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Elysium Health Releases Pill The Will Change The Health Supplements Industry

Growing old is something inevitable that happens to every one of us, even so, people all over the world actively seek products that can help this. Even though there are tons of brands out there that advertise products that reduce the effects of father time, there are very few that do what they say. To come out with something that could potentially work at taking away the signs of life wearing on you, an immense amount of research needs to be done, and one company is working toward that, and coming out with something that people have been longing for.

Elysium Health is the company that is working toward this goal. The company has been researching a pill to help people for a long time and has now come out with something that is going to revolutionize the industry. The company is known for the wide range of health products that they have released to the public. A lot of their products have been receiving a great deal of attention owing to the incredible effects that they have had on the people who took them. The pill that they have come out with is the next best thing for the company and is set to take the country by storm.

One of the reasons the pill is set to work better than the ones that are currently on the market is because of the incredible effects it is believed to have on the body and the way that it works. The company was founded by Leonard Guarente who has been a researcher in the medical field for quite a while. He currently also works at MIT and is also continuing his efforts to find life-changing drugs that can help people all over the world.

People all over the world are always anxious about the ever-ticking hands of time, not just because of how it makes one look, but also because of how the body reacts. Reducing these signs and improving life expectancy seems like a dream that many people have. Elysium Health may be in a position to bring much-needed attention to this subject.

The supplement that Elysium Health is putting out is set to hit shelves extremely soon, even though it is still under FDA trial, waiting for approval. The pill has however undergone ample amount of testing and research and has been deemed fit for human consumption and is safe to use by those who want to harness its effects.


The Successful Career Of JeanMarie Guenot


JeanMarie Guenot is an experienced executive in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. For over two decades, she has worked for both public and private companies. In her previous positions, she was responsible for business development, corporate & commercial development, venture capital, and project & alliance management. Currently, Guenot works as the president & chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics. Dr. Guenot is charged with the duty of providing leadership to ensure that the company succeeds in its quest to develop bi-functional antibody therapies for cancer treatment. This technology involves using the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells. Amphivena Therapeutics was established in 2012. Over the years, it has secured funding from numerous sources. In the second quarter of 2015, the company received $9.7 million for funding its noble projects.

Dr. Guenot boasts of a successful career and great entrepreneurial skills. Before joining Amphivena, she worked for SKS Ocular, her own company. Her start-up business focused on dry AMD to develop therapies for macular degeneration, ocular inflammation, and glaucoma. She has also worked for Hoffmann-La Roche as the business advisor in Basel and Shanghai. At PDL BioPharm, she served as the vice president of corporate & business development. In this position, she oversaw licensing, alliance management, as well as mergers and acquisitions. The executive leader played an integral role in the negotiations that resulted in the creation of Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50 agreement. The deal saw the two companies co-develop and co-commercialize three Phase 2 cancer drug candidates. She also oversaw the licensing of ophthalmic indication for oncology therapy to Ophthotech. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot has extensive experience in the areas of autoimmune diseases, ophthalmic diseases, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases.  In fact, as MarketWired explored, Dr. Guenot is working with Janssen on brand new medical breakthroughs.

Guenot’s career started at the Atlas Venture. She was responsible for managing the venture capital. Guenot focused on life science companies and managed to help many start-ups grow and become successful. Later, she switched from her business career and joined Preclinical R&D at Hoffmann-La Roche, as a principal scientist. In this position, she was involved in developing drugs for oncology, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and metabolic diseases. Her physical and medical chemistry background has greatly contributed to her successful career. The focus of her training was in protein structure prediction, drug design, NRM refinement, and molecular dynamics. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot holds an MBA from Wharton School. She earned her Ph.D. from the esteemed University of California.  Read more about where Jeanmarie plans on taking her company in the future through this article: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Arizona Futurist Jason Hope Embraces Medical Advancements

Since Jason Hope is known as a futurist and philanthropist, it’s clear that he enjoys following technological advancements and the way they can shape the future of mankind. However, people sometimes assume this always relates to devices and computer systems. They imagine things like water-powered cars, research trips to space, and compact Internet servers that are faster and more powerful than their predecessors.

While all of these things are important, the reality is that many technological advancements that are being made are in the medical field, and they could have the biggest impact of all on humanity. One look at Hope’s Twitter account shows just how interested he is in these developments and how invested he is in following and assisting with their progress.

For example, one of the most recent articles Jason Hope has posted has to do with stem cell research. It’s long been known that stem cells are a sort of blank slate. They can be used in skin grafts and many other treatments. They adapt and become other cells, and they can virtually become any cell that is needed within the human body. That’s why they’re so terrifically important to the medical field, as they could be used to cure an incredible array of issues.

This article, though, shows that there are still risks with stem cells. Not all of them take on the correct form. Some stay undifferentiated, and there’s a chance, if they were put into the patients who needed them, that they could become tumors.

Researchers may have found a way around it, though. They can “zap” the stem cells with light waves. To do so, they introduce a specific dye to the culture. It ignores the differentiated cells, which are useful, and just dyes the undifferentiated ones. The researchers can then use light to kill those cells. What they’re left with is a culture that contains all of the beneficial stem cells and none of the risk. This research has been carried out in South Korea.

The fact that Hope enjoyed the article and wanted to share it tells you two key things about him. The first is that he really embraces the medical field and sees the possibilities there. The second, though, is that he’s interested in the risks. Jason Hope wants to learn about the downsides. He knows that these things can’t be ignored, and that studying these risks is the best way to advance any technology in a positive direction. This is why Jason Hope uses his own money to issue grants to students and entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the technology field.

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