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The 2017 Annual Google Developer’s Conference Held at the GooglePlex in CA

Mountain View, California is the location for the 2017 Annual Developer’s Conference hosted by Google, the world’s largest multi-tech and search engine oriented organization. The Googleplex, which was built in 1996, is the home of innovators and free-thinkers who focus on enterprises such as cloud computing, advertising technologies, Internet analytics, and the development of Web operating systems.


This May, the agenda is centered around discussing and inviting new concepts on the new Android O, artificial intelligence, the new version of the iOS Assistant and more. Google has billions of loyal followers, but in 2017, they set their focus on the next billion users coming online and discovering Google; the tech-giant is super-focused on these next users.


Google is eagerly looking forward to unveiling a new series of software features and updates that offer new users easier accessibility. They also included renovations to several subcategories of Google including Google Home, Google Photos, YouTube, Gmail, Android OS, and ways to optimize a present device’s performance without purchasing a new product.


The Android Go, a simpler version of Android O, has only one gigabyte of memory and will be introduced for entry-level devices. The experts also introduced Lens, a new photographic feature for the phone.


Google Assistant was not forgotten, and it also is experiencing improvements as it appears in iOS. Now, the user will be able to type in addition to speaking, and this will be assimilated into several Google products.


One of the most significant new features is for the job hunter on Google search. When pertinent job information is entered for a job hunt, the search engine will now pull from Career Builder, Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, so users will find jobs directed to their specific location and experience.


This incredible, innovative, group continues to create state-of-the-art products for the Internet world, and GooglePlex is the spectacular location to encourage that. On the property are fitness and wellness centers, cooking classes, cafes and bike riding across the campus. This is the environment where free-thinking lives.