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Testimonials to help you Realize your Dream through Nine9

Most talented people don’t pursue their dreams due to rejection from agencies. Some are hurt and discouraged by the language most agents use to dismiss them, and this is where Nine9 Talent Agency comes in. Read the following stories from successful people who were once dejected and nearly quit.

Dieunoosha B

The talented young lady was on the verge of giving up her dream of acting. She found her path through Nine9, and her life has changed completely.The ordinary girl is destined for greatness,and her dream is coming true thanks to Nine9.

James V

James had been Nine9 for barely two months and has been invited to several auditions. His first film is a horror, suspense,comedy assignment that will be released later in the year. He will also be an Extra in another movie. He constantly receives emails and is glad he signed with Nine9.

Klayresse R

She registered with Nine9 in New York, and within a few months,she has been called to two castings. A renowned sexy hair modeling show company contacted her and was booked. She is looking forward to a brighter future with Nine9.

Nine9 is here to encourage those aspiring to join the modeling and acting industry not to give up. Anyone is welcome to sign up with Nine9 unagency.Nine9 goes against the norm and represents the majority of talent out there.They are the 99% who have nowhere else to go.In the years they have been in business, they have become a brand synonymous with success.

Nine9 is unique and does things the other way round. They are consist and involved which is a motivation to those who have signed with them. Their work ethic and positivity is everything anyone with a dream needs. The opportunities at Nine9 range from television and movies to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional gigs and castings.

Hope for Aspiring Models- Nine9 Modeling Agency

Nine9 is a modeling agency which its primary mission is to search for talent and make them rise in the modeling and the entertainment industry. Nine9 trust in numbers and they have been working with a strong belief of 99% is greater than 1%. The modeling company was established in 2003 with one mission of offering tools and resources to aspiring models to make it big and become successful in the entertainment sector. Nine9 modeling agency wants to make a difference in the modeling industry where it offers the 99% which most modeling agencies would never offer to aspiring models in the country.

Since the inception of the Nine9 modeling agency, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion. The organization has been working with the latest technology, and their success story is also contributed by their staff who has a vast experience of more than ten years in booking, advising and managing top client relations. Nine9 has been working continuously to ensure their customers gets the required training and are getting castings as well as opportunities at the right time. Nine9 provides satisfying training as well as work opportunity, and some of their clients had this to say and learn more about Nine9.

Vanessa James is grateful for Nine9 and does not regret joining the modeling agency. According to her, the organization has offered, her an opportunity to be in various commercial advertisements as well as music videos including Thornetta Davis music video, Hattie ice cream commercial, as well as an extra in Dream Sequence film and contact nine9.

Barbara S. is more than glad for the opportunities that Nine9 has provided her and the platform to expand her modeling career as she was cast f or a runway show courtesy of Nine9. She is looking forward for more openings and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Another excited model Steve H. said that within few months at Nine9 he was able to get an opportunity to be a co- host of a television show and also featured in a short film. He further said he cannot wait to see what Nine9 has in store for the future and more information click here.

Up-Close With Brown Modelling Agency and Their Rise to Stardom

Most girls dream of modeling in their youthful years. The aura of commanding the attention and admiration of an audience is too enticing to ignore. However, not everyone is destined to model. You either have what it takes, or you don’t. A few pointers to making the cut include: having a 5’9’’ to 6’’ height, aged between 15-20 years and a fair complexion. Possessing such attributes isn’t enough as aspiring models ought to have a professional presentation in print or media.

Once discovered by fashion powerhouses, aspiring models are advised to take their performance seriously to survive in the competitive fashion industry. For starters, incorporate fashion knowledge when dressing to impress judges. Your natural beauty should be accentuated by minimal make up and casual outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt. As an aspiring model, make it your mission to uphold the highest standards of hygiene coupled with nice comfortable shoes, preferably of medium heels. Dressing perfectly isn’t complete without possessing a carefree attitude. Don’t try too much to impress as most scouts settle for models with a take-it-or-leave-it stance.

Profile of the Brown Modelling Agency

The Brown Agency is an Austin-based fashion enterprise that strives to develop trendy and high-quality attires for the local market. Founded in 2010 by Justin Brown, the company has become a force to reckon within the Fashion industry. The Agency specializes in several essential services tailored to match the ever growing needs of the urban Texas market. Such services are spread across fashion, commercial and theatrical performances.

Fashion forms the primary service offered by the accomplished Agency. Company officials are proud to partner with prominent fashion designers to create several masterpieces. Such outfits have played a vital role in putting the Brown Agency onto the map.

The entity fulfills its commercial obligations by advertising in-house and other products from multinational corporations. Such endorsements aid in the acquisition of revenue needed to sustain the business. Brown Agency selects its most prized models to advertise various apparels in New York, Paris and Milan Fashion week. Most models have made the crossover from modeling to acting in recent years, courtesy of their excellent theatrical performances.