California Resident Wins Powerball

It’s all over for those who have waited to see if they are the lucky winner of the Powerball jackpot. The jackpot reached an estimated $448 million before Saturday night’s drawing. There was one ticket sold in California with all of the numbers matching those in the drawing as well as the Powerball. Numbers were called out shortly after 11 p.m.


Officials soon concluded that the ticket was sold in the small town of Sun City, California. If the winner takes the lump payout, then it would mean a payday of $279 million. It took 19 drawings before a ticket matched the winning numbers. It’s one of the highest payouts in lottery history in the United States. April 1 was the last time that a Powerball jackpot was claimed. There are only 44 states that participate in the jackpot drawing, California being one of them. The latest amount is the seventh highest since the lottery started with the amount beating a $435 million winning ticket on February 22.


The winner of the Powerball jackpot in February is a plant worker with a degree from Perdue University. He took the lump payment at the time. The winner of the latest mega million jackpot has not come forward yet. When people think about winning that much money, they sometimes don’t know exactly what they would do with it except to spend it on things that they need, donate it to charities or help family members. With an amount this large, the first thing on the list should be investing in a financial planner to help in setting up a bank account so as not to spend all of the money at one time.