Californian GOP Members Break Party Lines For Climate Change

It is no secret that the Republican party has a extremely low view of Climate Change and an even lower opinion of those who wish to use the topic as a directional model for policy making. Therefore it came as a extraordinary surprise to many that a recent California law, whose exclusive purpose was to push measures to combat climate change, received its primary bulk of support from Republicans.

This move comes on the heels of a nearly universal, nation wide effort by the Republican Party to pull back or down a wide array of climate change initiatives. The leader of the Californian GOP, Chad Mayes, has publicly spoken up about the curious move, assuredly preempting shock by the Democrats and unease by some of his own party constitutes in other states. Mr. Mayes said in a recent interview that his state was not like the rest of the United States of America, that the GOP in California was different as well and that the popular opinion in the party was that climate change simply had to be addressed.

Chad Mayes occupies a peculiar territory within the Republican Party and is one of the primary conservative reformers who has, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, steered clear of the policies of the current administration. Mr. Mayes track record has shown that his focuses lie primarily, with poverty reduction and climate change, initiatives in the political sphere which are both usually seen as Democratic priorities. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media to show his approval of Mayes and his new party direction, writing on his Facebook that he hoped that Mr. Mayes’ new direction would be seen as a beacon of change that would get other Republicans to come on board and help. Mr. Schwarzenegger also noted that there was nothing mutually exclusive about wanting the economy to grow while at the same time wanting to be highly concerned about the environment.