California And The Threat Of Being Overrun

California is located on the west coast of the United States, alongside Oregon and Washington. Being located on the borders of the country and the ocean, there is always the danger of buildings being overrun by the water.


Researchers have found out that the levels of the sea that wash the shores of California could be raising its height tremendously, enough to scare scholars and students of the effects of global warming. The maximum height that it can achieve turned out to be much more than expected, to about 10 feet until the end of the century.


If that happened, many buildings would get overrun by the water, including two important airports in Oakland and San Francisco. It is certainly enough to pose a significant threat to Californian citizens that live close to the shore.


Louisiana is another loser in the matter of rising sea waters. Researchers stated that it’s possible that almost 2,250 square miles of their coast get completely overrun by water in a couple of decades. Miami is also another big loser.


The biggest danger remains to the Californian state since it has a very low altitude and will get completely overrun if the water levels reach a point that they can rise above the sand of the beach. It shouldn’t take too long, as the sea level seems to be increasing exponentially faster than the levels of the other American cities and states close to the borders of the country.


For more information about the potential disaster for California, read this article from Huffington Post:


All the data that is being developed by the global climate researchers is being targeted towards 2100 and how the current activities of the human being can affect the sea levels that the Americans will have to deal with for the rest of the century.


For example, specialists concluded that at least 50% of the beaches of California would get overrun by the sea level if the polar ice caps continue to melt and increase the global levels of the ocean.


Up to thirty million people across the United States could lose their homes and commerce during the rest of the century. Florida is in extreme danger, and America will indeed experience a massive exodus from the coastline of the country for the next couple of years as the word of this catastrophic event gets more prevalent among citizens.