from the planet. Adam Milstein believes this is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately.

Another eye-opener in Adam’s article was the fact that Jewish people are being targeted in America. Jewish people have written to Adam from all over America, claiming they are being oppressed because of keeping their history and religious beliefs alive. Adam believes the United States needs to do more to protect Jewish people. He is also calling on Jewish people to start organizations that exist solely to protect the rights of Jewish people in America. He is even forcing the Israeli-American Council to get involved in this.

Adam Milstein lived in Israel until he was married in the late 80s. Coming to the United States, he immediately went to college. He studied business at the University of South California. After graduating at the top of his class, he immediately opened a business that gained success even until today. Adam is currently one of the top entrepreneurs in America, and his goal is to see other Jewish college graduates become business owners in America, too.