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Information On Mark Mofid

A doctor dealing with plastic surgery, Mark Mofid went to study his medical degree from the University of California. After he received his undergraduate degree of medical, he had specialized with general and plastic surgeries. He also advanced his education in Hopkins University. In his career, he has been working in different hospitals as a staff surgeon. He has been owning a clinic that is located in San Diego which has been offering plastic surgeries together with dermatological services. The wife is the one dealing with the patients who require dermatology patients while Mark Mofid deals with the plastic surgery patients. He has also been certified by surgeries boards.

Mark Mofid attended an interview and talked about his career and the services his clinic is offering. When he was asked whether he was looking for a nonsurgical optional method, Mark Mofid said that they can be treated at a cheap cost where there is a busy practice of surgery and have the hope of converting most of the patients to take surgical practices. These chemodenervation and nonsurgical fillers agents have been natural extensions that are in any of the cosmetic surgical practice. Many of the patients have become facial rejuvenation candidates and all they want is dig the big toe first in the swimming pool so that they can be able to know whether its a pleasant experience.

Being a physician, you make mistakes and poor decision. According to Mark Mofid, they made a mistake about the last six years where they hired a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. What the wise people say is that leopards never change their spots, so all they had to do was to deal with aftermath which leads to the same person having another criminal conviction. What he has been doing is a background check for all his employees as a way to make wise decisions.

As a physician, Mark Mofid received an advice where he was told not to ever put a wagon in front of the horse. By this way, you will not worry about the unsustainable overhead. He is a member of clinical Faculty at California University. He has made breast and facial surgeries publications and his journals have become recognized nationwide by surgeons.

Dr. Mark McKenna – Another Great Business Started

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to start an appearance enhancement treatment facility that would offer related retail skincare items and house call Botox® services, called OVME. The business was an idea that the doctor had brewing in the mind for sometime and he decided to bring it to realty. On March 1, 2018, Dr. McKenna opened OVME in Buckhead, Atlanta, and today, it is accumulating great responses throughout the community.

Dr. McKenna started as an entrepreneur while working at his dad’s medical facility in New Orleans. He and his dad would take the facility to a multi-million dollar worth, before it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Dr. Mark McKenna would try to get the business back to where it was, but too many preventives stood in the way and he had no choice but to sell what remained of the business. But, he would pick up and take his entrepreneurial spirit to Atlanta, Ga where he would rebuild.

In Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna would start a wellness center called ShapeMed. He would manage to take this business to a multi-million dollar status and become a local celebrity, but would choose to sell the business to Lifetime Fitness for $4.4 million, as it was a very generous offer made to Dr. McKenna. After ShapeMed was under the ownership of another, Dr. McKenna would take the money from the business and start OVME.

The concept of a Botox® service similar to Uber’s transportation services is brilliant on. Dr. Mark McKenna can offer medical freelancers to wealthy establishments, where many Botox® enthusiast live, and bring the party to them to minimize their needs of having to leave the house and put up with the constant traffics of Atlanta. This concept is in the making to extend across the United States to many other high Botox® acquisition areas to make this concept a sure thing. Dr. Mark McKenna also sales innovative skin care products through UVME as well.

To learn more about OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna, visit There is so much opportunity available at the Buckhead, Atlanta facility and online.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Became A Top Plastic Surgeon And Researcher

Dr. Mark Mofid is a practitioner of plastic surgery in the greater San Diego region. He also performs reconstructive surgery at a number of local area hospitals. He has his own practice in La Jolla and he is board certified. He is married and his wife also works at this clinic as a dermatologist. His practice contains a surgery center which is accredited AAAASF/Medicare. He also offers laser services using a Cutera laser. Other services he offers are dermabrasion and chemical peels.

He also performs a lot of research in addition to doing surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid says that when he started in the industry he saw things that he knew could be improved upon. His foremost concern is making these types of surgeries safer and more effective for patients, not just his but others plastic surgeons patients as well. He is one of America’s foremost authorities on gluteal augmentation. After several years of research, he came up with a new implant that replaced the older ones which would notoriously slip out of place and cause sagging. Other doctors who perform this type of surgery now use his patented implant.

As for the business side of running his practice, Dr. Mark Mofid says that he hired a fantastic office manager who has worked for him the past seven years. He credits her with putting together a good staff which includes four front office staff. He says he doesn’t advertise because he lets his results speak for his work. He gets a lot of referrals from past satisfied patients. He says he does have a website for his business but they don’t optimize it for search engines, as of yet anyway.

At Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid earned his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude. His education next took him to The John Hopkins School of Medicine. He earned his MD with the specialties of plastic surgery and general surgery. His fellowship was in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to performing reconstructive and plastic surgeries he also teaches these subjects at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Waldren: Balancing Work and Family to Success

Dr. Jennifer Waldren knew surgery was for her from an early age. In school, her teacher told her she “had the hands of a surgeon.” At home, her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse, so she had the inspiration and support from her parents to seek her dreams. She attended University of Texas at Austin to receive her BS in Biology and University of Texas at Galveston to receive her MD. After completing her residency, she moved to New York, she was selected to complete an aesthetic surgery fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During her stay in New York, she became an associate of Dr. Sherrell Aston and stayed for eight years.

A life changing decision brought her back to Texas: Waldren decided to be a mother. She moved back to Austin in 2011 with her twin boys to ensure they were closer to family. Her sons have helped her learn that she needs to do a balancing act between running a practice and being a single mom. The demands of being a surgeon and a single mom are not easy, but Waldren is prepared. She has hired a full time nanny and au pair, and she has enrolled the boys in a school close by. Her move back to Austin helped her to advance her career, because she is now one of the top aesthetic plastic surgeons in Texas.

Being a female doctor in her field is a rarity, there are 8100 board certified plastic surgeons and of those only 851 are women. To be recognize as the top in her field, she takes that with great pride. The balancing she must do to run an effective, cutting-edge practice and a happy household as led her to great success, earning her the nickname of “Wonder Woman.”


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Jennifer Walden Lectures and Speaks About Your Skin and Wrinkles

Plastic surgery is an art as well as a necessary medical procedure or surgery. Plastic surgery does not mean that you are using plastics in any way. Surgery to change the way a person looks is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons use the knife as well as treatments like Botox. Cosmetic surgery or Botox are both guaranteed to give a chance to the person and their looks.

A fifty-year-old woman walks into the plastic surgeons office. She has wrinkles all over her face. This woman is looking for a miracle. She hopes to have her face lifted and her skin tightened so she looks 20 years younger. When the surgeon asks how she got so many wrinkles, she explained about all the years sunbathing. She also told of the 30 years that she was a smoker. These two things combined gave her the look of being 100 when she was only 50. The doctor began working with the woman. He first told her about sunscreen and how important it is to use it every time you are going outside. He then told her about smoking and how it damages the skin. The woman agreed to do everything the doctor told her. She would stop smoking and she would take better care of herself.

Surgery should be one of the last options. Jennifer Walden will tell you that you must take better care of your skin before you reach surgery status. Using sunscreen and moisturizers will help. Jennifer Walden is using her knowledge and expertise to educate the public about the importance of caring for your skin. Taking better care of your skin can help you to reduce the possibility of surgery later in life. Jennifer can be seen online and on numerous talk shows speaking about wrinkles and avoiding them.

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin Texas. She completed her high school in Texas and went to college at the University of Texas. She earned a degree in biology and a doctorate in medical. After receiving her degrees, she took a job in New York. It did not take her long to discover that being close to family is important. She packed up herself and her children to return home to Austin Texas. Now she is happy practicing there in Texas. She will be happy to see you if you make an appointment.