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Canada’s Eli Gershkovitch Adventures in Craft Brewing

Canada’s craft brew scene has exploded over recent years, bringing Canada’s favorite alcohol into a new renaissance where there’s a brew for everyone taste. While the sales rate of standard beers has remained consistent for over 20 years, craft brew sales have hit double digit growth since just 2009. This is because of the care and innovation that so many breweries put into making new quality beers.


This is the case for CEO of Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch. Not your traditional CEO, Gershkovitch seems more like the guy serving your brews than a high ranking executive. Calm and collected, he’s built a craft brew empire from a small pub in Vancouver by staying connected to his client base. Started in 1995, Steamworks started as a small local pub, with just 184 seats. Over the years, Gershkovitch sought to expand not just this initial brewery to its now massive 754 seat hub, but the Steamworks name as well, opening several other bars and restaurants in Vancouver that all serve Steamworks brews (


This growth provided Eli Gershkovitch with what he wanted most, freedom. Vowing to never let profits overrule his need for freedom, he remains the sole owner of the company (WingsJournal). Without having to keep to stockholders expectations, he has been able to innovate and grow on his own terms. These terms let Steamworks beers to be sold throughout Canada as well as in 14 US states and counting. Steamworks beers have also been the recipient of several craft brewing awards, such as 2013’s Gold Medal for the Canadian Brewing Awards.


The spirit of freedom for Eli Gershkovitch doesn’t just apply to his brewing empire either. A love of both classic cars and aviation, he has built up an extensive car collection in addition to two planes. In 2009, he completed the challenging round trip flight from Vancouver to Europe in a single engine Cessna 182. Life is an adventure for Eli Gershkovitch, something he knows will continue for years to come.