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How Does Equities First Handle Stock Based Loans?

Equities First has done a good job with stock based loans because they have been using them for some time to find out what can be done for all their customers. Each person who is planning to get a stock based loan only needs to have some trading stocks that they can use as collateral, and this is all laid out by the French Tribune and the company on their website. Someone can come to their website to get help, and they can go into one of their offices if they need. This makes the company very good at helping people, and the stock based loans have less risk.

The person who is using this company’s loans to help further their finances is going to feel very good about the progress they have made when they are spending less and taking on less risk because of what they need to borrow, and resume them.

Milestones Achieved by Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge works at the USHEALTH Group, Inc where he holds the position of the current Chief Executive Officer. USHEALTH Group is a company involved in the insurance industry whereby its specialty is in offering individual health insurance plans. The insurance company offers health coverage to its clients who are mainly people who are self-employed and small business entrepreneurs. The main offices of the company are located in Ft. Worth, Texas with regional offices located in different parts of the country. USHEALTH Group aims to offer the best quality customer service to its maximum level. Products offered by the insurance company include; individual health insurance, income and accident protection, and dental insurance among others. USHEALTH is known for its numerous innovative insurance products which are affordable to all their clients.

Troy McQuagge started working as the USHEALTH’s CEO in 2011. Before this, he used to serve as the President and CEO of the Health Markets Agency. Due to his exemplary leadership and management skills, Health Markets Agency was able to achieve over a billion dollars worth of gross volume sales. After joining USHEALTH, the company also managed to achieve tremendous success with him serving as the CEO. Since Troy McQuagge went to serve at the USHEALTH Group, he has been able to make a lot of competitive strategies which has made the insurance company a success. Troy has been in the insurance industry for over 33 years, and this has given him a lot of experience and expertise to thrive in the industry.

Troy McQuagge has earned a reputation as a leader who has a very innovative mind in matters concerning business. In the Year 2016, the successful USHEALTH Group’s CEO was honored with the coveted One Planet Awards which are named the CEO of the Year. Held every single year, the prestigious awards include the best in the world when it comes to innovation, new products and services, CEO case studies, organizational performance, leadership and corporate social responsibility. Troy McQuagge received the award and stated that he was much honored to have the award. He also gave thank to each member of staff at the USHEALTH Group for their hard work and contributions. Visit at Twitter.


Repair services that Aloha Construction Conducts as a General Contractor.

Aloha Constructions is a Firm owned by a family, which provides construction services. The company boasts of its facilities that are insured and bonded. The general contractor company’s premises are in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The construction firm has over the years served households and organizations through their two offices situated in Bloomington and Lake Zurich. The lake Zurich division serves people in Lake, McHenry, Cook, and DuPage counties while the Bloomington office serves McClean, Washington, Peoria, Tazewell and Champaign counties and Aloha Constructions on Facebook.


The construction company provides local roofing and siding services, which has earned the company an incredible reputation in the corporate world. Aloha Company has set a record for completing over eighteen thousand projects in Grayslake, round lake, Lake Villa and several other locations in Illinois. The firm provides roofing finance for customers as well as giving free property inspection. The construction company has been in the construction industry for over eight decades, providing services in window replacements and fixing of gutters alongside roofing and siding services and read full article.


The general contractor has an A+ certification that was awarded by the Better Business Bureau. Dave A. Farbaky is the chief executive of the company who is always on the forefront to ensure that the firm renders quality services to their customers. The Illinois-based firm helps to improve safety within households by providing emergency response services when their clients need help. The construction company has grown from a previous small enterprise into a renowned general contractor in Illinois. The firm ensures that all their employees know all repairs conducted by the company in the building industry. The firm hires qualified personnel who include trained field supervisors, installers, claim specialists, inspectors, and an office team and follow its Twitter.


The chief executive officer announced a new branch of Aloha Company, Aloha Builds, which primarily focuses on interior repairs including in kitchens, water extractions, basements, natural disaster aid clean up services. The company provides timely services that ensure customer satisfaction. Projects completed by Aloha firm tally to over 15 million square feet of shingles and a 7.1 million square feet of vinyl siding. The company provides a ten-year craftsmanship warranty for their clients and resume its.

Talo Oils Game Plan to Breaking Even

Mexican waters have proven to be an unfriendly territory to almost all privately owned companies seeking to drill oil in these regions. However, the agonizing 80-year wait seems to have been brought to an end. For the first time, after almost eight decades, in an area where private firms were unable to discover oil, the Joint venture of Premier Oil plc, Talo oil and Sierra Oil and Gas in drilling a well in the region has proved successful. This will be the first time a privately owned company will be drilling in these areas. This comes as great news as the only company that has been dominating these waters is the Mexican State Owned Petroleos Mexicanos which was as a result of the nationalization of Mexico’s oil reserves and what Talos knows.

Talo oil, one of the Privately owned oil companies, has its headquarters in Houston Texas. Drilling in this region will prove to be a worthwhile investment for the company if consideration is put on the fact that Talo recently acquired Energy Resource Technology through its entirely owned subsidiary, Talos production LLC at the cost of $620 million. The acquired company has assets in Mexico’s gulf. It has been estimated that Energy Resource Technology has assets that are equal to 16,155 barrels of oil daily as of last December. Before the sale, ERT was exploring other oil wells such as the Wang exploration well which has close to 100 feet of high-quality oil deposits and their Facebook.

Talo oil will be on another spending spree since they have a projected revenue that is close to $500 million this year alone. Taking into consideration that Talo oil, in February acquired the Oil and Gas producing Subsidiary of Helix Oil for a whopping $620 million (Helix Energy solutions aims at retaining an overriding interest in the Wang exploration well), and the projected income, tremendous growth to Talo oil is in the offing. This will result in more hiring hence a significant amount of jobs will be created. It is estimated that drilling in this region by the privately owned companies may take up to three months. During this time, it’s expected that (100-500) million barrels of crude oil will be drilled from this region and Talos’s lacrosse camp.

What is Nine9’s Philosophy?

Nine9’s philosophy is based off of the idea that anybody can make it into the entertainment industry. Even if it is simply just a commercial, an extra in a music video, or a one-liner in a film, this company can help you move forward and get that chance to make it big in your own little way. There’s no saying that they can’t help you become the biggest star that you can be, but rest assured, the one thing that separates them from the rest is the fact that Nine9 loves to come up with new ways for anybody to make it in this business. Nine9 wants to help anyone make it in this business, whether they have a huge amount or little bits of experience.

Their main philosophy is based off of the idea that you can make it in any form of any entertainment business. Nine9 brings experts to the forefront of your availability so you can speak to them and ask them anything to help you grow in this field of entertainment. Whether you want to be a singer, actor, dancer, model, or perform generally in any way that you can, this is the way to do it and more information click here.

It all begins when you sign up. Join the site right now, follow through and qualify past their four step process, and if you make it that far, they will show you what to do next so you can move forward so you succeed. Nine9 is a great company that knows what you are capable of as an entertainer. The huge number of talented experts in this company work together so that all the talent in their database all get the different opportunities that fit them. Join their site today, sign up, and get yourself into the entertainment industry starting right now.

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Dynamic Search Partners Has Become an Industry Leader Thanks to Its Co-Founder Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a well accomplished individual in the executive search industry most known for co-founding prominent executive search firm Dynamic Search Partners. Mann also holds the position of Managing Director and CEO within the company.

He founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2002 to shed more light on the growing hedge fund industry, in response to his belief that the industry wasn’t getting the amount of attention from the search community that it deserved. After all, Mann is an expert in the world of hedge fund.

Dynamic Search Partners has grown a lot since its inception by Mann. Under his guidance Dynamic Search Partners has become a force in the hedge fund and private equity industries. It has also become one of the biggest databases of investment executives in the United States. The company works with alternative investment firms outside the U.S. as well.

Keith Mann started his career in the industry with Dynamics Associates. He worked in the company’s alternative investment division, until he worked his way up the ladder and was promoted to Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search. He even become Vice President of the company later.

Mann feels like it was his destiny to found Dynamic Search Partners and make it successful, being that he grew up in an area of New York where executives in the industry he is now in were all around. He knew he had the experience and ambition to make his destiny come to fruition and he has done just that. Dynamic Search Partners services were in need and it pounced on the opportunity.

Though Mann now has his own company he still works hard as ever. He says he’s always busy doing something. Whether its attending important meetings, answering calls, or reading e-mails, Mann just grinds through every busy day. Focus is the key he says.

Mann is also a philanthropist. He and his wife Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement through his partnership with Uncommon Schools. The scholarship is designed to help a graduating senior from a Brooklyn based high school attend college every year. Mann and his wife are very excited about the potential of the scholarship.


Raj Fernando, the global industrialist

Raj Fernando was born in July 1971. He is a renowned business person, philanthropist, and prolific fundraiser. Mr. Fernando has founded an internet company called Scoutahead. Scoutahead provides corporations and individuals with information to help them strategize the growth and improved productivity of their organizations. However, Mr. Fernando did not start out as a big name in the business arena.

After graduating from Beloit College with a Bachelors degree in Economics and History, he began working as a trader on the floor at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 1999 he started working at Chicago Board of Trade at the same level. His business acumen and high intelligence have seen him climb his career ladder steadily. Having achieved so much and delivered beyond the expectations of his critics, Mr. Fernando has become a force to reckon with in the financial industry.

In 2002, Mr. Fernando established Chopper Trading. His primary position as the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Chopper Trading brought him into the limelight. The company is a giant in foreign exchange playing at the same level with big names including Nasdaq, ICAP-Broketek, Eurex, CME, ICE, and Cantor Fitzgerald-Espeed. However, in 2015, Mr. Fernando sold Chopper Trading to a major global giant in the financial industry, DRW.

Raj Fernando is not only a business person; he has a heart for charity and philanthropic work. He has participated in some charity causes in both the United States and Canada. Fernando is an active member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that is empathetic to, among many other issues, social affairs in the region.

Having raised funds for President Barack Obama and the William J. Clinton Foundation, Raj Fernando has earned his title as a prolific fundraiser. While operating in his capacity as the CEO of Chopper Trading, Mr. Fernando was the third highest fundraiser for Barack Obama’s campaign. His great achievement that made the world curious about who he was. Ever since he continues to impress stakeholders in the financial industry with his impressive leadership and strategizing skills in many kinds of business.

Raj Fernando is well known for his out of the ordinary employee selection process. The former CEO of Chopper Trading does not believe in a one hour interview. He takes prospective employers through months of training and probation to ensure that he get the best fit for his company. His company is said to have had the best minds in business and engineering working for him, hence the immense success.

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Securus Technologies Reveals Competitor’s Fraud

Securus Technologies has issued a press release stating that it will begin to reveal over a length of time, fraudulent behavior from its main competitor, Global Tel Link. The press release shows that GTL has a history of dishonest behavior and fraudulent behavior that has resulted in taxpayers paying an additional $1,243,000 in the state of Louisiana.
PR Newswire’s report about Securus has revealed that a Louisiana Public Service Commission found Global Tel Link was involved with fraudulent activity that resulted in the over billing of Louisiana State correctional facilities that were served by GTL at the time. Here is some of the fraudulent activity that was found to be done by GTL in Louisiana State prisons.

The investigation found that GTL programmed its timer clocks to add an additional 15-36 seconds to each inmate call. This act was unauthorized by prison officials and resulted in over billing. GTL also programmed telephones in Louisiana prisons to be charged at higher rates than what was allowed under its own guidelines and under Louisiana state law. These higher then allowed call rates, were again unauthorized and placed additional expenses on the taxpayer.

GTL was also have found to double bill numerous calls coming from Louisiana correctional facilities. This appeared to be deliberate and not a simple case of mistakes. It was done a large and massive scale. Another fraudulent behavior by GTL found by the Louisiana Public Service Commission was that GTL would bill customers for add on services that they never signed up form. This represents complete dishonesty by the carrier.

CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, says this kind of behavior by GTL tarnishes the entire reputation of the prison communication industry. He has also said that GTL continues to commit such fraudulent and irresponsible acts in the prisons it serves. Securus Technologies on the other hand is focused on being transparent and serving its customers with honesty and ethics at the forefront. They recently acquired an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
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