California Wildfires Wreak Havoc

Wildfires in California Continue to Spread and Destroy Everything

Nature can be a beautiful sight to see sometimes. But as often as its beautiful it can turn around and be dangerous in an instant.

A wildfire in California that started in a small town in Northern California this past weekend grew bigger than expected and ended up destroying well over one hundred homes, businesses and dwellings. Fire crews did fight the flames with varying degrees of success.

The “Clayton Fire,” as its been called, broke out on Saturday evening and spread quickly across the land and down into the foothill community of Lower Lake, several miles north of San Francisco. The spread of the fire was made all the easier due to the strong winds that were blowing that day. A damage assessment team was present to see how much damage occurred but the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection noted it was mostly homes claimed by the blaze. In spite of this, there were no reported casualties as a result.

Lake County sheriffs were on the scene that day conducted investigations into the many burnt down structures left, after the nearby community of Clear Lake was evacuated earlier on. Fire crews were able to cut down on containment lines and put out some of the smaller fires after the winds slowed down, but was also aware that fires may pop back up since the temperature was heating up as well.

What exactly caused the wildfire in the first place is still a mystery, since that is still under investigation. Fire managers estimated that they’ve only contained about five percent of the fire but at this point it’s managed to burn more than three thousand acres of land. Worse is that this one fire is one of several major wildfires that have burnt many areas on the United States west coast, which has been ravaged by drought over the last couple of years. Altogether, the fires have destroyed around 300,000 acres of land.

One of the most devastating wildfires that took place this year was the Soberanes fire, which destroyed more than 72,000 acres of land near the Big Sur area. 57 homes an 11 other outbuildings were also destroyed after just one month.