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Amazon Go Opens In Seattle

Seattle is in for a treat with the new Amazon Go store. Online shopping mogul Amazon rolled out this new Seattle based grocery store that basically allows customers to walk in, grab what they want, and leave. That simple.

Ok, maybe it’s not just that simple, but almost. The store uses a technology called deep learning. Through sensors and computer vision, the store itself keeps track of what you remove and replace on the shelves. The technology is similar to that used in self-driving cars. Customers use the app, available for free from app stores, as an entry key to get in the store. The app itself does all the work, keeping track of what you pull off the shelves and what you change your mind and put back. The app scans again as you leave the shore and very shortly after walking out of the store, Amazon charges your account for the items you purchased and sends you a receipt. More details can be found at the Amazon website here.

Amazon Go is currently still in beta phase, and currently only allows Amazon employees to shop inside. It also offers a limited array of items that makes it more closely resemble a corner store. It currently sells ready-to-eat meals prepared by Amazon Go staff as well as staple items like bread, milk, chocolate and cheese. There are also a few meal kids that include all the ingredients you need to cook a quick meal for two at home. The store is expected to be open to the public sometime in 2017.

Amazon Go is another step in Amazon’s plans to change and influence the grocery business. It is also a step in chain transitioning to brick and mortar stores as well as their massive online presence. This isn’t the first change the company has dished out. in 2007 Amazon launched their grocery deliver service called Amazon Fresh, and the company also has a physical bookstore.