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Parents Who Lost Three Young Children in Accident Are Pregnant With Triplets

Chris and Lori Coble of Orange County, California have lived through every parent’s nightmare. In 2007, Lori and her mother Cindy took the Coble’s three children out to celebrate eldest child Kyle’s fifth birthday. On the way home, the family stopped in traffic on the freeway. The children were getting sleepy, ready to get home and take their nap. With no warning, a big rig rounded the bend and slammed into the family’s van doing an estimated 55 miles per hour.

The trauma that the family suffered was so severe that they were split up and taken to separate hospitals. Chris, Lori’s husband, was at work when the accident occurred. He was notified and rushed to the hospital where Lori and Cindy were taken. Together the family started receiving news that their children did not make it. The couple made a pact after the tragic new that they would stick together through it.

Now, according to an article posted on, Lori and Chris have announced that Lori is pregnant almost a year after the tragic accident. The couple went with the decision to try in vitro fertilization. Their first try they were successfully fertilized with three embryos- a boy and two girls! The couple felt that it was fate and decided to keep all the embryos. They are now the proud parents of Jake, Ashley, and Ellie. While their youngest children will never replace the eldest that they lost, their home is now filled again with joy, love, and happiness. They also make sure that their youngest children know about their elder siblings in heaven.

The couple have also forgiven Jorge Romero, the truck driver who slammed into their vehicle that day. He was found guilty on three counts of vehicular manslaughter and served a year in jail. The Cobles blame the roadway and the California Department of Transportation for the accident, saying that the exit where the accident took place was a dangerous one.