California’s UC Davis Ranked In Forbes List For Best Value Colleges

In Forbes most recent list of American colleges that provide the best value for the money, The University of California at Davis earned a coveted position. The liberal arts college earned the ninth position on the Forbes list and was praised for its reasonable tuition prices, profitable courses, post graduate debt to income ratio, and graduate success rates. The University of California at Davis has long been heralded as an alternative to more expensive California Universities like the University of California at Berkley or the University of California at Los Angeles. UC Davis was chosen by Forbes as a college that allows a majority of students to complete degree programs in an adequate amount of time and that fosters successful habits and skills into the lives of these students.


As the seventh University of California campus, UC Davis has sometimes been regarded as college of lesser quality than the Berkley, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. Forbes’ study of American colleges revealed that UC Davis may not share the reputation of other colleges, but does produce successful graduates at the same rate or higher than the other Universities in its system. Forbes also listed UC Davis as superior or equal to colleges like Brigham Young and UC Irvine. This has been a major revelation to incoming freshmen in California. Many incoming freshmen who may not have been successful in their application for admission to the University of California at Berkley can take solace in the fact that UC Davis, UC Irvine, and UCLA are all viable options on the west coast and all offer the opportunity to receive a profitable education.


Finally, Forbes recommended the universities listed on the top 10 best value colleges to California residents seeking undergraduate degrees. The purpose of the publication of this list is to help California natives and those seeking admission to west coast universities to see the value in schools that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Representatives from Forbes wished to help students to choose college facilities that will serve them well in their future pursuits.