What Does the California Wildfire Mean?

Sinc the beginning of December, California has been brave facing down the third largest wildfire in state history. The fire, which is still currently raging, has burnt up over 260,000 acres of land and has reached a size larger than New York City, which is only 195,000 acres.

The great state of California has experienced “red flag” weather for a consecutive 13 days, now, which is the prime weather for wildfires, causing the current flames to further amass. The fire is massive in every way: its footprint is larger than that of many cities, and the scale of its destructive has cremated whole communities. The legions of fireman and rescuers attacking it have been around 9,000 firefighters from a dozen different states, aided by over 80 bulldozers and 30 helicopters which drop water on the various fires terrorizing the region.

Furthermore, what’s worse, this disaster could become a new normalcy in California. With climate change showing no signs of leveling out and global warming heating up to record degrees, West Coast weather will only become hotter and drier. Wildfires will increase to such an extent that they will be expected by California residents. Perhaps the state will be evacuated in the distant future when it is all burned out. When will we, as a people, start to respect the land we share?

The only way to put these gargantuan Californian wildfires to rest for good is to limit and prevent climate change. We must decrease our carbon footprint. Every American citizen must help decrease our current levels of pollution. As a species, the human race is destroying the entire atmosphere with waste and smog. Wildfires are far from the final symptom of global warming; scientists have long-predicted rising sea levels and mass extinction for ecosystems affected by our neglection.

When there is no more money, houses, cars, entertainment, smartphones and everything else about the modern world that we take advantage of, all that will be left is our planet. Every human being owes it to the Earth and to future generations to keep our home clean and safe.