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Copa Star Hospital Offers High Standards of Excellence

Great minds are known to create ideas, structures and visions that offer hope and inspiration when they avoid conformity. This can be better explained with the purchase of expensive but high class equipment by the Brazilian Hospital Copa Star that have caught the world’s attention. News showcasing the luxurious presentation of this premier facility has captured the world’s attention. Hospital Copa Star announced that it would provide suites for the patients, operation rooms that have superior technology, visual images that will guide the surgical paths, intensive care units and robotic equipment. The building itself also deserves the same attention too.

A Future Building

Copa Star’s new building is a combination of the latest cutting edge technologies and innovative designs on It is proof that the world is taking note of the concept aimed at revolutionizing the hospital sector. The building is proof that the need for hospital care does not necessarily subject patients to an anonymous and dreary existence. The Copa Star hospital building has brought fresh vitality in a market sector that values and recognizes originality.

Aspiring for Greatness

Hospital Copa Star is aiming to become the superior center for neurology and cardiology by offering the latest medical technologies in its new center. The intensive care units at the hospital will offer patients with full-time monitoring using state-of-the-art equipment and well trained professional staffs on The new operation rooms will include magnetic resonance technology and imaging to enable physicians view the medical scans of their patients during surgery. Patients undergoing surgeries that are less extensive are provided with hybrid rooms that enable them have access to similar equipment that guarantees them with the best medical care. This technology allows surgeons to take and send images to other experts worldwide to get their opinions.

Advanced Designs and Construction

Roderigo Sambaguy, the project architect from RAF architecture, focused on coming up with a design that improves the comfort of all the patients visiting the hospital. The firm is well experienced in designing hospital projects and this will contribute a lot in developing the new facility. The hospital facility resembles the appearance of a 5-star hotel in an upscale location to deliver the best medical treatment in the most comfortable environment. The design used in coming up with the new Hospital Copa Star has taken into consideration several measures to ensure it is energy efficient. This has seen it lower its energy consumption by almost 50%.

Despite the fact that concrete has over the years held an undisputed track record in performance ever since it was preferred by the Romans when building the Parthenon, technology advancements have brought about some improvements. According to the hospital website, it uses the Penetron System to enhance the concrete’s performance as well as lengthen its life span. Penetron has a crystalline technology that reacts with the concrete minerals to form insoluble crystals that avoid vapor buildup.