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Classdojo Makes Happier Classrooms

When the Classdojo app was first created, it was so that teachers and students would be able to have a better time giving and getting certain rewards in the classroom. It was intended to make the classroom a better, happier and more successful place. The creators never would have dreamed that it would become so popular and that it would evolve into where it is currently at today. It makes the classroom better by making sure to include the teachers, the students and even the parents in every step of the classroom process on a day-to-day basis for their students.


Teachers started using the app because it was another way that they could organize their classroom. It was something different that allowed them to reward students and gave them a great chance at doing things that could be helpful to the classroom. Students didn’t need to do anything other than have great behavior and teachers would be able to reward them. They also would not need to call out students and disrupt the classroom just because they did something good that deserved a reward. The Class DOjo makes it discreet and also allows for bigger rewards for different things that students can do.


Students love the app because it is something that is easy to use and because they can get prizes for doing good. In the past, there was no uniform system for students to be rewarded. With Classdojo, they will know exactly what they are going to get from doing good deeds and they can make sure that they get it at all times. It is a great option that many classrooms do not have without the use of the app and something that can truly help students to feel better about their own attitude when they are in the classroom.


There are many ways in which Classdojo is helpful in the classroom but it is also helpful out of the classroom for the parents of students who are in classrooms that use the app. The parents can get on the app any time that they want to see what their child has done that day. They can also look at the different levels of progress that their child has made and make sure that they are doing well. They can then use the feedback from the app to make sure that they are properly helping their children at home.

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Talk Fusion Takes Home More Awards!

Talk Fusion is the honor of 2016’s Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This award is the second big award for the cross marketing advertising giant and if what CEO Bob Reina says is true, that they are “just getting started”, then we figure 2016 will continue to find new and newer highs to reach. The award is doled out by Communications Solutions to companies that have a concise voice in the marketplace for their vision and a product that matches their quality efforts. Talk Fusion has come a long way since 2007 and it truly does seem like the company is on to something.

For CEO Bob Reina the continued success of Talk Fusion simply makes sense. The company was implemented back in 2007 as a response to a void in the marketplace for someone who did what they do: offer a way for business and entrepreneurs to market their product via embedded videos within emails. Reina himself had been looking for said product when he was turned down by email client after email client, saying that nobody could do it for him. This obviously gave his entrepreneur minded brain a kickstart and thus Talk Fusion was born.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, said that Talk Fusion was a “true leader within their industry” and that they offer the “best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” If you were to ask any of Talk Fusion’s happy customers then you likely would hear the same sort of sentiment. It is, perhaps, the primary reason that CEO Reina is opening back up a free trial period for people who are interested in the program but not ready to drop the cash needed to get started.

Talk Fusion as a platform is intuitive enough that anybody can get into the swing of things after a few sessions moving through the library of information. The primary program that customers will be attuned to is the professional video marketing email where you can drop in your video and then format a professional email around it, sending it off to a bank of emails that you wish to contact.

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Is Google Park About to be a Thing?

It seems the giant, creative brains of Google’s Silicon Valley Googleplex facility are innovating again, this time adding parking help to Google Maps. Although the newest version of Maps has yet to be released, a tear down of Google Maps for Android version 9.34 by Android Police has created a lot of buzz around the product. It appears the new version of Maps will tell you how easy or difficult it should be to find a parking space once you reach you destination.

It looks like parking will be rated as easy, medium or limited by the app, but it is anyone’s guess as to how this information will be collected. It is unclear whether Google will base it’s parking information on time of day and regular traffic patterns or offer real-time data based on current local conditions and nearby events.

This release of the app is also expected to allow users to keep north pointing up on their map rather than tilting during navigation. Accidental swipes will also be less likely to cause users to swipe away from the map accidentally mid-navigation. The north-up and better swiping capability are expected to make it much easier for drivers to zoom in on an upcoming turn and then return the map to a broader view quickly and easily.

While California’s Silicon Valley is currently buzzing with anticipation, no one will know for sure if the new traffic feature made the cut until the app’s official release date, which is as of yet unknown. The program is currently in beta, so keep your eyes peeled for it’s release soon.