California Teen Finds A Forever Home

Carson Peterson, 18, from Fresno, California, had a wish come true that not many foster children ever get the chance to experience. He had been a ward of the State since the age of three, following the loss of his biological mother. Around the age of eight, while in the custody of his biological father, poverty forced the pair to become homeless. At 11 years old, he went back into foster care.

Throughout most of his early teen years, Carson admits he was involved with bad influences, and frequently traveled down ‘the wrong path’. That was until he met a special Christian couple, Tex and Renee Peterson, which completely turned his life around. With a lot of love, quality time spent together, and the spirit of never giving up, the couple took him into their home and treated him as if he were their own. They introduced him to others as ‘our son’, and always made him feel wanted, appreciated and loved.

Recent discussions between the Clovis East High School Senior and the Petersons revolved around Carson’s desire for the couple to officially adopt him, and bring an end to his 15-year journey dreaming of a permanent family. In June 2017, Carson got exactly that – a forever home with the couple who says they always felt he belonged with them. The couple admitted that the legal process did nothing to change their feelings for the young man, because their love and devotion to him had been there from the start.