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Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a businessman who owns cooperation’s like Ameritraders, Thomas Pipe, SGL Tecnic, and Bridco. He also owns companies are in the agricultural business. He is also representative from Guárico State to the National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez  also has his hands full by serving as chair of the Venezuelan Federation of the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce.

Gonzalez’s entrepreneurial skills and expertise have gotten him appointed as head of the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce. There are twenty different parties that support Jose Manuel Gonzalez. Some of the parties include the Social Christian Party, Project Venezuela, Democratic Action, Justice First, A New Era, Red Flag, Popular Will, Movement of Socialism, Radical Cause, The Democratic Republican Union, and Progressive Advance.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez feels that the Venezuelan State Politics are Murky. He pointed out to the government how the agricultural sector badly handled by management, because of their managerial skills that lead to a food shortage. The Farmers in Venezuela get paid very little and are unable to make a profit or even a living off what they get from the government. Gonzalez pointed out that this would eventually lead farmers to sell to other countries. There is no incentive for the farmers to keep on farming or selling goods for their country. Instead farmers are finding themselves having to smuggle the goods and sell to other countries like Columbia. The government ignored Gonzalez’s pleas. Gonzalez also pointed out other issues in the country in the country such as extortion and the kidnapping for money in Venezuela. He also spoke on the need to restore freedom, justice and private property rights. The populist movements want to raise the wages by fifty percent. Gonzalez warned that this would ruin numerous companies and have an impact on jobs. The government has been negligent in listening to Gonzalez’s concerns.

During his candidacy, the polls showed Gonzalez was the most likely candidate to win. Gonzalez is a good civic leader who attends every meeting and participates in the committee. He will get the results that people seek.

Using Wall Street Principles to Tackle the Western Drought

The ongoing drought in the American West has raised serious concerns with regard to the water needs of the area’s growing population and its many agricultural industries. One proposal that was born on Wall Street may help solve this problem on the opposite side of the country.

The American West has always been known for its dryness, but this was not a problem when the area was sparsely populated. Since World War II, however, tens of millions of Americans have flocked to Western states, particularly California, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. In combination with the drought, the change in demographics has created a water shortfall. Closely associated with the shortfall is water distribution, but some observers have attributed this to the continued use of 19th century laws. These laws allocate most of the water to agricultural industries.

Disque Dean is a New York hedge fund manager who believes that the answer to the problem rests in free market principles. A careful summation of his opinions can be found in an article from The Atlantic magazine at href=” drought/

Farmers and other heavy users of water are currently prohibited from selling water across state lines. In accordance with capitalist principles, these and other regulations would be lifted, allowing for the distribution of water to those who need the most. This principle was adopted in a section of Colorado, but led to an economic downturn related to an inadequate supply of water. One proposal to prevent this from occurring elsewhere would employ free market principles with limited regulation to assure that the water needs of everyone are met.