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San Francisco Bans Fur Sales and Animal Rights People Rejoice

Do you want to wear or buy fur? If you do, you should be warned that you should stay away from the City of San Francisco as the supervisors have voted to ban the sales of fur.

San Francisco has now become biggest cit in the United States to prohibit the sale of fur.

Animal rights supporters were obviously overjoyed. They now love the compassion that the city has for animals and that they hope other cities and countries will follow the example of this California city.

For fur lovers, you have until January 1st, 2019 to buy fur in SF as that is when the fur sales ban will actually take effect. Until then, fur buyers can still buy the coats as well as accessories that contain real fur. After that, you will have to look for a fur sales store outside the borders San Francisco. SF has also banned plastic bottles and the use of plastic bags at supermarkets.

According to Wayne Hsiung, the co-starter of the Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights network, believes that this historic act could start a new tsunami of animal rights laws across the world.

Retail people are not happy about this fur sales ban. It is just another way that they can’t make money due to a social justice law.

Skip Pas, the CEO of West Coast Leather, feels that a fur sales ban should not be decided by the supervisors of SF, but by a vote by the people of San Francisco. West Coast Leather does deal mostly in leather, but it does have items with fur trim.

This is not the social mandate law that San Francisco has passed. The supervisors have prohibited the sale of menthol cigarettes and tobacco with flavor. They have made it mandatory that private employers have to give their employees six weeks of paid parental leave.

The mayor of San Francisco will sign the law so fur lovers of SF should start shopping for their fur apparel and accessories.