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Warriors Hold Off Clippers

Going into the 2017 NBA season, most people agreed that the Golden State Warriors would once again win the NBA championship. Through the first 60 games of the season, the Warriors appear to be headed in that direction. After winning two of the last three NBA championships, the team that is led by Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, continues to look like the amazing offensive threat that it has been for the last several years.

The team currently has a record of 45 wins and 14 losses. This is good enough to have them tied for first place in the NBA based on record. While they have been far and away the best regular-season team for the last few years, they do have some new competition this year in the Houston Rockets. During the off-season, the Houston Rockets made one of the biggest moves in years by acquiring starting point guard Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers. This has helped to make the Rockets another very dominant team as Paul and James Harden continue to put up big points and win a lot of games.

Due to the importance of having home-court advantage in the NBA playoffs, every game that the Warriors play is extremely important. This week, they had a very big game against the Los Angeles Clippers. While the Los Angeles Clippers have taken a step back this year, the team continues to be one of the most bitter rivals for the Warriors and always gives them a great game. While the Clippers once again were able to take the Warriors down to the wire, the Warriors once again were able to come out on top (

During a highly-contested game between the two teams, the Warriors ended up winning by a final score of 134-127. This was a very good game for the Warriors who looked fresh during the start of the game, which was the first game back after the All-Star break. The team held a lead that was as large as 18 points early on, but the persistence of the Clippers allowed them to chip back into the game and had the lead cut to under 10 with minutes to go and looked to be shooting very well at the end.