California Senator Kamala Harris Leads Fight for Net Neutrality

In a landmark decision, the United States Senate voted on Wednesday to protect net neutrality, overturning the FCC’s earlier actions to repeal such measures. One of the most prominent advocates for protecting net neutrality is Senator Kamala Harris of California, who, according to insiders, is especially motivated to fight for internet freedom given that she represents the technological capital of the world, the Silicon Valley.

On late Tuesday night, the Senator took to social media, tweeting that the fight for net neutrality was reaching an apex. Additionally, the Senator was also extremely active in Washington DC, with sources claiming that the Senator was personally lobbying several of her colleagues across the aisle in an attempt to raise bipartisan support for the measure.

It is still too early to see how effective the Senate vote will be as the FCC still has the authority to enforce any such law passed by a legislative body. However, today is still a victory for the budding Senator who many claim has ambitions for throwing her hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential election.

One group that may help Senator Harris in reaching the presidency is the west coast tech industry, which has been adamant about protecting net neutrality over the past several months.

In order to make a successful run in the Democratic primary, the Senator will also need to appeal to young millennial voters in her home state of California, many of whom unconditionally support more protective net neutrality laws. These voters may be impressed by Mrs. Harris’ ability to garner votes on the national stage, as many west coast states, including California and nearby Oregon, have began movements to further protect net neutrality on the state level.

Either way, Senator Harris’ activism for this particular law definitely helped her public perception. California voters now see the Senator as passionate yet level headed, as she was able to expertly convince Republican senators to vote for a law that her constituents found extremely important to them. These traits will help Mrs. Harris’ political career in general, regardless of any plans to run for the presidency.