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The Purpose of Lawyers and Law in Brazil

Law firms in Brazil have continued to grow drastically over the years because more and more people are seeking legal assistance from lawyers. Legal firms are targeting business as well as legal needs of their clients. The best lawyers and legal firms are committed to providing excellent legal services established under highest level of ethical standards. They understand their major role as advisors is to resolve clients’ unique legal and business needs. Today, there is a continuous change in economic, legal and business environment, and lawyers are assist clients to overcome various challenges of Brazilian law while at the same time capitalizing on the available opportunities.
The best law firms have the best team of talented, experienced and professional lawyers who are committed to helping clients achieve their goals. Lawyers normally work closely with clients in order to create practical and lasting solutions to all complex issues. Law firms in Brazil offer legal services that span a wide range of practice areas such as banking, real estate transactions, taxation law, family law, mergers and acquisition as well as international law. Some legal firms have developed a global platform to cater to non-Brazilian investors who prefer to venture into Brazilian market.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a famous Brazilian lawyer and is one of the partners who founded Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Ricardo Tosto’s areas of specialty include banking contracts, administrative law, acquisition, credit recovery, bankruptcy among others. In the past, he worked as an advisor of the HR and Legal Management of a company in Brazil and also legal and administrative officer of Grupo Alusa. He started practicing at a small law firm and later went to another big and experienced firm providing corporate litigation in that area. Later, he founded his own law firm that eventually was one of the largest in Brazil.
Ricardo Tosto has defended several public personalities and corporations at the national level, and offered legal services to large and multinational companies, different politicians and the government. He pioneered adoption of several legal systems that later were used as legal tools in the entire Brazilian community. Ricardo Tosto has mentored majority of his partners, who started practicing law as interns in his law firm. He provides necessary leadership and guidance when the firm has important ongoing cases.

Brazilian lawyers will help clients resolve domestic and international legal problems. Those offering international legal services help the clients through the entire legal process, setup the right case strategy and attend all hearings on behalf of their clients. The clients being represents cut back on traveling costs and at the same time access all relevant information regarding the proceedings of their cases through the lawyers’ websites.