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New Apple Park to Introduce 12,000 Employees to the Cupertino Area

Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California has colloquially been referred to as “Apple Campus” because of its resemblance to a state university. The Apple Campus features several separate buildings with large areas of grassy parks and walkways in between. A few years ago, Apple announced to the City Council of Cupertino that they would begin breaking ground on a second campus. After years of planning and construction, Apple’s newest building is set to open in a few weeks.


The newest building by the name of “Apple Park” boasts an impressive 2.8 million square feet of space. Because of its circular design, the media has dubbed it the “Apple Spaceship”. Over the years, Apple had purchased swaths of land in order to realize this new park. Despite experiencing minor delays at the beginning of production, Apple’s newest building will be completed in April of 2017. As construction is approaching completion, Apple employees will begin moving into the highly anticipated new building. Apple has announced that the move will happen in increments in order to allow for a more smooth transition. In fact, some employees have already started moving into new buildings surrounding the park. The massive building will hold 12,000 employees. It is expected to take around six months to complete the move.


Like many cities in California, Cupertino experiences heavy traffic throughout the work day. Many residents in the area are concerned that an additional 12,000 workers will make their commutes much more congested. Apple has responded to this concern by setting a goal to have 34% of all employees commute to work in something other than a single-occupancy vehicle. This effort will include the creation of a shuttle exclusively for connecting the new Apple Park. With all employees expected to be moved in by the end of this summer, the citizens of Cupertino will see how the large influx of employees will impact local traffic. On the other hand, local businesses are ecstatic about the new Apple Park. With the introduction of 12,000 new workers to the Cupertino area, local business owners are hoping this will result in greater sales.